Illicit Relationship Chapter 297

291 Underlings

"I'm home." Xiao Tian said when he stepped into the living room.

Ye Xueyin, who was in her room, immediately dashed to the living room when she knew that Xiao Tian had returned home.

And like what she usually did, when Ye Xueyin was in front of her son, she immediately jumped into his arms and said, "Tian, welcome home."

"I'm home, mother." Xiao Tian smiled before walking toward the couch and putting his mother on it.

Ye Qingyu, who was watching TV, turned her head toward her nephew and asked, "Where did you go earlier?"

Instead of immediately giving her an answer, Xiao Tian kissed her lips and sat on her left side. "I had something important to do."

Xiao Tian didn't want to tell them that he went to Blue Ice Lotus gang headquarters because he knew that they would get angry if he told them about it.

Even though Ye Qinyu was still curious about it, but because Xiao Tian didn't want to tell her, she decided not to ask anymore.

"Tian, why did those people cause trouble at your company? Did you make trouble with them?" Ye Xeuyin asked abruptly.

"No." Xiao Tian shook his head. "I don't even know who they are."

"Don't tell me, the mastermind behind everything that happens to your company are people who has a business in the same field as you. They did all of this because your company is developing rapidly and taking many of their customers." Ye Qinyu had no idea why she suddenly had thoughts like this, but she was unable to find a better reason.

"I think so too." from what he had experienced in his past live, Xiao Tian had some suspicions about who was the mastermind behind everything that happened at his company.

First, it was Feng Ao who paid the gang. Second, it was a person who supported Feng Ao. And the last, it was a person who had a business in the same field as him.

Xiao Tian was only able to guess who they were and could only wait for Lan Ruoxi to give him information about them later.

"Tian, you have to be careful from now on." Ye Xueyin was afraid that something like this would happen again in his company. Luckily, Xiao Tian was away when those people caused trouble at his company; otherwise, she believed that her son would get injure too.

"All right." Xiao Tian nodded his head as he smiled.

Earlier, Xiao Tian had decided to make Blue Ice Lotus gang as his underling so that they could protect his company and store in the future.

Of course, Xiao Tian would hire a professional bodyguard or assassin too in the future because, in his view, having Blu Ice Lotus gang as his underling was still not enough.

Then Xiao Tian, his mother, and aunt talked until 11:30 pm before finally, they headed toward Xiao Tian's room and slept.


The following morning, Xiao Tian went straight to his company after having breakfast with his mother and aunt because he wanted to wait for Blue Ice Lotus gang to come to his company.

To his surprise, when Xiao Tian reached his company, the members of Blue Ice Lotus gang were already waiting for his arrival. And like yesterday, they all wore regular clothes as if they were not members of the gang.

'Luckily, Lan Ruoxi and Zhao Sheng have talked to the police.'

Even though Xiao Tian had no idea how they could make the police stop the investigation, Xiao Tian was pleased by it because with that, his company could return to normal again.

However, Xiao Tian was annoyed at the same time because every time he had trouble, he needed the help of Zhao Sheng or Lan Ruoxi.

I can't always depend on them. Xiao Tian thought to himself.

Because Xiao Tian didn't want other people to know about them, he brought them to the company backyard.

Xiao Tian told them that because they were his underling now, they had to guard his company and shop every day in secret and immediately reported to him if there was anything suspicious.

Of course, Xiao Tian would also give them the facility later. Xiao Tian promised them that as long as they were loyal and followed his words, he would give them better equipment and treat them nicely.

Xiao Tian also told them that they could stay in their headquarters, but if he needed them, they had to help him immediately.

The members of Blue Ice Lotus gang were shocked after hearing his words. Earlier, they thought Xiao Tian would only give them orders without caring about them.

Even though they still disliked him, but after hearing his words, the members of Blue Ice Lotus gang had a better view of him.

'I hope none of them will betray me later. I will make them loyal to me sooner or later.'

Xiao Tian knew that they disliked him very much. They became his underling because someone would beat them to death if they didn't do so.

Xiao Tian understood that having an unfaithful underling meant nothing. It would be even more dangerous to people who were important to him, so Xiao Tian wanted to make them his loyal underling.

If Xiao Tian kept forcing them to follow his every word without treating them nicely, he knew that they would stab him from behind sooner or later.

After talking for several minutes, it was decided that the members of Blue Ice Lotus gang would guard his company and store in secret, and Xiao Tian would give them facility later.

Because there was nothing to discuss anymore, Xiao Tian told them to leave before he entered the company and began to work.

Even though there were only a few employees working today, Xiao Tian didn't mind it. At least his company could still produce clothing design.

Because Xiao Tian didn't want his employees to feel afraid when they were working, he told them that several people were guarding the company.

Of course, Xiao Tian didn't tell his employees that the people who guarded them were a gang that caused problems at his company.

At this moment, Xiao Tian felt lucky that when the members of Blue Ice Lotus gang caused trouble at his company, they hid their faces with masks. Otherwise, Xiao Tian would not be able to make them guarding his company openly.

Previously, Xiao Tian told the members of the gang who guarded the company to be divided into two teams. One was to guard them openly, and the other was to defend them in secret.

Xiao Tian divided them into two teams because he wanted his employees to know that there were people who guarded them now so that they didn't need to feel afraid anymore, or at least, it could reduce the feeling of fear in their hearts.

Because Xiao Tian wanted to know whether Lan Ruoxi had gotten information about who freed Feng Ao from prison or not, he went straight to the Red Flower Bar.

After Xiao Tian arrived at Red Flower Bar, he told Lan Ruoxi's people that he wanted to meet her. One of them immediately guided Xiao Tian to a special guest room before heading toward Lan Rouxi's room.

Not long after Xiao Tian sat on the couch, a beautiful mature lady entered the special guest room. "Young master Xiao, what brings you here today?"

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