Illicit Relationship Chapter 32

29 Carry Me Little Brother

After kissing for a few minutes and he felt like they won't be able to hold it anymore, he broke the kiss. If they continued kissing, he's sure, they'll end up having sex inside VIP room.

Even though he'd like to have sex inside the VIP room, he decided against it. He didn't want their relationship was only limited to sex, and think that he only needs her body.

He wanted to strengthen their relationship first because a relationship that wasn't strengthened by a strong feeling for each other were easily broken and he didn't want that, that why he only wanted to spend time with her at that time.

Inside the VIP room, they continued behaving like a lover, eating using one spoon, smile together, laughing together and of course, sometimes feeding each other from mouth to mouth.

Ye Xueyin didn't feel shy anymore, she even behaved like a teenager in love, forgetting her surroundings and the fact that the man who's with her was her son. She was really happy at that moment and hoping that moment can last forever.

Time went by quickly and it was already 10.30 p.m so they had to go home because their house was far from the couple caf, they had to take a taxi around thirty minutes from couple caf to their home.

After they left the couple caf they immediately take a taxi.

Inside the taxi, Ye Xueyin was leaning her head on his shoulder and said " little brother, this big sister is tired and want to sleep so wake this big sister up when we arrive at home "

Hearing she called herself big sister, Xiao Tian's eyes twitched, he didn't expect she still want to continue their act.

at that moment, he only smiled and said " alright, you can sleep big sister, I will wake big sister up when we arrive at home "

Seeing how close they were to each other, the taxi driver was smiling before he said " little brother, you seem very close with your big sister. Nowadays, it's rare for a sibling to have a close relationship like both of you "

Hearing that, Xiao Tian didn't know if he should cry or laugh, he could only be playing along and said " yes. we get along well "

" young man, treat your big sister well, don't break your relationship with her or you will regret it later. There is no better person than family " said the driver as he gave advice to Xiao Tian.

" I understand mister, thank you. " Xiao Tian said as he nodded

On the way to their home, he always paying attention to his mother, making sure she was in a comfortable position but looking at how she slept, he thought her neck would be hurt when she wakes up later.

With his left hand, he took off her flat shoes and put her head on his lap after that he straightens her legs so she could sleep in a comfortable position.

Seeing what he did to his mother, the driver smiled at how caring he was toward his mother. Inside his head, the driver prays that their relationship would last like that forever.

Time went by quickly and they had arrived at their house, so Xiao Tian immediately waking up his mother.

Feeling that someone waking her up, Ye Xueyin opened her eyes and rubbing eyes " what is it, little brother? have we already arrived at home? "

" yes, we had arrived " he said as he smiled

She then raised her hands, like someone who wanted to get a hug " carry me "

seeing that, the driver laughed and said " hahaha. Young man, look like your big sister is a spoiled one. Hurry up and carry her, she looks tired "

" little brother, hurry up and carry me. " said Ye Xueyin cutely

" alright my princess. " he said as he carried her on princess style

" thank you, mister " said Xiao Tian

" un. Have a good night, young man " said the driver before he left

she was really happy when she was carrying in princess style by her son, she didn't know why she had become like this but she didn't care anymore and just wanted to enjoy this moment,

she wrapping her long slender arms around his neck and smiled " today this big sister is really happy. We should do this more often little brother."

" ah. Mother, we are already at home and you still want to pretend? You didn't embarrassing when aunt is hearing you ? " he said teasingly

Ye Xueyin was unhappy with what he said and sneered " hmf. Tian, you are a bad son, you really can't understand mother and can't you let your mother happy for a moment? "
for visiting.

" hoo. Look like I need to give my little lover a punishment right now " he said but he suddenly remembered he was carrying her so he couldn't use his hands or other bodies to punish her " forget it, forget it "

" what? Didn't you want to punish me ? " she said as she giggled.

She knew that he can't punish her right now so she felt like she was a winner in this argument and felt proud of it

" look like I really need to punish you after we come inside our home. " he said evilly

" no Tian, not again for today if you want to punish someone, just punish your aunt. " she said worriedly

Of course, she knew what kind of punishment he was talking about that why she had a worried face, it because she was already in her mid-thirty so her stamina already can't bear with the young man stamina.

" Why did you bring aunt at this conversation? she has nothing to do with this ? " he said.

He really like to teasing her mother moreover after they left the couple caf, he felt like her mother was really happy and changed completely, she was more open to him even though she still acted shy in front of other people but not as shy as before.

" hmf. Tian, it seems you really like bulling your mother " she said with a scowl

" who said I bully you, mother? I never bully someone in my life before " he denied shamelessly

She pinched his node and smiled " is that so? if this is not bullying so what is it? "

" ah this is. " he stopped for a moment because he was thinking how to make excuse " to strengthen our relationship. this kind of talk is good to strengthen the relationship between mother and son. What? Don't tell me mother didn't know anything about this kind of talk? "

" is there a conversation like this between mother and son beside us? " she said as she was glancing at him

hearing that, of course, he continued acting shamelessly " of course there is. you just don't know about this, mother "

" is that so? so tell me who is it ? " she asked as she didn't want to give in too

He didn't expect her mother continue as far as this, because he was lying, he didn't know how to answer it.

Looking at her son didn't know how to answer her question, she started to smirk. She was happy because today she could bully her son often because usually, she was the one getting bullied by her son. She continued looking at him and enjoying her victory

Looking at her, the corner of his lips twitched " look like I need to punish you mother? "

He brought his face closer to her face and immediately kissed her. She accepted that kiss and they had another fight, the fight to decide who was the real winner.

a few seconds later, she broke the kiss and smiled beautifully " mother like this kind of punishment "

" is that so? then let me punish you again. " he said as he smiled
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