Illicit Relationship Chapter 291

285 Torturing Feng Ao 3

After Liu Ning took off Xiao Tian's trousers, she was surprised when she saw the shape of his cock that was visible through his underwear. Of course, Liu Ning didn't show it on her face because she had to pretend that she had seen Xiao Tian's cock many times before.

Even though Xiao Tian was still wearing underwear, but from the shape of his cock that was seen through his underwear, Liu Ning knew that his dick was huge. She just didn't expect that a young man like him had a huge cock.


When Liu Ning was imagining his huge cock, she could not help but gulp her saliva. Her heart was suddenly beating faster, and she suddenly wanted to take off his underwear as quickly as possible.

For this reason, Liu Ning tried to hold back herself and pulled down Xiao Tian underwear slowly as if she had done it many times before.

'It's big!'

Those were the words that appeared on her mind when she saw the size of Xiao Tian's cock. Because Xiao Tian's cock was already erect, Liu Ning didn't need to do anything anymore. "Hehe. We meet again, Mr Huge Cock."

Suddenly a mischief idea appeared on Xiao Tian's mind. With this idea on his mind, Xiao Tian rose to his feet and turned his body to the left so that Feng Ao could see the expression on Liu Ning's face when she was looking at his cock.

At this moment, Liu Ning almost forgot to torture Feng Ao when she saw Xiao Tian's cock. The size of his cock, coupled with the beautiful pink glans, made Liu Ning open her little mouth unconsciously.

When Feng Ao saw Liu Ning sticking out her pink tongue and was ready to lick Xiao Tian's cock, he really wanted to stop her. "Hmmm..Hmmm."

Xiao Tian started to smirk and looked at Liu Ning, "How is it? Do you miss my cock?"

"Yes. I miss this amazing cock very much." Liu Ning answered instantly before looking at Feng Ao. "Unlike someone who has a small cock. Your cock is much better than him. The difference between your cock and his dick is like heaven and earth."

Even though Feng Ao admitted that Xiao Tian cock was much bigger than his dick, he didn't want to acknowledge it because it would destroy his pride as a man.

'Ah.. little brother's cock is indeed amazing.'

At this moment, Shi Fei really wanted to rush toward Xiao Tian and lick his cock immediately. The sight of his cock was too much for her to endure. Shi Fei even could feel that her love juices slowly drip down.

Because Liu Ning thought it was the perfect time to make fun of Feng Ao, she placed Xiao Tian cock on her face and said, "Feng Ao, look at my lover cock! It's really amazing. It's different from your small cock."

When Feng Ao saw the expression on Liu Ning's face when Xiao Tian's cock was on her face, he really wanted to call her slut. In the past, she never behaved like that when she saw his cock. This made Feng Ao very jealous and angry at the same time.

While still looking at Feng Ao, Liu Ning began to lick the shaft of Xiao Tian's cock. Her pink tongue moved up from his lower shaft to his glans.

At this moment, Xiao Tian looked at Feng Ao with a smirk on his face. He did nothing and only wanted to enjoy the expression on Feng Ao's face.

The longer Liu Ning licked Xiao Tian's cock, the more she desired to put his cock in her mouth. For this reason, after licking the tip of his cock, Liu Ning opened her mouth widely before finally, putting the tip of his cock into her mouth.

As Liu Ning was giving Xiao Tian a blowjob, she looked at him because she wanted to see his expression. However, she was a little disappointed when she found out that Xiao Tian was looking at Feng Ao.

Because Liu Ning wanted to attract Xiao Tian's attention, she put his cock deeper into her mouth. By doing that, she hoped Xiao Tian would look at her so that she could see the expression on his face.

And her plan was successful because when Xiao Tian's cock was deep in her mouth, he looked at her as he groaned.

At this moment, Xiao Tian really wanted to grab Liu Ning by the head and put his cock deeper in her mouth. However, he knew that she would gag if he did that, so Xiao Tian decided to enjoy the blowjob.

After several seconds, Liu Nin pulled Xiao Tian's cock out of her mouth and said, "Tian'er, do you like it?"

Xiao Tian stroked her hair gently and smiled, "Yes. It feels good."

"Hehe." Liu Ning laughed before licking Xiao Tian's cock again.

This time, Liu Ning licked from the tip of Xiao Tian's cock to his testicles. However, she didn't stop there because after licking his testicles for about seven seconds, Liu Ning opened her mouth and put one of his testicles into her mouth.

"Ahh.." Xiao Tian could not help but groan when Liu Ning suddenly sucked his testicles and stroked his cock at the same time.

Even though Liu Ning was not as good as Shi Fei in giving a blowjob, but Xiao Tian was still able to feel pleasure when Liu Ning did that.

When Liu Ning noticed pre-cum dripping down from the tip of Xiao Tian's cock, she stopped sucking his testicles and licked his pre-cum. "Hhmmm. Tian'er, your pre-cum taste very good."

Because Feng Ao was unable to do anything to them, he only looked at his wife, giving another man a blowjob with a happy expression on her face. Feng Ao really hoped that he was in Xiao Tian's place while Liu Ning gave him a blowjob with a happy expression on her face.

At this time, Liu Ning had forgotten to torture Feng Ao after sucking Xiao Tian's cock. All she had on her mind was his cock and his cock.

Because Liu Ning wanted to give Xiao Tian a pleasure again, she immediately put his cock into her mouth while her hands were squeezing his testicles gently.

"Ahh.." Xiao Tian groaned again when Liu Ning skillfully licked the tip of his cock.

Shi Fei, who was seeing them, began squirming her legs. The flame of lust began spreading within her body.


Shi Fei could help but gulp her saliva when she saw what Liu Ning was doing.

'Ahh. I really want to lick and suck little brother's amazing cock too.'

Those were the words that repeatedly appeared on her mind.

When Liu Ning noticed the expression on Xiao Tian's face, she moved her face back and forth faster and faster as if she wanted to taste Xiao Tian's sperm as quickly as possible.

After several minutes of getting a blowjob from Liu Ning, Xiao Tian finally reached his limit. "Ning'er I'm cumming..I'm cumming.."

Liu Ning stopped moving her head when Xiao Tian let out his sperm in her mouth. When she thought that he had released all the sperm, she pulled his cock out of her mouth.

Then Liu Ning turned her body towards Feng Ao and opened her mouth so that she could show him the sperm in her mouth.

When Feng Ao looked at her intently, she drank the sperm and made a happy expression. "Ahh, my Tian'er sperm taste delicious."

'I really want to taste little brother's sperm too.'

Shi Fei was jealousy when she looked at the happy expression on Liu Ning's face.

At this moment, Feng Ao felt as if his soul had left his body. He had never thought that something like this would happen to him.

His beautiful wife, who he loved, happily gave another man a blowjob. Not only that, she even had a satisfied smile when she drank another man sperm.

Liu Ning then brought her face closer to Feng Ao's right ear and whispered, "The taste of a young man's sperm is really different. It's so delicious until I can't put it in words."

After saying that, Liu Ning returned to her previous place and enjoyed the expression on Feng Ao's face. She smiled in satisfaction when she saw the expression on his face as if it was the most satisfying thing in the world.

"Ning'er, it's time for the main dish." Xiao Tian said abruptly.

"All right." Liu Ning said happily as if she had been waiting for him to say that.

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