Illicit Relationship Chapter 33

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The sound of the door opened by someone could be heard. Hearing that, Ye Qingyu immediately woke up and walking toward the door. She wanted to know why her sister and her nephew were late coming home today.

After Ye Qingyu opened her bedroom's door, she saw her nephew was carrying her big sister in princess style. She thought something had happened to her big sister so she began to panic and said " Tian, what happens to big sister? "

He shook his head and said " no, aunt, nothing happens to mother "

" so why did you " before Ye Qingyu had finished her words, she got interrupted by her big sister.

" Qingyu, shut up. I'm fine, I just want to be carried by my son. Is it wrong ? " said Ye Xueyin as she glancing at Ye Qingyu

Hearing that, Ye Qingyu was stunned for a few seconds before she finally said " ah..no, I.. I just thought something happens to big sister so I "

She couldn't finish her words, she was still can't believe it, her big sister was never behaving like this in the past so she had a hard time to believed it.

" Tian, hurry up and carry mother to her room. mother is tired and wants to sleep " said Ye Xueyin, she then looked at Ye Qingyu and said " Qingyu, lock the door "

"as your command, my princess " Xiao Tian said as he nodded his head, he then carrying his mother to her room while Ye Qingyu still stood up like statute for a few seconds before she came to her sense and locked the door.

When he was inside his mother room, he could smell the fragrance when he breathes in, the same fragrance as his mother's fragrance.

Her bedroom is quite big, it's around 5x6 meters. There is a big bed with a night lamp on the right side, a big cupboard on the left side of the bed and his mother picture was on the wall behind the bed.

There was a window on the right side of the bed with a red curtain and the makeup table was placed in front of the bed with a lot of make-up tools on it. There was also a bathroom's door on the right side.

He put his mother on the bed and wanted to immediately leave but suddenly he felt someone was pulling his shirt. He turned his head and smiled " what is it, mother? "

" where are you going ? " said his mother " accompany mother until mother sleep "

He smiled and said " alright but wash your face and brush your teeth first "

" humf, I know " grimaced his mother.

she stood up and walking toward the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth. after washing her face and brushing her teeth, she came back to her bed with a smiled on her face.

She immediately lied down on his right side while hugging his right hand. Placing her head on his shoulder, she smiled and said " thank you for today Tian, mother is really happy "

He caressing her hair using his left hand and said " I am happy too if mother is happy "

She looked at his eyes and smiled beautifully " good night Tian "

He looked at her lovingly and said " good night mother "

Not long after that, he saw his mother was already sleeping, after making sure his mother was really sleeping, he let go of his hand and kissed her forehead " good night mother. love you "

He left her bedroom quietly so he won't wake up his mother. When he left his mother's room he saw his aunt was in the living room, she was sitting on the sofa while watching TV with a low volume.

He walked toward his aunt and said " aunt, you still haven't sleep yet? "

She turned her head and looked at him " no "

He sat next to her and said "why? is there a problem where you work? "

" no " she shook her head " I just want to watch TV. If you're tired, just sleep "

" no, I want to accompany you " he said as he looked at her

" is big sister already sleeping ? " she said

" un " he said as he nodded

" How is the competition? " she asked.

She was curious at the result. Today, she was coming home early on purpose because she wanted to know the result but when she had arrived at home, there was nobody at home.

actually she was planning to ask that tomorrow morning but because he was next to her at that time, she decided to ask him.

" of course I won. I am the champion you know. first place. hehe " he said proudly, he then took out an envelope and said " here, your money, aunt "

He already prepared the money and put it inside the envelope, of course with a little bit of extra money on it.

" what? you're the champion ? " she said in surprise.

Before the competition, he always told her he'd be the champion on this piano competition, but at that time she only think he was bluffing, she didn't know that he really became the champion.

" here. Take it " he said

" no, you don't need to give the money back " she said as she rejected the money.

She didn't care about that money or never had the intention to take it back. For her, what important is a family so if her family need money, she'd give her money without a second thought.

" aunt, just take it " he said as he insisted " Oh right, on the final, I played my original song and my song was bought by the famous singer Yun Xin Er so I have a lot of money right now. "

She sneered " you won the competition with your song and the famous singer Yun Xin Er bought your song? "

She may be believed it if he tells her he was the champion but when he said he won the competition using his original song and the famous singer bought his song, she thinks he wanted to fool her.

Looking at her, he knew she didn't believe it so he took his smartphone and showed her the proof of Yun Xin Er transferring her money to his bank account.

Taking his smartphone and saw it with her own eyes, she thought that her eyes were playing a trick with her. she rubbed her eyes and looked again, rubbed her eyes again and looked again before finally she had to believe it.

She was shocked, winning the competition and become a champion was one thing but what she hard to believe was he played his original song on the competition and the famous singer in China bought his song.

" she really bought your song? " she said with puzzlement.

For a famous singer wanted to buy his song, his song must be a good song because famous singer didn't buy just any song, the song that they wanted to buy must be some extraordinary song so she was really curious how this had happened.
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" un " he nodded

" alright tell me how this is happening? " she asked seriously

He told her everything, from when he played the song, she wanted to buy his song until when he went to the company's studio to do the recording.

" so that what happened ? "she said " so what do you want to do with that money? "

" I want to do business ? " he said honestly
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