Illicit Relationship Chapter 329

323 Attending A High Class Party

As usual, after he finished his morning class, Xiao Tian went to the University Garden to relax on the wooden bench.

University Garden was the place he liked the most when he was in campus, because it could make his mind calm and free of all the girls who always try to get close to him.

It was not like he didn't want to get close to them, but there was a time when he wanted to be alone and free from all girls.

Xiao Tian rested at the University Garden for about an hour before finally, he went to the class again. At 01:00 pm, Xiao Tian finally finished all his classes.

Because there was no point in staying at the University, Xiao Tian traveled to his company to work.

As soon as he was in his office, he smiled from ear to ear when he knew several hundred of his clothing designs had been sold.

'I know that something like will happen. But still, I can't help but to feel happy and proud of myself when I know several hundred of my clothing designs have been sold.'

Xiao Tian placed both of his legs on the workbench and leaned his back on the backrest of the office chair. At this moment, he felt as if he was the boss of the big company.

Due to how happy he was, Xiao Tian wasted two hours sitting and relaxing on the office chair before finally, he began to work.

Time passed by quickly and without realizing it, it was time to go home. After Xiao Tian drove Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei home, he spent time with his mother and aunt in the backyard.


The following morning, Xiao Tian went to his company to work because he had to attend a party hosted by Li Wen.

Time went by quickly and without realizing it, it was already 02:10 pm. Because the party was held at 04:00 pm, Xiao Tian went home to take a bath so that he could go to the party immediately.

After bathing and dressing up, Xiao Tian went to attend the party. The party was held at Cloud Villa and it was located in the Wanhui district.

After driving for an hour, Xiao Tian finally arrived at his destination. Because it was a high-class party, many luxury cars parked in the parking lot.

The parking lot was located in front of Cloud Villa and it was an outside parking lot so if it rained, all the cars would get wet.

When Xiao Tian got out of the car, he saw four men in black guarding the entrance. From outside, anyone would not be able to see the Cloud Villa because it was protected by five meters wall and a huge steel door.

After Xiao Tian got out of the car, he immediately walked toward the entrance. He knew that many people were looking at him, but he treated them like air because, for him, they did not deserve his attention.

When Xiao Tian was in front of the entrance, one of the people, who guarded the entrance, stopped him and said, "Sir, please show me the invitation card."

Of course, the people who were guarding the entrance knew who Xiao Tian was. Even though they had no idea why someone from middle-class families wanted to attend the party, they didn't immediately kick him out.

Xiao Tian then took the invitation card from his blazer and gave it to the people who guarded the entrance "Here is the invitation card."

The expression of deep shock emerged on their faces when they saw a platinum invitation card. Li Wen always gave invitation card base on how important they were to him.

The invitation card was divided into three, silver, gold, and platinum. Those cards were used as a sign to show how important they were at the party.

Someone with a silver invitation card meant that person was not important and someone with a platinum invitation card meant that person was very important to Li Wen.

Usually, only people close to Li Wen received a platinum invitation card. Even though they had no idea how Xiao Tian had a platinum invitation card in his hands, they didn't ask him about it.

They were afraid they would offend Xiao Tian because if Li Wen knew that they offended people with a platinum invitation card, they would immediately be fired.

Li Wen was a kind person and always treated them nicely, that was why they didn't want to offend people who were important to Li Wen because they were afraid that Li Wen would get angry with them later.

Actually, they wanted to kick Xiao Tian out of Cloud Villa earlier, because Li Wen had never invited people from middle-class or lower-class families in a high-class party.

It was the first time they knew Li Wen invited people from middle-class families at a high-class party because Li Wen had never done anything like this before.

They felt lucky that they didn't offend Xiao Tian earlier, because if they did, they were sure that they had regretted it now.

"Please come in, Sir." Because Xiao Tian had a platinum invitation card, they immediately behaved politely.

Xiao Tian walked away without replying, because he was a little annoyed when they looked at him as if he was someone who was unfit to attend the party before.

However, Xiao Tian didn't voice out his annoyance, because he didn't want to waste his time scolding people like them.

When Xiao Tian stepped into the Cloud Villa, he saw many people wearing branded clothes. The room was large with many tables neatly arranged.

Each table had six chairs with a white tablecloth on it. On the right side of the entrance, there were two long tables with various types of food and drinks on it.

Even though people could take food and drinks by themselves, but there were still several waiters and waitresses in the room.

And like what Xiao Tian had guessed, the moment he entered the room, all the eyes were focused on him. However, Xiao Tian didn't mind it and only walked toward an empty chair.

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