Illicit Relationship Chapter 3

1 Places Introduced So Far

In Shanghai there are three Districts= Jiazu District, Nanli District and Wanhui District

1) Jiazu District is located in the west of Shanghai

* InJiazu District, there are :

- Xiao Tian's house = His house was a little bigger than an ordinary house, and there was a blue color iron fence as high as one and a half meters. there was a small garden in the front yard of his house with a few flowers on it.

The living room was around 4x6 meters, with a family picture hanging on the wall. There was a 21 inch TV with a purple couch and a small table placed in front of the TV.

- Xiao Tian's room = His bedroom was around 4x4 meters. There was a bed, full-body mirror, wardrobe, chair and desk.

- Ye Xueyin room = Her room has the same fragrance as her fragrance.Her bedroom was quite large. It was around 5x6 meters. There was a big bed with a night lamp on the right side, a big cupboard on the left side of the bed, and a picture of Ye Xueyin hanging on the wall.

There was a window on the right side of the bed with a red curtain. The makeup table was placed in front of the bed with many makeup tools on it. There was also a bathroom's door on the right side.

- Ye Qingyu's room = her room has the same fragrance as her fragrance. Her bedroom was almost the same with her big sister's bedroom, but the difference was there wasn't a bathroom and in her room.

- Lin Xing Xue's house = Her house was an ordinary house, and there was a small garden in the front yard with a few flowers and fruit trees. The guest room was around 4x4 meters, with the painting of ocean hanging on the wall.

The living room was around 4x4 meters. In the living room, there was a gray sofa arranged in an L shape and grey colored carper underneath it.

Three meters in front of the couch, there was a white-colored wooden table close to the wall with 21-inch TV in the middle of a wooden table.

Next to the living room, you could see half of the dining room due to the dining room was on the right side of the living room, with nothing blocking the view.

Her bedroomabout 5x5 meters with a bed at the center end of the room.On the left side of the bed, there was a small table with a small alarm clock on it, while on the right side was a large wardrobe with a dressing table beside it.

In front of the bed, there was a window with a checkered model decorated with purple curtains, and above the window, there was an air conditioner.

- Shi Fei's aprtment = Her apartment was on tenth floor. The guest was around 3x3 meters, with only TV and a white couch on it. However, what made it comfortable was, next to the guest room, there was a balcony where sunlight illuminates the guest room, and it would be a perfect place when the sun rises.

On the balcony, there were small chairs and a table with a few plants neatly arranged in the basket next to the chair. Xiao Tian thought that Shi Fei's apartment was cozy, making anyone feel comfortable in there.

- Stars Clothes company (Xiao Tian's company) =The building is rectangular. It is around 100x70 meters. The room inside the building is divided into two parts, one large empty room that has more, which has half of the building area, and one smaller room, which has about a quarter of the building area.

In the left corner of the smaller room, there are three bathrooms and three toilet cubicles next to it, while at the right angle, there is a bedroom equipped with private bathrooms.

There were three offices room next to the bedroom with a dining room and kitchen in front of the office's room.

There are several trees around the building, making the atmosphere around the building shady. There is also a wall as high as two meters around the building to make the building more secure.

- Xiao Tian's office =His office room was around 6x6 meters with the couch, workbench, and office chair. There were also two small trees on the corner of the room. He deliberately put the small trees in his office, intending to make the room feel fresh.

- Yon Restaurant =In Yon restaurant, there were two places for customers to eat, indoors, and outdoors. Customers were free to choose the location because there were no requirements, such as high-class restaurants. the outdoors are places which made from the wood.

The building was around 4x4 meters with a wall made of bamboos as high as half a meter on the right and left side of the building while the front and back had no walls. In the middle of the room, there was a table and a green-colored mat underneath it. There was no chair in the room because the customers eat the food by sitting on the mat.

the customers could see the fish pond under the building and also feel a gentle breeze of the trees, which was danced beautifully.

- Coffee shop (Ye Xueyin's coffee shop) = This coffee shop is neither big nor small. It has a modern coffee shop design. When you enter the shop, you can see a yellow light beam surrounded the whole room.

