Illicit Relationship Chapter 316

310 I Hope We Will Be Together Until Death Do Part Us

When Xiao Tian, Li Wen, Shi Fei, and Lin Xing Xue were about to sit on their chairs, two middle-aged men suddenly walked toward them.

Upon seeing them, Li Wen's face broke into a smile. "Mr. Ming Sha, Mr. Zong Ma, welcome to Li Entertainment concert."

"Director Li, happy tenth birthday to Li Entertainment." Ming Sha and Zong M said in unison.

At this moment, the expression of deep surprise emerged on Xiao Tian's face. He didn't expect that he would meet Ming Sha in the concert hall.

When Ming Sha noticed Xiao Tian, he smiled and said, "Oh! Isn't this the young man who is famous recently?"

"You are right Mr. Ming. If my memory is not playing a trick on me, his name is Xiao Tian. The young man, who surprise all people in China because he manages to become a successful person in a short time." Zong Ma spoke and paused for a second before he continued, "Not only that, he even starts his business from scratch."

Their words much shocked Xiao Tian. Earlier, he thought Ming Sha and Zong Ma would speak ill too like the other upper-class families, but he was wrong.

Not only did they not speak ill of him, but they even praised him for being a successful young man in such a short time.

And what surprised Xiao Tian most was that Ming Sha behaved normally when Ming Sha saw him. Xiao Tian was sure that Ming Sha knew that Xiao Tian was the mastermind behind everything that happened to Feng Ao.

Because Ming Sha was the one who released Feng Ao from prison, Feng Ao must have told Ming Sha that Xiao Tian was the cause of problems in his family and company.

'What is this? He shows no expression of anger at all?! Does he have nothing to do with the problem that happened at my company a few days ago?'

Xiao Tian found it hard to believe what he was seeing.

However, because Ming Sha behaved normally, Xiao Tian decided to do the same things. "Mr. Ming and Mr. Zong, you two are overpraising me. I'm just lucky."

"Oh! It seems young friend Xiao is different from other young men." at first, Ming Sha thought Xiao Tian would show pride on Xiao Tian's face, but he was wrong. "Now, I know why young friend Xiao can become a successful person in a short amount of time."

Upon hearing Ming Sha's words, Li Wen immediately said, "Oh! It seems like Mr. Ming has the same thoughts as me."

"Oh! Is that so?" Ming Sha inquired

"Yes." Li Wen answered instantly. "If you know more about young Xiao, I'm sure you will like his personality more. It's rare to find a young man who is extraordinary like young Xiao nowadays."

"Upon hearing Mr Li's words, it makes me want to befriend with young friend Xiao. Young friend Xiao, how about we have lunch together someday?" Li Wen was famous for not liking a young people, so Ming Sha was curious about Xiao Tian when Li Wen praised Xiao Tian like that.

Zhong Ma tapped Ming Sha's shoulders and said, "Mr Ming, include me in that lunch because I'm interested in young friend Xiao too."

"Sure." Ming Sha replied as he smiled.

"All right." of course, Xiao Tian would not refuse them because it could affect his reputation. That was why he agreed to have lunch with them if they really invited him later.

Then they sat on the chair. Ming Sha and Zong Ma sat on Li Wen's left side while Xiao Tian, Lin Xing Xue, and Shi Fei sat on his other side.

They were sitting right in front of the concert stage. The stage was very big with two large TV on both sides of the stage.

Because they were sitting in the VVIP seat, the other people who came to the concert were sitting behind them or on the right or left side.

The concert was open to everyone. However, for people who were not invited, they needed to buy tickets to attend the concert.

Even though Li Wen held a concert in the biggest concert hall, but all seats were occupied. Behind Li Wen and the others, there were several thousand people who were patiently waiting for the singer to sing on the stage.

Not long after that, the host walked toward the stage. This time, there were two hosts, a young man about twenty years old and an attractive woman about twenty-eight years old.

After the host made the opening speech, all lights were turned off, only the lights on the stage were still on.

Soon one of the singers walked towards the stage and began to sing a song. All the people in the concert hall immediately paid attention to the singer who was singing on the stage.

One by one the singers sang on the stage. The audience really enjoyed themselves because all the singers were amazing when they sang the song.

However, when it was Yun Xin's turn to sing a song, the concert hall turned into dead silence. It was so quiet until it seemed as if none of the audiences were breathing.

All the audiences paid attention to Yun Xin Er. Men, Women, from teenagers to adults. All their eyes were locked on Yun Xin Er as if she was the most important person in the world.

At this moment, Yun Xin Er was wearing a red dress. Of course, it was a dress designed by Xiao Tian for her.

After musicians played the music, Yun Xin Er began to sing.

"When I'm with you, I'm very happy..

When I'm with you, the world looks very beautiful in my eyes ...

When I'm with you, I know how it feels to be the happiest person in the world ..."

When Yun Xin Er was singing, she stole glances at Xiao Tian several times, but none of the audiences noticed that.

However, it was different for Xiao Tian because when Yun Xin Er was singing, he really paid attention to her. That was why when Yun Xin Er stole glances, Xiao Tian could not help but smile at her.

This made Yun Xin Er happy. When she saw a soft smile on Xiao Tian's face, she really wanted to tease him, but she was unable to do that because she was singing at that time.

"Meeting you is the best thing that God has given me..

I wish I could turn back the time so that I could find you sooner and love you longer...

After meeting you, all the love songs are about you....

I didn't know it was possible to love everything about someone until I met you..."

At this moment, memories about Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er suddenly appeared on her mind. The memories when she met him for the first time, the memories when they were holding hands, the memories when they were hugging each other, the memories when they were teasing each other, and the memories when they went on date.

All the beautiful memories she had with Xiao Tian one by one appeared on her head. From their first meeting until when they slept together in her room.

Yun Xin Er was not the only one who recalled it, because the same thing happened to Xiao Tian too. Like Yun Xin Er, one by one all beautiful memories about them emerged on his mind.

As Yun Xin Er and Xiao Tian were recalling their beautiful memories, all the audiences were stunned by Yun Xin Er's perfect performance.

"I love you very much...

I hope we will be together until death do part us.."

After that Yun Xin Er finished singing the song.

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