Illicit Relationship Chapter 310

304 Today Is A Wonderful Day

After enjoying the sunset on the yacht, Xiao Tian and Ye Qingyu returned to the hotel to take a shower. Like before, they took a shower together again.

However, they didn't have sex and only washed each other's bodies. After bathing, they went out to have dinner outside.

At first, Xiao Tian wanted to bring her to a famous restaurant, but Ye Qingyu refused and chose to eat at a street vendor.

Of course, Xiao Tian followed her wish because for him, as long as she was happy, he would agree to her every wish.

After having dinner, Xiao Tian and Ye Qingyu walked aimlessly hand in hand. The beautiful night, which was decorated by the bright full moon and the street vendors which adorned the road, made the night look even more beautiful in their eyes.

This made Xiao Tian and Ye Qingyu thrilled. As they were walking, a dazzling smile never left their faces.

Even though they only walked hand in hand, but for Xiao Tian and Ye Qingyu, it was one of the most beautiful moments for them. Without realizing it, they had been walking aimlessly for about thirty minutes, but none of them felt tired.

When Xiao Tian saw a public seating, he pointed his index finger toward it and said, "Qingyu, let's sit over there."

"All right." Ye Qingyu nodded her head.

As if their hands were exposed to glue and could not be separated, they kept holding hands when they were sitting on the public seating.

They talked for about thirty minutes before finally, Ye Qingyu said, "Tian, let's take a walk again."

"All right." Xiao Tian replied

Like before, they walked hand in hand. Of course, as they walked, they were talking, laughing, and joking too.

At this moment, both Xiao Tian and Ye Qingyu were very happy and wished it could last forever. Even though it was already 11:20 pm, but there were still many people walking around the city.

This was the reason why Xiao Tian and Ye Qingyu didn't realize that it was already 11:20 pm because even though it was almost midnight, the crowd in the city of Beijing did not decrease at all.

And because of how happy they were, or how beautiful the night scenery was, Xiao Tian and Ye Qingyu didn't feel sleepy at all.

They kept walking and enjoying the night until 12:30 am before finally, they decided to return to the hotel.


"Huft... Today is a wonderful day." as soon as Ye Qingyu stepped into the hotel room, she sat on the edge of the bed before finally dropping her body onto the bed.

After Xiao Tian changed clothes, he laid on top of his aunt and smiled. "Yes. You are right."

Ye Qingyu didn't push Xiao Tian away; instead, she wrapped her long slender arms around her nephew's back and smiled. "It's a pity we will go back to Shanghai tomorrow."

Xiao Tian agreed with his aunt's words. Actually, he also didn't want to immediately return to Shanghai because he still wanted to enjoy the beauty of Beijing with his aunt.

Xiao Tian knew that there were still many beautiful places in Beijing that they still hadn't visited. "How about we return the day after tomorrow?"

"But.." even though Ye Qingyu still wanted to stay in Beijing, but her big sister was alone at home.

She also believed that her big sister would miss them very much and wanted them to return home immediately.

For this reason, Ye Qingyu did not know what the best choice was between returning home immediately or staying in Beijing for another day.

Xiao Tian knew that his aunt was worried about his mother. For this reason, he immediately said, "I will call mother later and tell her about it."

After thinking for several seconds, Ye Qingyu nodded her head and said, "All right."

Xiao Tian was thrilled when his aunt agreed to stay in Beijing for another day because with this, he would be able to visit other beautiful places in Beijing with his aunt. "Good!"

After saying that, Xiao Tian kissed his aunts forehead gently. Xiao Tian didn't immediately stop the kiss; instead, he kept pressing his lips against her forehead.

As Xiao Tian was kissing her, Ye Qingyu embraced him tighter. At this moment, Ye Qingyu had no idea why his kiss felt different.

But she suddenly assumed that it was all because they had a wonderful time earlier. That was why the happiness she felt when Xiao Tian kissed her forehead was something that made her feel as if she was the happiest woman in the world.

After Xiao Tian stopped the kiss, he looked at his aunt in the eyes. He didn't say a word or do anything to her.

Xiao Tian only looked into her beautiful dark grey eyes with a loving face. "I love you, Qingyu."

Her face blossomed into a smile after hearing his words. Even though lately Xiao Tian often said it, but she had never tired of hearing it; instead, she loved hearing it very much. "I love you too, Tian."

After confessing their love for each other, Xiao Tian slowly brought his face closer toward hers with the intention of kissing her lips.

Even though the distance between their lips was only a few centimeters, but because Xiao Tian brought his face closer toward hers slowly, it took a few seconds for him to feel the softness of her lips.

At that moment, they only pressed their lips together and didn't intend to use the tongue in their kisses as if they only wanted to show their love through kisses.

Even though they had been pressing their lips together for several seconds, but none of them showed a sign of stopping. It was as if both of them really enjoyed the sensation when their lips pressed against each other.

Like before, after Xiao Tian broke the kiss, he looked at his aunt in the eyes. This time, instead of kissing her again, Xiao Tian stood on his knees and began to unbutton her blouse one by one.

At this moment, Ye Qingyu knew that her nephew desired to have sex with her. However, despite knowing what he was about to do, she did nothing and only looked at his hands, which were unbuttoning her blouse.

Not only that, she even cooperated when he wanted to take off her blouse and bra. Even though they were in a hotel room, she didn't mind it because she knew many lovers also did it in hotel rooms.

After Xiao Tian saw her naked upper body, he didn't immediately squeeze or lick her breasts. He looked at her dark grey eyes before finally, his gaze fell on her beautiful breasts.

As Xiao Tian was squeezing her right breast with his left hand, he began to lick her beautiful pink left nipple.

"Hmmm." Ye Qingyu tried her best not to moan loudly when her nephew was squeezing and licking her breasts.

And soon, the room was filled with Ye Qingyu's beautiful moaned.


"So, where are we going tomorrow?" Ye Qingyu inquired.

Currently, Ye Qingyu was lying down on Xiao Tian's left side with her head leaning on his arms. Both of them were still naked because they had just finished pleasing themselves by having sex.

"I don't know. Let's decide it tomorrow." Xiao Tian replied.

"All right." Ye Qingyu nodded her head.

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