There are several tables and chairs in front of the place where the barista was making coffee. If you turned to the right side after entering the shop, you would see several couches and tables arranged neatly.

The customers are free to choose to sit on chairs or couches. There is also a long chair near a long wall-mounted folding table. From that long chair, you can see people through the window.

2) Nanli District is located in the middle of Shanghai ( Central of Shanghai)

* In Nanli District, there are :

-Couple Caf =The couple caf was big and had many couple pictures on the wall. After entering the couple caf, Xiao Tian saw many couples inside the couple caf from teenagers to adults.

there are two room; VIP room or regular room.VIP room is a small room with a couch and table. The VIP room is separate from the regular room so other costumers couldn't see you while a regular room is a large room with many couples in it.

- Autum Restaurant=Autumn restaurant was the most famous restaurant in Shanghai, many businessman, actresses, actors or upper-class people often have dinner at Autumn restaurant. The autumn restaurant has six floors with the VIP room on the highest floor.

In the VIP room, the room is circular with chairs arranged neatly by the window so that customers can see the beautiful view of shanghai at night.

In the middle of the room, there is a small circular stage room with a glass wall as high as 50 centimeters where the singers entertain the customers to add to the atmosphere in the Autumn restaurant to becomes more beautiful. Behind a small circular stage, various types of wine are arranged with three waiters ready to serve customers.

- Bamboo Restaurant= It's called Bamboo restaurant because the building was made from bamboos and there were several small bamboo trees near the restaurant.The restaurant has two different places for customers to eat. One for ordinary customers and one for important customers. The place for ordinary people was rectangular, with tables and chairs neatly arranged.

To get to the place for important customers,the customers need to walk on a white rectangular stone. The white stone has a length of about two meters and a width of about one meter, which was neatly arranged as a bridge to the building because a pond surrounded the building.

The dining table was rectangular with four chairs. The table was covered with a white tablecloth, and there was a candle in the middle of the table.

The table and chairs were close to the pond, allowing the customers to touch the water if they wants to.In the middle of the pond, several small bamboo trees were decorated with lights. The distance between one bamboo tree and the other bamboo tree was around four meters.

-Stars Clothes Shop =The building was around 18x16 meters with a large parking area. The building wasat the edge of the main road so, people will notice the establishment when they pass by. Inside the building, there was one bathroom, two restrooms, and one large room.

- Yuwen Mall =Yuwun Mall has four floors with 50 restaurants, 500 shops, 16 cinema halls, and a gaming center. Yewen Mall was owned by Li Family, and one of the Li Family's highest incomes comes from Yuwen Mall.

-Yonhan beach =Yonhan beach has a length of 7.3 kilometers and was located in the southeast of Shanghai. Yonhan Beach was a famous beach in China because it has white sands, the place was clean without scattered rubbish, and has blue water. Every day many people visit Yonhan beach, both locals and foreigners.

Even though there were several buildings not far from the beach, but there was a road and several trees which separated the building from Yonhan beach.

-Rainbow Garden = In Rainbow Garden, there were a variety of flower plants in various colors. For this reason, it was called Rainbow Garden. But even though Rainbow Garden has a wide variety of flower plants, there were also many trees in Rainbow Garden, which made it a shady and calm place.

Every day, many people come to Rainbow Garden to enjoy the beautiful flowers. Many couples also often come to Rainbow Garden because it has a romantic atmosphere and beautiful scenery.

-Dream Restaurant (Ch 162) =Dream Restaurant was famous as a good place for dinner because the atmosphere at this restaurant was beautiful at night. Even though the place wasn't private but because the site was above the water, coupled with many lanterns in the waters, made the dinner place an excellent place to have dinner with a lover.

3) Wanhui District is located in the east of Shanghai

* In Wanhui District, there are :

- Shanghai River = Shanghai River was a very famous and beautiful place, especially in the afternoon. It was a 120 kilometers long river with 500 wide and an average depth of ten meters.

Shanghai River also has clean water without any scattered rubbish, but you wouldn't find any food or beverage sellers there because the government didn't want the place to be soiled by food wrappers or leftovers.

Shanghai River wasn't only the biggest river in Shanghai, but it was also the river which separated Nanli district and Wanhui district.

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