Illicit Relationship Chapter 296

290 A Kiss Before Going Home

Xiao Tian, Liu Ning and Shi Fei talked for several minutes while still being naked. Because there was nothing to do anymore, Xiao Tian called Zhao Sheng to discuss how to get rid of Feng Ao.

Not long after that, Zhao Sheng and two of his people came to the hotel. Because Xiao Tian didn't want Liu Ning and Shi Fei to know he was planning to kill Feng Ao, he talked with Zhao Sheng in a different room.

At first, they wanted to kill Feng Ao immediately, but after discussing for several minutes, they changed their mind. In their view, it would be better to let him alive so that he would live in misery.

Xiao Tian then returned to the room and said, "Fei, Ning'er, I will go with Zhao Sheng to somewhere right now. You two wait here. I will return after I finish my business."

"All right." even though they were curious about what Xiao Tian wanted to do to Feng Ao, but none of them asked it.

Then Xiao Tian, Zhao Sheng and his people brought Feng Ao to Zhao family prison. The prison was located in Wanhui district. Because the prison was located in the middle of the dense forest, it was hard to find it.

Not only was the prison big with a five-meter wall surrounding it, but many people were guarding the prison with many kinds of the gun in their hands.

Of course, they were also martial arts masters guarding the prison because Zhao family wanted to make sure if someone was put in jail, that person would never be able to leave unless the Zhao family members released them or they died.

After Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng put Feng Ao in prison, they returned to the hotel.

Because Liu Ning didn't need to stay at Red Flower Bar anymore, she told Xiao Tian to inform Lan Ruoxi that she would live with Shi Fei. She also asked Xiao Tian to tell Lan Ruoxi that she was grateful that Lan Ruoxi had helped her.

At first, Xiao Tian refused because he was still afraid that something would happen to her again. However, because Liu Ning insisted on staying with Shi Fei, Xiao Tian had no choice but to accept it.

After that, Xiao Tian drove them home. However, Xiao Tian didn't immediately leave; instead, he sent them to the door.

When Xiao Tian was about to leave, Shi Fei suddenly grabbed his right hand. Because Xiao Tian knew what she wanted, he immediately entered her apartment.

Without waiting for another second, Xiao Tian grabbed Shi Fei by the waist. They looked into each other's eyes for about six seconds before finally, Xiao Tian kissed Shi Fei's lips.

Because Xiao Tian knew that Shi Fei wanted to have a French kiss, he immediately tried to put his tongue in her mouth.

Of course, Shi Fei welcomed it by opening her mouth because that was what she wanted. As soon as Xiao Tian's tongue was in her mouth, Shi Fei used her tongue to welcome it.

As Xiao Tian and Shi Fei were kissing passionately, Liu Ning, who was standing next to them, looked at them intently.

Earlier, Liu Ning was curious why Xiao Tian suddenly entered Shi Fei's apartment. She was a little shocked when Xiao Tian and Shi Fei suddenly kissed passionately.

However, Liu Ning didn't stop them and only looked at them. She even stood still as if she was waiting for her turn to have a French kiss with Xiao Tian.

After kissing passionately with Shi Fei for several seconds, Xiao Tian broke the kiss. When he noticed the expression on Liu Ning's face, Xiao Tian grabbed her by the waist.

Liu Ning was a little shocked by his action. At this time, Liu Ning had guessed that Xiao Tian wanted to kiss her passionately too.

Despite knowing what he was about to do, Liu Ning did nothing as if she also desired to have a French kiss with him.

They just had sex earlier, and also had passionate kiss several times, so in her view, doing another passionate kiss with him was not a big deal.

For this reason, Liu Ning shut her eyes as if she wanted to give Xiao Tian a sign that she was ready to welcome the kiss.

Of course, Xiao Tian immediately pressed his lips against hers. To his surprise, Liu Ning suddenly opened her mouth after their lips met for three seconds.

At first, Xiao Tian didn't intend to have a French kiss with Liu Ning and only wanted to give her a goodbye kiss.

However, because Liu Ning desired to do a passionate kiss with him, Xiao Tian immediately put his tongue into her mouth.

As they were kissing passionately, Liu Ning placed her hands in Xiao Tian's shoulders and opened her eyes. Not only that, she even tilted her head to the left and right as if she wanted to make the kiss more passionate for them.

Soon, saliva began to drip down from the corner of their mouths. But of course, they paid no attention to it and kept kissing passionately as if it would be their last kiss.

They kissed passionately for several seconds before finally, Liu Ning broke the kiss and looked into his black eyes.

"HuftHuftHuft" even though Liu Ning stopped the kiss, but she kept their faces close to each other until each of them could feel their hot breath.

At this moment, Xiao Tian thought Liu Ning wanted to stop the kiss, but he was wrong because four seconds after Liu Ning broke the kiss, she cupped his face and kissed him again.

The feeling of shock appeared on his eyes. Xiao Tian knew the reason Liu Ning behaved wildly earlier was that she wanted to torture Feng Ao.

If anyone knew the way she behaved and spoke, they would think that Liu Ning was a passive person when it was related to something like kissing or sex. That was why Xiao Tian didn't expect that Liu Ning would kiss him again.

Shi Fei, who was standing next to them and seeing what they were doing, suddenly wanted to kiss Xiao Tian passionately again.

However, because Xiao Tian and Liu Ning were kissing hungrily, she had no choice but to keep looking at them.

Shi Fei knew that Liu Ning was now Xiao Tian's woman too. That was why she didn't interrupt them. But because they kept kissing without a sign of stopping, Shi Fei grabbed Xiao Tian's right hand and put his index and middle fingers into her mouth.

Her action much surprised Xiao Tian. He knew that Shi Fei wanted to have a passionately kiss with him again. But he didn't expect that she would do something like that.

Of course, Xiao Tian didn't stop her because the feeling when her wet tongue licking the part between his middle and index finger was amazing.

Soon, the flame of lust began to appear within Xiao Tian's body. For this reason, Xiao Tian's left hand went underneath Liu Ning's blue blouse and squeezed her bare breasts.

Liu Ning widened her eyes when Xiao Tian suddenly squeezed her bare breasts, but she did nothing and continued kissing him passionately.

They kept pleasuring each other for several minutes before finally, they stopped what they were doing.

Because it was already evening, Xiao Tian decided to return home.

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