Illicit Relationship Chapter 31

28 New Feeling

Xiao Tian and his mother continued kissing until they heard the knock on the door.

Xiao Tian broke the kiss and said " come in "

Not long after that, the employee was coming while carrying their orders. She placed one ice cream lover, one chicken salad, and tenderloin steak on the table before bowing a little and said " please enjoy yourself " then she left the VIP room.

seeing they were alone again, a smile suddenly appeared on his face.

" big sister. Let's continue what we did earlier " he said as he brought her face closer to her face

" alright. " she said as she nodded.

she closed her eyes and opened her little mouth, preparing to accept his kiss anytime but

After a few seconds, because she felt he still hadn't kissed her yet, she opened her eyes. what she saw was not only her son kissing her but he was covering his mouth, holding himself from laugh before finally, he laughed hard.

" ahahahaha. Big sister, it seems you really like kissing with me. "

" un. because kissing with little brother feel good " she said shyly

" what is it? look like big sister isn't shy again right now " he said jokingly

Hearing that, she turned her head and said with a small voice " little brother. you're the one who makes big sister like this "

He brought his face closer to her right ear and whispered " mother. You even don't shy calling me little brother right now. Don't tell me all of that shyness is fake "

" hey,,little brotherhmf.. so hateful. " she said as she hit him

" hahaha. As expected, my lover is cute, making me want to tease her more " he said as he laughed

" hmf " she grimaced

He put her on his lap and said " alright, alright. Let's eat first "

He took the chopstick and was trying to feed his mother " big sister, open your mouth "

" aaaa " she opened her little mouth and began eating the chicken salad.

" How is it, big sister? is it delicious ? " he asked as he smiled

" un. Delicious " she answered as she nodded.

He took the chicken again and feeding her again " here, eat again "

She immediately covering her mouth and said " you should eat too little brother."

" I will eat later " he said as he still trying to feed her " here, open your mouth "

she looked at him and said with puzzlement " why eat later when you can eat right now? "

" because you are my food. " he whispered close to her right ears and blow a hot breath.

The whisper of his hot breath rushing against her right ears is more intimate than expected, she lowered her head and hit him gently " what a bad boy, teasing his mot.. " she spoke halfway before Xiao Tian covering her mouth quickly.

" mother, please be careful. " he said with a small voice.

" I'm sorry. " she said with a sad face

looking her like that, he patted her head and looked at her lovingly " it's ok. Don't mind it "

She touched his hand that petting her head and looked at his loving face seriously. At this time it felt like the time stopped for her and suddenly she could feel something new inside her.

She didn't want to admit that feeling and was trying to deny it but the more she denied it the more that feeling grows.
for visiting.

She knew that she needs a physical comfort, that why she always teased her son in the past to get rid of that lonely feeling so when he and her sister lost in lust and had sex with him, she only thought of him as her sex friends but now she couldn't think like that anymore.

She loves her son and she needs physical comfort so she thought it was a big win for her but the often they had sex and spending time together, that new feeling began erupting from inside her. She almost couldn't handle her feeling anymore and began seeing her son as a man.

It had been a long time since she felt this kind of caress. She put her head on his lap and said " little brother, you should cherish this big sister and make this big sister happy forever. Do you understand? "

Hearing her word and her behavior that suddenly changed, he was astonished but he immediately understands that she began seeing him as a man, not her son.

seeing that, he was happy, then he lowered his head and kiss her forehead " un. This little brother understand. This little brother will make big sister happy and won't disappoint big sister "

" good " she nodded her head.

" little brother, feed this big sister a chicken salad, again. " she said as she pointed at the chicken salad on the table.

He was stunned at how spoiled she had become at this moment " big sister, you want to eat while sleeping? it would be bad for your body you know? "

" little brother, this big sister wants to eat that chicken salad, Does little brother have the heart to see this big sister starving? " she said as she acted cutely.

Looking at how cute she was, he couldn't refuse her and feed her the chicken salad.

" feed me again....little brother. " she said as she pulling his clothes

He took the chicken with chopstick again but when he wanted to feed her he suddenly thinks about something. He placed half the chicken salad on his mouth and said " here "

He thought she would shy and wouldn't eat it but looked like he underestimates her. she pulled his head and eat the chicken on his mouth because there weren't meat bones, she eats the chicken easily. when he saw she was eating chicken, he also began eating the chicken in his mouth.

Little by little, as they were eating the chicken, their lips approached until finally, their lips touched each other.

They looked at each other for a few seconds before continued eating the chicken while their lips still touching.

When they had finished eating the chicken, they didn't stop and begin to kiss. they touched their lips for a second and broke the kiss and touched their lips for a second again and broke the kiss, touched their lips for a second again and broke the kiss until finally, they began kissing passionately.

She lifted her head and her slender long arms were immediately wrapping around his neck as they exchange hot kiss like a lover.
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