Illicit Relationship Chapter 29

26 I Love You

It was already 08:10 p.m, Xiao Tian and his mother were walking together. They didn't immediately take a taxi to get home because they wanted to enjoy the beautiful city at that time.

Not like in their house area, in the center of Shanghai, the road was filled with many kinds of car, from an ordinary car until the luxury car. There were many kinds of a store on the roadside but there were only a few street vendors, the place was full of a place to hang out like coffee shop or caf or something like that.

There were also a lot of people on the sidewalk, from children until adult, they were laughing, talking, eating, take a picture until making a video. The atmosphere at that night was filled with happiness and laughter of people.

As they were walking, he saw a little girl selling red rose, he immediately walking toward that little girl without his mother knowing about it.

Seeing her son wasn't next to her, Ye Xueyin turned around as said " Tian, where are you? Tian "

After Xiao Tian bought a red rose from a little girl, he immediately walking behind his mother quietly. He hugged his mother from behind and showed a red rose in front of her face.

" a beautiful rose for my beautiful lover. " he said as he hugged her from behind

She was pleasantly surprised when he suddenly hugged her from behind while giving her a red rose. She took the red rose and said " thank you Tian "

He let go of his hug and turned her body around. He kissed her forehead and said " I love you, Xueyin "

" I love you too Tian. " she said as she smiled beautifully.

At that time she didn't care when he called her ' Xueyin' , they already did something what lover did so she thought it's normal if he called her using her birth name.

Using his right hand, he held her hand and said " let's go "

" un " she nodded before sniffing the red rose's fragrance.

Not long after they were walking, he saw a street band performance, there were a lot of people watching that band's performance so he decided to watch too.

" mother, there is a street band performance. Let's watch it " he said abruptly

" alright. " she said as she nodded

Then they were walking toward the street band performance, with a great effort finally they can watch street band performance in the front row.

There were four members of the band. one person playing bass guitar, one person playing drums, one person playing the piano and one person sings while playing guitar.

In front of them, there was a green box with money inside it and looking at the money inside the green box, he knew that a lot of people like their performance.

After the singer finished singing, Xiao Tian put 100 RMB into the green box. Seeing that, the band members were happy and said " thank you brother "

Xiao Tian smiled to them but suddenly he waked toward the singer. Looking at Xiao Tian who was walking toward him, the singer was curious at what he wants. The audiences were also curious at what Xiao Tian's want so they looked at him seriously.

" Tian, what are you doing ? " mused Ye Xueyin

After Xiao Tian was in front of the singer, he whispers to the singer and the singer immediately nodded his head

"audiences, this brother here want to sing a song for his lover. Let's cheer him " said the singer

" way to go young man. "

" do your best "

" he wants to sing a song. He can also sing? " mused Ye Xueyin with disbelief

He then singing a song

" When night fell, it gradually becomes cold.....

the wind blows and numerous flowers fell on the ground...

as usual, I looked at the sky alone .....

my lonely feeling.....

my empty feeling.....

this world has become meaningless to me.....

everything felt dark in my eyes.....

until you came and change everything...

your presence has changed my world...

your gentle attitude....

your smile...

your touch.....

your hug...

change everything in my world...

thank you for coming to my world and save me.....

I promise I will make you happy and love you forever....

Xueyin..... "


When he finished singing a song, the audiences and the band members applauded. At that time, they wanted to know who is Xueyin, they wanted to know a person who can make a handsome young man sing a song like that.

From how he sings that song, they can felt that Xiao Tian is really loved her from the bottom of his heart.

Ye Xueyin who saw that, covering her mouth with her hands. She was really happy at that time, she didn't believe her son would do that. she can't describe how happy she was and can only covering her mouth using her hands.

" wow. Not only he's handsome. He's also romantic "

" that right. I want a boyfriend like him "

" me too "

" ahh that Xueyin is so lucky "

" that' right. if only I were that Xueyin. My life will be complete "

" Hey why don't we meet him and ask his number "

" but he has a girlfriend "

" that's right, his girlfriend must be around here "

" But why don't I see his girlfriend? "

" that why, this's our chance to get his number "

" un, you're right. we just need to say we want to become his friend "

" un. Maybe one of us will become his girlfriend in the future "

" that's right. we don't know, maybe they'll break up in the future "

" ah. Yes yes. as long as they still haven't worn a white suit and a white dress, there is still a chance "

" let's go '

" un "

Ye Xueyin who was not far from them can hear everything. She immediately walking toward Xiao Tian, using her right hand, she then grabbed his hand and left that place.

She didn't know why, when she heard some women want to ask his phone number, she suddenly felt she would lose her son if she didn't do something to it, that why she suddenly dragged him out from that place.

The audiences were stunned when they saw that. Xueyin who they wanted to know was actually a beautiful mature woman, some of them began envy of Xiao Tian while some of them were happy for Xiao Tian.
for visiting.

As the audiences were stunned, the women who wanted to asked Xiao Tian's phone number were gritted their teeth because they failed to ask his number.

" Mother, what is it? why suddenly you dragged me ? " he asked curiously

" nothing. " she said with a flat voice

Hearing she said with a flat voice he was stunned. He thought she was happy after he sings a song for her earlier. He asked curiously " what is it mother ? are you not happy with what I did earlier? "

" that's not it " she said

He held her shoulder and looked at her eyes, he then said " did something happen while I was singing earlier? "

" no " she said as she shook her head

"no? wait. Don't tell me some bastard tried to harassed you, mother ? " he asked again

" no " she said as she shook her head again

" then, what is it ? " he asked curiously

" earlierearlier " she wanted to say what she heard earlier but she was shy to say it

" earlier ? " he said to her

" earlier. " she said, then she lowered her head and continued with a small voice " there were women that think you're handsome and...and want to ask your phone number "

Hearing that, he laughed and said " so my lover is jealous? "

" un " she nodded shyly

" You don't need to worry about that mother. Whatever happens, mother and aunt are the most important person to me. I'll do everything to make both of you happy and won't do anything that makes both of you sad " he said as he looked at her lovingly

Looking at his loving eye and his magical word, she was happy and asked "really? "

" of course. the stars and the moon could testify my sincerity " he said proudly

" but, there's no moon right now, only stars " she said as she giggled

" who said there is no moon right now ? " he said to her

" where is it? look there is no moon " she said as she pointed at the sky

" there is. the moon is in front of me. " he said to her

" in front of you? " she said with puzzlement

" yes. you're the moon, mother. You're the moon for me, like the moon in the sky, your appearance making my life perfect, mother. That why don't ever think of leaving me because my life won't be perfect again if you were not by my side " he said lovingly

Hearing that, her face was red like a tomato. She then said " as expected, you really know how to make a lady happy "

" not every lady, only you and aunt, mother. " he said.

And Lin Xing Xue he added in his head.

" mother is happy hearing that. " she said as she smiled

" good. " he said

And then, they were walking together while holding hands.
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