Illicit Relationship Chapter 328

322 Lets Continue Again Another Day

Because Yun Xin Er said something like that, Xiao Tian took her into the car and put her in the back seat. In the car, Xiao Tian was sure that no one would be able to see them, so after closing the door, Xiao Tian grabbed her T-shirt with his right hand.

Currently, Yun Xin Er's back was leaning against the car door with Xiao Tian in front of her. When Xiao Tian was grabbing her T-shirt, Yun Xin Er knew that he wanted to give her a hickey on her stomach or breasts.

As Xiao Tian was lifting her T-shirt slowly, he could not take his eyes off her perfect body. Her flat stomach, coupled with her sexy vertical navel, made Xiao Tian want to kiss it.

For this reason, Xiao Tian brought his face closer toward her stomach and kissed it gently. He kissed her stomach, and navel before making his way up to her breasts.

Even though Yun Xin Er was still wearing a bra, but Xiao Tian was sure that her breasts were beautiful. Xiao Tian didn't immediately kiss her breasts; instead, he looked at Yun Xin Er in the eyes.

They looked into each other's eyes for about five seconds before finally, Xiao Tian kissed her cherry lips. This time, Xiao Tian didn't kiss her passionately, because he wanted to give her a hickey on her breasts.

After stopping the kiss, Xiao Tian brought his face closer toward her right breast. Xiao Tian didn't take off her bra, and immediately kissed the upper side of her breasts.

When his lips were pressing against her right breasts, Xiao Tian was able to feel the softness of her breasts. This made Xiao Tian not immediately give her a hickey.

At this moment, Yun Xin Er only looked at Xiao Tian without saying a single word. She was waiting for Xiao Tian to give her a hickey on her breasts.

Because Xiao Tian had pressed his lips against her breasts for several seconds, he immediately gave her a hickey.

When Xiao Tian saw a red mark on the upper side of her right breasts, he could not help but smile. Until now, Yun Xin Er always told him not to do anything to her and kept telling him that kissing was the limit for them.

And here, she allowed him to give her a hickey on her right breast before going home. With this, he was sure that sooner or later, she would allow him to suck and lick her breasts until finally, she would let him have sex with her.

When Yun Xin Er saw the expression on his face, she pinched his nose and said, "This is enough. You are not allowed to do anything more than this."

After saying that, Yun Xin Er saw the hickey on her right breast. Actually, she also didn't expect that she would allow Xiao Tian to give her a hickey on her right breasts.

Maybe, it was because she lost in lust when they were kissing passionately, but she didn't regret it. She was even a little happy because, with this, she could feel that he was always with her.

"I know." Xiao Tian knew that he would not be able to do anything more than that. However, he was already satisfied with it.

After pulling down her T-shirt, Yun Xin Er giggled and said, "Are you happy now?"

"Yes. I'm happy." Xiao Tian answered as he smiled.

Actually, Yun Xin Er was surprised when Xiao Tian only gave her a hickey because earlier, she thought he would squeeze her breasts too. "Of course, you are happy because you could give a hickey to the chest of a beautiful famous singer like me. If you dare say you are not happy, I will never allow you to kis-"

Before Yun Xin Er had finished her words, Xiao Tian pressed his lips against hers. Of course, Yun Xin Er let him do whatever he wanted. She even shut her eyes two seconds after he kissed her.

Because Xiao Tian knew that he would never go home if he kept doing something with Yun Xin Er, he broke the kiss and said, "Xin Er, I have to go home now. Let's continue again another day."

"Dream on. Hehe," Yun Xin Er giggled. "You have said it many times and here you still kissed me. All right. You have to go home for real now."

After saying that, Yun Xin Er got out of the car and stood next to the driver's door.

Xiao Tian pulled down the window car and smiled, "See you again, my beautiful Xin Er."

"See you." Yun Xin Er waved as she smiled.

Then Xiao Tian went home.


After driving for several minutes, Xiao Tian arrived home. At first, Xiao Tian thought his mother and aunt had gone to work, but he was wrong because when he was in the living room, he saw his mother and aunt watching TV.

This made Xiao Tian a little surprised. "Aunt, mother, why don't you two go to work?"

"Tian" Like usual, Ye Xueyin immediately jumped into his arms when she saw her son. "Tian, mother misses you very much."

"Me too." Xiao Tian said as he smiled. "Why are you two watching TV? Are you two off work today?"

"Mother is tired, so mother wants to take a day off." Ye Xueyin answered instantly.

Xiao Tian then looked at his aunt and asked, "What about you, aunt?"

"It's a day off for me." Ye Qingyu then rose from the couch. "Let's eat breakfast."

Her words greatly surprised Xiao Tian. Then he looked at his mother. When he saw his mother nodding her head, he could only sigh.

Xiao Tian didn't expect that they would wait for him. Then Xiao Tian guessed that his mother forbade his aunt from eating breakfast because his mother wanted them to eat breakfast together.

Something like this had happened in the past when he was staying at Lin Xin Er's house. Xiao Tian suddenly felt guilty for his aunt.

For this reason, Xiao Tian put his mother down and without saying anything, he carried his aunt. "Let's eat breakfast."

Ye Qingyu could only sigh when her nephew suddenly carried her. "Sigh. Someday, you can make me have a heart attack if you keep carrying me without giving me a warning first."

Instead of answering, Xiao Tian only smiled and kept walking toward the dining room. He knew that his aunt would never angry with him so he didn't mind it.

At this moment, Ye Xueyin also wanted to be carried by her son, but because he was carrying her little sister, she could not help but walk toward the dining room by herself.

As they were consuming the food, Ye Xueyin and Ye Qingyu asked what he did yesterday or how the concert was.

Xiao Tian could only sigh when his mother and aunt wanted to know what he did since yesterday. Of course, Xiao Tian answered all their questions.

However, he also lied to them, because it was impossible to tell them that he slept in Yun Xin Er's house. He told them that he slept in the Li family's hotel because after the concert was over, Li Wen invited them to dinner and they talked until late.

After they had breakfast, Xiao Tian changed his clothes and went to the campus because he had a morning class.

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