Illicit Relationship Chapter 318

312 In The Washroom

Not long after that, they entered the VVIP room. The room was big and luxurious with a few big round tables in it. Then they walked toward the table which was located in the middle of the room and sat on the chair.

Then they talked for several minutes before finally, a few waiters came with food and drinks in their hands.

After the waiters left, Li Wen immediately said, "Today event is successful. Let's eat to our heart content."

Li Wen was pleased because the event finished without problems. And not only that, but the result was better than what he had planned.

At this moment, Shi Fei and Lin Xing Xue were sitting on both of Xiao Tian's sides, while Li Wen and Yun Xin Er sat on the opposite side of them.

Actually, Yun Xin Er wanted to sit next to Xiao Tian, but because Shi Fei and Lin Xing Xue sat on both of his sides first, she had no choice but to sit next to Li Wen.

Then they talked for several minutes before finally, Yun Xin Er went to the bathroom.

Realizing that the opportunity to punish Yun Xin Er had arisen, Xiao Tian decided to go to the restroom too. However, because he didn't want others to be suspicious of him, he headed to the washroom five minutes after Yun Xin Er left.

Coincidently, the men's washroom was next to the women's restroom, so Xiao Tian would not lose face if he waited for Yun Xin Er in front of the toilet.

Without feeling shy, Xiao Tian stood in front of the restroom with a cool pose. His back was leaning on the wall while his arms crossed over his chest.

Not long after that, Yun Xin Er came out of the washroom. She was surprised when she saw Xiao Tian standing in front of the restroom.

Because there was no one around them, it made Xiao Tian want to punish Yun Xin Er even more. Without giving Yun Xin Er a chance to say anything, Xiao Tian pulled her toward him before finally, he cornered her against a wall with his arms.

With his eyes locked on hers, Xiao Tian said, "Big sister Yun, how dare you tease me earlier. Do you think I will not punish you for that?"

Instead of blushing or feeling shy, Yun Xin Er said confidently. "If this big sister wants to tease you, this big sister will do that. What do you want to do? Do you dare to punish this big sister?"

Xiao Tian then grabbed her face by the chin and said, "Do you think I don't dare to do that?"

"I'm waiting." Yun Xin Er wanted to know what Xiao Tian would do to her. That was why she was not afraid when Xiao Tian said that he wanted to punish her.

At first, Xiao Tian wanted to kiss her lips immediately, but suddenly an exciting idea emerged on his mind.

Because Xiao Tian was sure there was no one in the men's restroom, he grabbed Yun Xin Er's hands and dragged her to the men's toilet.

His action greatly surprised Yun Xin Er. However, Yun Xin Er didn't try to run away and decided to follow him quietly. Earlier, she dared him to punish her. For this reason, Yun Xin Er let Xiao Tian drag her to the men's washroom because she didn't want to lose face.

Yun Xin Er was sure that Xiao Tian would not do anything he should not have done. She believed that Xiao Tian only wanted to make her feel ashamed. In her view, Xiao Tian would only kiss or hug her.

And what she had guessed was right because as soon as they entered cubicle toilet, Xiao Tian immediately cornered her against the cubicle toilet wall. Yun Xin Er knew that Xiao Tian would kiss her later.

Even though Yun Xin Er was worried someone would know that she was in a men's toilet, she didn't show it on her face; instead, she showed him a confident face as if she didn't care that she was in the men's washroom.

Xiao Tian was a little surprised by this. Even though Yun Xin Er always teased him and behaved seductively, he thought she would be worried after they entered the restroom, but he was wrong.

Not only was she not afraid, she even had an expression as if she was challenging him to punish her like what he just said.

Because Xiao Tian didn't want other people to know that he was inside the cubicle toilet with a famous singer, he brought his face closer toward her right ear and whispered. "If you beg me, I will let you get out of this place."

Like before, Yun Xin Er dared him to punish her, so she also whispered, "I won't beg you. I'm waiting to be punished."

Because Yun Xin Er insisted on being punished by Xiao Tian, he grabbed her by the waist and kissed her beautiful pink lips.

Even though Yun Xin Er preferred kissing in a romantic place, but she didn't mind it when he kissed her in the washroom.

As Xiao Tian was kissing her, Yun Xin Er looked into his black eyes, as if she asked him what kind of punishment he would give to her next.

As if Xiao Tian could read her mind through her eyes, he immediately tried to put his tongue in her mouth.

Because Yun Xin Er knew that Xiao Tian would kiss her passionately, she welcomed it by opening her little mouth so that his tongue could enter it.

Soon, their tongues intertwined and saliva began dripping down from the corner of their mouths. And as if their saliva was the most delicious water in the world, both of them drank each other's saliva as they were kissing passionately.

Like usual, Xiao Tian suddenly desired to squeeze her breasts. For this reason, Xiao Tian moved his hands from her waist to her soft beautiful breasts.

Even though Yun Xin Er had guessed that Xiao Tian would squeeze her breasts, but she was still shocked when he did it.

They had a passionate kiss for several seconds before finally, Xiao Tian broke the kiss. Of course, the reason Xiao Tian stopped the kiss was that he wanted to sit on the toilet and continued kissing her. After Xiao Tian sat on the toilet, he patted his thighs, giving her a sign to sit on his lap.

With a smile on her face, Yun Xin Er walked toward him and sat on his lap without feeling shy. Then she brought her face closer toward his right ear and whispered, "What is this? Do you want to kiss me passionately again?"

Instead of giving her an answer, Xiao Tian kissed her lips again. This time, they immediately kissed passionately as if both of them had lost in lust.

As they were kissing, Xiao Tian was curious whether he could play with her bare breasts or not. For this reason, Xiao Tian moved his hands toward her breasts again. Because Yun Xin Er was wearing off-the-shoulder top dress, it was effortless to play with her bare breasts.

However, when Xiao Tian was about to put his hands underneath her dress, Yun Xin Er grabbed his hands and broke the kiss. "Kissing is the limit for us."

After that, they continued kissing passionately.

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