Illicit Relationship Chapter 292

286 Torturing Feng Ao 4

Then Xiao Tian carried Liu Ning to the bed.

Because Liu Ning was still not satisfied and wanted to torture Feng Ao more, she tried to think a way to do that.

Suddenly a brilliant idea appeared on her mind. With this idea, Liu Ning got into all four while facing Feng Ao so that he could see her lewd expression when Xiao Tian thrust his huge cock in her pussy. "Tian'er, I want to do it from behind."

"All right." actually, Xiao Tian also wanted to have sex in doggy style because, in that position, they could torture Feng Ao and see his expression.

"Feng Ao, look at my expression! Tian'er is going to put his amazing cock in my pussy." even though she knew Feng Ao was just staring at them without trying to say anything or angry like before, Liu Ning still wanted to torture him.

Without waiting for another second, Xiao Tian put his cock in Liu Ning's vagina entrance before finally thrusting it slowly.

"Ahhhh.." Liu Ning's head almost fell to the bed when she felt Xiao Tian's cock slowly entering and spreading her pussy to the size of his cock. "So bigggg. Ah.."

"So tight." maybe, because it had been a long time since she had a cock in her pussy again, Xiao Tian felt as if her pussy was rejecting his cock.

"Ahh." Liu Ning cried out when Xiao Tian's cock hit her womb. "Feng Ao, his cock is hitting my womb. A place that you have never reached before."

At this moment, Feng Ao looked at Liu Ning expressionless. There was no feeling of anger, regret, disappointment, envy or sad on his face.

When Liu Ning saw the expression on Feng Ao's face, she was disappointed because she couldn't torture him anymore. "Tch! He is already like a person without a soul. Boring!"

"Well, it's because he can't endure it anymore. This torture is too much for him to bear." Xiao Tian was also disappointed when he knew that Feng Ao was like a person who had lost all the reason to live.

"Forget about him." in her view, there was no point in torturing Feng Ao anymore because he had reached his limits. "Tian'er, let's just enjoy this."

"All right." Xiao Tian then began moving his waist.

Xiao Tian started by moving slowly because he knew that Liu Ning's pussy needed to get used to the size of his cock.

"AhhAhAh.." even though Xiao Tian thrust his cock in a slow movement, but because his cock was huge, Liu Ning was still feeling a great pleasure, causing her to let out many seductive moans.

When Xiao Tian felt that Liu Ning's vagina was already used to the size of his cock, he began to move faster and faster.


The sound of Xiao Tian's waist, hitting Liu Ning's buttocks echoed throughout the room. However, it was not the only sound that was echoing throughout the room because Liu Ning's seductive moans were also echoing in the room.

When Shi Fei saw the expression on Liu Ning's face, she hoped that she was in Liu Ning's place because from Liu Ning's expression, she could tell that Liu Ning's mind was already on cloud nine.

At this moment, Shi Fei wished it would end quickly because she also wanted to have sex with Xiao Tian. Not only did they torture Feng Ao by having sex in front of him, but they also torture her.

"Ahh..AhAhTian'erah...you're amazingAh.your cock is amazingHa." Liu Ning had guessed that having sex with Xiao Tian would give her pleasure when she saw his huge cock.

However, the pleasure she felt was much greater than she thought. Not only was Xiao Tian's cock huge, but he also knew how to use it very well.

For this reason, Liu Ning felt lucky for deciding to have sex with Xiao Tian. Otherwise, she would never know the feeling of pleasure that she could not describe in words.

"Your pussy is also amazing, Ning'er. It's very tight and wet." because Xiao Tian wanted to give Liu Ning more pleasure, he bent over so that he could play with her breasts and kiss her back.

And what Xiao Tian did was indeed giving Liu Ning more please until it made her moan faster and faster. Because the pleasure Xiao Tian gave was too much for her to endure, coupled with his cock that kept hitting her womb, made Liu Ning lost all her strength. As a result, her hands were unable to support her body anymore, causing her head to fall into bed.

But the seductive moan which came out of her little mouth never stopped decorating the room; instead, she cried out louder and louder.

At this moment, Xiao Tian was also groaning because the faster he moved his waist, the more he felt that her pussy was getting tighter and tighter.

Xiao Tian thought that with her love juices that dripped down none-stop would make it easier to thrust his cock into her pussy, but he was wrong.

He was utterly wrong. Because even though her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, but her vagina muscles were squeezing his cock tighter and tighter, causing Xiao Tian need to put extra efforts to thrush his cock into her pussy.

Of course, Xiao Tian loved it very much. Who didn't love tight vagina? He just didn't expect that her pussy was so tight.

"Ah...AhAhAh...Ah.." as Liu Ning was letting out many seductive moans, her eyes turned white, and saliva began dripping down from the corner of her mouth.

Due to pleasure, Liu Ning was unable to move her body anymore and what she had on mind was only pleasure and pleasure.

Because Xiao Tian gave her so much pleasure, coupled with his cock that hit her womb repeatedly, made Liu Ning immediately reach her limit. "CummingCumming..I'm cumming"

Like before, Liu Ning had a massive orgasm. Her body shivered for several seconds after having an orgasm.

Xiao Tian stopped what he was doing when Liu Ning was having an orgasm.

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