Illicit Relationship Chapter 317

311 I Will Punish You Later

When Yun Xin Er finished singing a song, one by one the audiences praise her.

"Yun Xin Er, you are the best singer in the whole of China."

"Yun Xin Er, your performance is perfect."

"Yun Xin Er, you are beautiful."

"Yun Xin Er, I love you."

"Yun Xin Er, marry me."

"Yun Xin Er, you are my life."

Upon hearing their words, Yun Xin Er winked her left eyes and said, "I love you too."

Almost all male audiences put their hands on their chests when they saw Yun Xin Er winking her eyes. "Ahh, my heart.."

Xiao Tian could not help but turn his head upon hearing the words of the male audience. The corner of his lips twitched when he saw almost all of the male audiences put their hands on their chests.

'What the fuck are they doing? Aren't all of you overreacting?'

Xiao Tian found it hard to believe what he was seeing.

When Li Wen noticed the expression on Xiao Tian's face, he smiled and said, "Something like this always happened every time Xin Er finished singing a song. I'm sure one of the reasons all of them came to the concert is because of Xin Er too."

"Big sister Yun is sure amazing." Xiao Tian knew that Yun Xin Er was very famous in China, but he didn't expect that her fans would behave like that just because she said four words to them.

Now Xiao Tian wondered what they would do if they knew that he had kissed their goddess and embraced her many times.

"You are right. Xin Er is the most precious singer in Li Entertainment." Li Wen said proudly as if he was the one who recruited Yun Xin Er.

Of course, Xiao Tian knew about it because Yun Xin Er was the most famous singer in Li Entertainment. She was even well-known in the whole of China.

"Director Li, it seems like Miss Yun Xin Er is a lucky star for Li Entertainment." Ming Sha said abruptly. "We can tell from the reaction of all the audiences behind us."

"Miss Yun is an extraordinary lady, so of course, she is a lucky star for Li Entertainment." Zong Ma added. "Not only is she beautiful, but her voice is also very good. It seems like she was born to become a successful singer. Now I'm starting to be jealous of Director Li's luck."

"Haha." Li Wen laughed happily after hearing their words. "It is indeed very fortunate for us to have Xin Er in our company."

Even though Li Wen was used to hearing it, but still, he was pleased upon hearing their words. It was as if Yun Xin Er was the reason why Li Entertainment became famous.

After Yun Xin Er finished singing, another singer appeared and began to sing a song again. Even though the audiences were lively when the singer was singing a song, but it was not as lively as when Yun Xin Er sang a song.

And like this, the concert continued as Li Wen had planned. Even though the concert was held for more than four hours, but because of how many singers in Li Entertainment were, each of them could only sing two songs.

Not long after that, the concert was over. Of course, the hosts didn't forget to say that all the clothes were from Xiao Tian's company.

One by one the audience began to leave the concert hall. However, Xiao Tian, Li Wen, Lin Xing Xue, and Shi Fei were still sitting on the chair.

"Director Li, I'm leaving now. Once again, happy tenth birthday to Li Entertainment. I hope Li Entertainment can grow bigger in the future." Even though Ming Sha still wanted to chat with Li Wen, he knew that Li Wen had scheduled. That was why he decided to bid goodbye.

"Once again, happy tenth birthday to Li Entertainment." Zong Ma rose to his feet. "I hope Li Entertainment can become the biggest entertainment in the whole of China."

"Thank you." Li Wen said as he smiled.

Then Ming Sha looked at Xiao Tian and said, "See you again, young man."

"Let's have lunch next time." Zong Ma added.

"Sure. Let's have lunch next time." Xiao Tian replied as he smiled.

When there were only a few people in the concert hall, suddenly a gorgeous lady walked toward Xiao Tian with a smile on her face.

When the gorgeous lady was in front of Xiao Tian, she said happily, "Little brother, how is my performance on the stage earlier?"

"Perfect!" Xiao Tian answered instantly. "Big sister Yun, you should change your clothes first before meeting us."

At this moment, Yun Xin Er was still wearing a red dress which she wore when she was singing on the stage. A smooth back and shoulders, as well as her soft willow-like arms, were exposed. And an open fork, extended till her waist on the left side of the skirt, exposing her snow white and slender thigs.

If he was alone with Yun Xin Er, he would have teased her the moment he saw her, but because they were not alone, Xiao Tian didn't do that.

However, Yun Xin Er was different. She then brought her face closer toward Xiao Tian's ears and whispered, "Are you feel aroused?"

Xiao Tian didn't answer her because Li Wen and the others were next to them.

'This bad lady! I will punish you later.'

Because Yun Xin Er had teased him, Xiao Tian decided to tease her if they were alone later.

At this moment, Lin Xin Xue looked at Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er. Even though she was not angry when she saw Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er seem to have a very close relationship, but she could not help but feel jealous.

Of course, Lin Xing Xue didn't have bad thoughts about them because she knew that Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er only had a business relationship.

While Shi Fei, on the other hand, had a normal expression. She was Xiao Tian's mistress and would accept Yun Xin Er as her sister if Yun Xin Er was really Xiao Tian's woman because she had no problem with that.

For Shi Fei, as long as she could become his wife in the future, she would not forbid Xiao Tian to like another woman. Of course, she also hoped that he would not have too many women in the future because it could threaten her relationship with Xiao Tian.

"Alright. Let's have dinner together now." Because it was already 09:00 pm, Li Wen thought they should have dinner together.

"All right." of course, Xiao Tian agreed because he was starving.

Then they went to the Li family restaurant. After driving for several minutes, they finally arrived at their destination.

The restaurant was big and luxurious. It had three floors and on top of the building, there were the big words 'LI RESTAURANT' with golden lights flashing on.

When they were on the entrance, a middle-aged man about thirty-six-years old bowed slightly and said, "Welcome director Li."

Li Wen stopped in front of him and said, "Prepare a special menu."

"Understood." The middle-aged man then looked at two people behind him, giving them a sign to immediately prepare a special menu for them.

Because they wanted to eat in the VVIP room, they headed toward the highest floor.

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