Illicit Relationship Chapter 333

327 Crawl Through My Legs Now

Xiao Tian really wanted to beat Zen up for defending Hong Jun. Because he had beaten up Hong Jun, Xiao Tian thought it was time to beat Zen.

Without caring that everyone was staring at him, Xiao Tian kicked Zen's face hard.


Zen fell to the floor and blood splashed out of his mouth.

Xiao Tian kicked Zen several times before finally, he stopped when Zen's face was full of bruises and the floor was full of his blood.

Xiao Tian then walked toward Hong Jung and said coldly, "Say your mother is a slut, or else I will break your legs and arms!"

At this moment, Li Wen didn't stop Xiao Tian, because he knew how Xiao Tian felt. He just hoped Xiao Tian would not kill Hong Jung because it could cause problems for Xiao Tian in the future.

"Xiao Tian, break his arms and legs first. After that, ask him to say his mother is a slut." Zhao Sheng said abruptly.

Zhao Sheng was also furious when he learned what Hong Jun and Zen had done to his friend. Xiao Tian was his friend, so if anyone humiliated him, it was the same as they humiliated him too.

All the guests felt their blood freeze after hearing Zhao Sheng's words. It was the first time everyone heard Zhao Sheng said something like that because when Zhao Sheng appeared on TV with his grandfather, he always smiled as if he was the kindest person in the world. What they didn't know was that Zhao Sheng was also a cruel person.

Hong Jun gritted his teeth. He didn't want to say his mother was a slut, but he believed if he didn't say it, Xiao Tian would break his legs and arms.

Because Xiao Tian was from a middle-class family, Hong Jun tried to scare him. "I'm from an upper-class family. If you dare to break my arms and legs, you will regret it later."

Hong Jun hoped that Xiao Tian would be scared after hearing his words. He was fine if Xiao Tian wanted him to apologize to Xiao Tian, but asking him to say his mother was a slut would humiliate his whole family.

He believed that his family would beat him up if he dared to say something like that. That was why he hoped that he would succeed in scaring Xiao Tian with his words.

'He is a fool!"

Those were words that appeared on Zhao Sheng's mind. He had been friends with Xiao Tian for a few months, so he knew Xiao Tian's personality very well because Xiao Tian and he had the same personality.

Zhao Sheng believed that Xiao Tian would break Hong Jun's legs or arms because he knew that Xiao Tian didn't care about upper-class families or something like that.

If someone dared to cause trouble to him, he would teach them a lesson even though they were from upper-class families.

Xiao Tian even agreed to kill an innocent person just because he didn't want that person to be a threat to him in the future, so Zhao Sheng knew what Xiao Tian would do to Hong Jun.

And what Zhao Sheng had guessed was right, because after hearing Hong Jun's words, Xiao Tian immediately broke Hong Jun's right hand.

"AAAAAAA" Hong Jun cried out in pain when Xiao Tian broke his right hand. He had no idea that Xiao Tian would ignore his words.

The expression on Xiao Tian's face didn't change even after hearing Hong Jun's cry. "Say your mother is a slut!"

At this moment, Li Wen could only sigh. He knew if he stopped Xiao Tian, Xiao Tian would not want to meet him anymore in the future. For this reason, Li Wen let Xiao Tian do whatever he wanted.

Not only that, but Li Wen also knew that Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng were friends. This made Li Wen want to be friends with Xiao Tian even more because he would be able to make the Li and Zhao family closer through Zhao Sheng.

Because Hong Jun didn't say a single word and only cried out in pain, Xiao Tian raised his right leg again, intending to break Hong Jun's other arm.

When Hong Jun knew that Xiao Tian wanted to break his other arm, he immediately said, "My mother is a slut. My mother is a slut."

Even though Hong Jun knew that his family would lose face after he said something like that, but at that moment, Hong Jun didn't care about it, because he felt very painful in his body when Xiao Tian broke his right hand. He didn't want Xiao Tian to break his other hand. For this reason, he did what he was told.

All the guests could hardly believe what they had just heard. They knew that Xiao Tian was a cruel person and Hong Jun felt his body hurt because Xiao Tian had broken his right arm, but he did not expect that Hong Jun would say what he was told to.

All the guests believed that Hong Jun's family would beat him up after his family learned what Hong Jun had just said.

Even though Hong Jun had said that Hong Jun's mother was a slut, Xiao Tian was still not satisfied. For this reason, he said coldly. "Crawl through my legs now!"

"You!" Hong Jun didn't expect that Xiao Tian still wanted to humiliate him.

Xiao Tian was unhappy when he saw the expression on Hong Jun's face, so he kicked Hong Jun's face again. "I said, crawl through my legs now!"


Hong Jun fell to the floor again. Because Hong Jun didn't want Xiao Tian to beat him again, he decided to crawl through Xiao Tian's legs.

"He really did it."

"I didn't expect young master Hong would crawl through someone's legs."

"And that person is even from a middle-class family."

"Haha. Now the Hong family's reputation will be ruined."

"His family will beat him up for sure later."

"I'm sure about it."

One by one several guests began talking about what Hong Jun was doing.

Hong Jun, who was hearing it, could only grit his teeth. He was furious, but because he could do nothing about it, he could only hold back his anger.

Hong Jun promised in his heart that he would make Xiao Tian pay for what he had done to him later. He would make Xiao Tian and Xiao Tian's family embarrassed for humiliating him.

Of course, Xiao Tian knew that Hong Jun would cause trouble to him again later. For this reason, he intended to order his underlings to protect his family and girlfriends later.

Not only that, but he would also ask information about the Hong family to Zhao Sheng later because he wanted to know about the Hong family.

After Hong Jun crawled through his legs, Xiao Tian kicked Hong Jun's body again, causing him to fall to the floor. Then he looked at Li Wen and said, "Director Li, I'm sorry for causing trouble at your party. Suddenly I'm not interested in continuing the party. For this reason, I will leave first."

Li Wen was disappointed after hearing Xiao Tian's words. However, he knew that Xiao Tian was not in the mood for a party anymore. "All right."

Actually, Li Wen intended to make their friendship closer because Xiao Tian was an extraordinary young man. He just didn't expect that everything would turn out like that.

Then Xiao Tian walked out of the Cloud Villa. The expression on his face was still stiff as if he still wanted to beat Hong Jun and Zen.

When Xiao Tian left, Zhao Sheng immediately said, "Director Li, I'm also leaving."

"Young master Zhao, you also want to leave?" even though Li Wen had guessed that Zhao Sheng would also leave, but he was still disappointed after hearing Zhao Sheng's words.

Not only did Xiao Tian leave with an angry face, but Zen also made one of the important guests leave. This made Li Wen angry at Zen again because Zen failed in doing his job.

"Yes. I don't want to be in the same room with useless people like them," Zhao Sheng said while pointing his index finger at the other guests.

When Zhao Sheng said that, none of the guests dared to say anything. They knew Zhao Sheng was humiliating them by saying that they were useless. But they didn't dare to cause trouble to Zhao Sheng because they were afraid of the Zhao family.

After sighing, Li Wen said, "All right. Please be careful on the roads, young master Zhao."

"All right." Zhao Sheng answered as he smiled.

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