Illicit Relationship Chapter 332

326 Do You Know What You Have Done?

Upon hearing that, everyone turned their head toward the source of the sound. They wanted to know who dared to say something like that at director Li's high-class party.

They wanted to humiliate that person for daring to defend Xiao Tian. This was including Zen and Hong Jun.

"Are you looking for deat-" Zen immediately stopped his words when he learned the voice belonged to Zhao Sheng.

Everyone who wanted to humiliate him, immediately turned silent when they knew it was Zhao Sheng.

Zhao Sheng then walked toward Zen and touched Zen's right shoulder. "What? Do you want to fight me? I'm fine with it. If you are afraid, you can also ask your security guards to fight me. Hehe. So how about it?"

Zen didn't dare to say a single word. Even though he was working under Li Wen, but Zhao Sheng was from the famous Zhao family. Even Li family had to give Zhao family some face, so he would be a fool if he dared to cause trouble to Zhao Sheng.

Zen was only manager. Even though it was not a small position, but it was also not a high position. Zen was sure if he caused trouble to Zhao Sheng, Li family would let Zhao Sheng do whatever Zhao Sheng wanted to him.

Zen dared to behave arrogantly towards Xiao Tian because Xiao Tian was from a middle-class family. Now that he knew Xiao Tian seemed to be friends with Zhao Sheng, he began to regret his actions.

When Zen didn't say a single word and only lowered his head, Zhao Sheng tapped Zen's cheeks and said, "Coward! You only dare to bully people who have a lower status than you."

Even though Zen was angry for being called a coward by Zhao Sheng, but he didn't voice it out. He was afraid that his life would end if he caused trouble to Zhao Sheng.

Zhao Sheng then walked toward Xiao Tian and said happily. "Wow! You beat two security guards. As expected of my friend. Haha."

When everyone learned that Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng were friends, a feeling of deep fear emerged in their hearts.

They were afraid that Xiao Tian would ask Zhao Sheng to beat them or give trouble to their family. They knew Zhao Sheng had a special position in the Zhao family, so if Zhao Sheng wanted to cause trouble to their family, the Zhao family would really do that.

At this moment, Xiao Tian was surprised when he saw Zhao Sheng. If he knew Zhao Sheng was also invited by Li Wen, he would come with Zhao Sheng earlier.

"What is going on here?" A voice suddenly rang out.

From the voice, everyone knew it was Li Wen's voice. Actually, they wanted to blame Xiao Tian for everything, but because they knew Xiao Tian was Zhao Sheng's friend, they didn't dare to do it. For this reason, none of them answered Li Wen.

When Li Wen saw his two security guards had bruises on their faces, Li Wen looked at Zen and asked, "Tell me, what is going on?"

"This.." Zen didn't know what to say. At this moment, he knew that he was doomed.

Because Zen didn't answer him, Li Wen looked at Xiao Tian and asked, "Young Xiao, what happened? Why did you fight with security guards?"

Instead of giving Li Wen an answer, Xiao Tian walked toward Hong Jung and hit Hong Jun's head.


Hong Jun fell to the floor with blood dripping down from the corner of his mouth.

Xiao Tian's actions greatly surprise Li Wen. When they were at the concert hall, Xiao Tian was able to control his emotion when many people spoke ill of him.

Because Xiao Tian didn't care about him and kept hitting Hong Jun, it made Li Wen stunned. How could someone who was able to control himself become like that?

With this, Li Wen understood that something big had happened because, from the expression on Xiao Tian's face, Li Wen knew that Xiao Tian was furious. "Young Xiao, please calm down and tell me what is going on?"

Xiao Tian stopped hitting Hong Jun and turned his head toward Li Wen. With an angry expression still on his face, Xiao Tian said coldly, "This person said that my mother is a slut. Not only that, but your manager also defended him and attacked me."

"What?" Li Wen found it hard to believe what he was hearing. Now he knew why Xiao Tian lost control and kept beating Hong Jun.

Li Wen was sure, every person would do the same thing if they were in Xiao Tian's place. He just didn't expect that his manager would attack Xiao Tian too.

This made Li Wen furious. Then Li Wen looked at Zen and asked coldly. "Zen, is that true?"

"Director Li, this is." Zen knew that whatever he said would be useless because he was in the wrong position.

And what made Zen even more depressed was that Li Wen treated Xiao Tian as an important person. If he knew it, Zen would defend Xiao Tian earlier.

However, it was already too late, and he defended the wrong person. At this moment, he just hoped that Li Wen didn't fire him.


Li Wen slapped Zen in the face very hard.

"Do you know what you have done? I invited young Xiao myself and here you dared to disrespect him. Not only that, you even attacked him too." Li Wen was furious. He wanted to be friends with Xiao Tian because Xiao Tian was an extraordinary young man, and here, his manager humiliated Xiao Tian like that. "You are fired!"

All the guests were dumbfounded. They didn't expect Li Wen to treat Xiao Tian as an important person. Not only that, he even invited Xiao Tian himself.

All of them were invited by Li Wen's people, not by Li Wen himself. With this, they knew how important Xiao Tian was.

However, what made them didn't understand was that how could Li Wen treat someone from a middle-class family as an important person.

When Zen heard Li Wen's words, he immediately knelt before Li Wen and begged, "Director Li, please don't fire me. I know I'm wrong, but please don't fire me. I promise I will not do anything like this again in the future."

"Do you know who he is?" Li Wen asked coldly. "I invited young Xiao myself and I even gave him a platinum invitation card. So, you dare to treat people with a platinum invitation card like this? You have made a grave mistake!"


The entire room turned into dead silent.

All of them knew that Li Wen disliked young people. Not only did he invite Xiao Tian by himself, but Li Wen even gave Xiao Tian a platinum invitation card.

Until now, Li Wen very rarely invited his guests with a platinum card, so now they knew how important Xiao Tian was to Li Wen.

Because Zen didn't want to lose his status as a manager, he begged again. "Director Li, please give me one more chance. I won't do something like this ever again."

Instead of forgiving Zen, Li Wen kicked Zen, causing Zen to fall in front of Xiao Tian. "Young Xiao, you can do anything to this person. He is not my people anymore."

"Good!" Xiao Tian looked at Zen coldly

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