Illicit Relationship Chapter 295

289 I Will Make You Happy Too

Inside one of the luxury hotel's rooms, three people were lying down on the bed; one handsome young man and two attractive ladies.

There was a satisfied smile on their faces as if they just finished doing something enjoyable. However, something unusual could be on their bodies.

They were naked. Not only were they naked, but their bodies were full of sweat too. They were none other than Liu Ning, Shi Fei, and Xiao Tian.

Currently, Xiao Tian was lying on his back with Liu Ning and Shi Fei on both of his sides. After having sex with two ladies for more than an hour, Xiao Tian was tired and satisfied at the same time.

Liu Ning, who was on Xiao Tian's left side, turned her head to look at Xiao Tian and asked, "So, who is this lady? Is she your woman?"

Before Xiao Tian could answer her, Shi Fei immediately said, "Yes. I'm his woman, or, more precisely, his mistress."

Instead of feeling sad, a proud and happy expression appeared on Shi Fei's face when she stated that she was Xiao Tian's mistress.

"Mistress?" Liu Ning didn't expect that Shi Fei would say something like that with a happy expression on her face as if being his mistress was something to be proud of. "Xiao Tian, how many girlfriends do you have now?"

"Three. I mean, four, but one still hasn't accepted me fully." Xiao Tian suddenly realized something, so he immediately corrected his words. "Five, because I have another lover now."

Xiao Tian dared to say this because Feng Ao was still unconscious, so Feng Ao would never hear their conversation. Even if Feng Ao knew, Xiao Tian would not mind it too because he intended to get rid of Feng Ao later so that Feng Ao would not be a threat to him in the future.

"Five?" Liu Ning suddenly understood why Xiao Tian said that he has five women. "Do you mean I'm your woman too now?"

"Yes." Xiao Tian nodded his head. "Didn't you say that you will not allow any man to touch your body except me?"

Even though Xiao Tian didn't love Liu Ning, but he still said that because he wanted to sleep with her again in the future. Not only that, but her pussy was also still very tight, and having sex with her felt so good. That was why he didn't want to let her go.


Liu Ning sighed after hearing his words.

Actually, Liu Ning had guessed that Xiao Tian had many women. He was handsome, young, and successful person, so she thought it would be impossible if he didn't have a lover. That was why Liu Ning didn't believe him when he said that he was single in the past.

However, because Liu Ning had fallen in love with him, she didn't want to separate from him. He was always there for her and did everything to make her happy, especially in the last month, when she was feeling down and losing hope for life.

At this moment, Liu Ning could only sigh. "Sigh. So, I'm the fifth?"

"Ning'er, don't worry. I will treat you equally. I will make you happy too." when Xiao Tian said that, he looked at Liu Ning lovingly, and his voice was also very gentle as if he really loved her.

At this moment, Liu Ning didn't say a word and only looked at Xiao Tian intently. She was wavering whether she should become his woman too or not.

'Should we stay as a friend with benefits, or should I accept it and become his woman too?'

Sure, Liu Ning was in love with him and didn't want to separate from him too, but because he already had four other women, she was afraid that Xiao Tian would forget her later.

Well, I will become his woman for now and see what will happen in the future. Liu Ning thought to herself.

Because Liu Ning still hadn't said anything, Xiao Tian cupped her face and spoke. "Do you not want to be my woman too?"

When Liu Ning noticed the expression on Xiao Tian's face, her face broke into a soft smile because from his expression, she could tell he was worried that she would reject him.

This made Liu Ning think that Xiao Tian really loved her. "I will be your woman. Even though you have another girlfriend, but you have to spend a lot of time with me and make me happy because I've accepted to be your fifth woman."

Xiao Tian placed Liu Ning's head on his chest and stroked her hair. "Don't worry about it. I will make you happy and treat you equally."

'So easy.'

Xiao Tian added in his head.

Instead of feeling sad, Shi Fei was pleased. With this, she has a sister now. "Liu Ning, because I'm older than you, you can call me big sister from now on. Don't worry, if anyone dares to bully you in the future, I will break their legs."

"Hehehe." Xiao Tian and Liu Ning laughed after hearing Shi Fei's words.

At this moment, they had no idea that Shi Fei was serious about her words and thought that she only wanted to show seniority in relationships.

"Why are you two laughing?" Shi Fei knew that they didn't believe her words. However, she could not do anything about it because she didn't want Xiao Tian to know about her real identity.

"Nothing." Xiao Tian and Liu Ning said in unison.

"Ning'er, how about you live with Shi Fei?" the reason Xiao Tian wanted Liu Ning to live with Shi Fei was that it would make him easier to meet both of them.

"Yes, Liu Ning. Live with me." Shi Fei agreed with Xiao Tian's idea because with that, she would have a friend to talk to when she was in the apartment.

The expression of shock bloomed on her face after hearing his words. Liu Ning didn't expect Xiao Tian would say something like that.

But, after thinking about it seriously, Xiao Tian's idea was good too. Like Shi Fei, Liu Ning also thought that having a friend to talk to at home was a good thing. Not only did they love the same person, but their friendship could become closer by living together.

This was like killing two birds with one stone. For this reason, Liu Ning found no reason to reject it. "So, where are we going to live? For information, I don't want to live at my home anymore. I also plan to sell it later."

Liu Ning didn't want to live in her house anymore because her house was already full of bad memories. That was why Liu Ning decided to sell her home later.

"How about you live in my apartment?" Shi Fei inquired.

"Fei, your apartment is not big enough for two people to live." Shi Fei's apartment was designed for one person, so Xiao Tian thought it was not a good idea. "How about you sell your apartment too? I will buy a house for you two later so that both of you can live together comfortably later."

"Good idea, little brother!" Shi Fei immediately agreed to Xiao Tian's idea.

At this moment, Liu Ning still hasn't answered. Even though she was his woman now, but she didn't want to be labeled as a gold digger.

As if Xiao Tian knew what was on Liu Ning's mind, he immediately said, "Don't worry. I will not think badly of you. it's just as a man, I want to make all my women happy. And if you two live under the same roof, it will be easier for me to meet both of you."

After thinking for several seconds, Liu Ning nodded her head. "All right."

"Good!" Xiao Tian said as he smiled.

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