Illicit Relationship Chapter 288

282 Thank You Tianer

Because Zhao Sheng didn't want Xiao Tian to be told to pay to stay at his hotel, he sent Mo Lian to accompany Xiao Tian.

Even though Lan Ruoxi was curious about what Xiao Tian wanted to do to Feng Ao, she immediately returned to the bar after Xiao Tian told her to.

After Xiao Tian stepped into the room, he tied Feng Ao to a chair. Of course, Xiao Tian also sealed Feng Ao's mouth with black tape because he didn't want Feng Ao to keep screaming later.

Then, Xiao Tian placed Feng Ao right in front of the king-size bed before he finally called Shi Fei.

"What is it, little brother? Did you miss me? Hehe." Shi Fei, who was with her underlings, said.

All Shi Fei's underlings opened their mouths in shock after hearing her words. The queen devil they knew with her cruelty was behaving like a teenager who was in love.

Not only that, she even had a happy expression on her face as if talking with that person was something that could make her happy.

However, none of them dared to tease Shi Fei because they were afraid she would torture them. In the past, Fu Jiyi teased her, and as a result, Shi Fei tied her to the tree for twelve hours.

Not only that, when it was time to eat, Shi Fei brought all her underlings to eat in front of Fu Jiyi. Not only did Shi Fei not give Fu Jiyi any food, she even kept throwing food in front of Fu Jiyi when Fu Jiyi was starving. Since then, no one dared to tease Shi Fei anymore.

"Come meet me at Zhao family hotel. I will send you the location." Xiao Tian went straight to the point.

"All right." even though Shi Fei had no idea what Xiao Tian wanted to do, she didn't ask and just agreed to meet him at the Zhao family hotel.

After Xiao Tian called Shi Fei, he immediately called Liu Ning. Luckily, Liu Ning was already awake; otherwise, he would have to wait until she woke up.

And like Shi Fei, Liu Ning agreed to meet Xiao Tian. She was also curious about what Xiao Tian wanted to do at the hotel with her. Suddenly a beautiful blush emerged on her face when she thought of something. But she immediately got rid of that thought.

Several minutes later, Shi Fei arrived at the Zhao family hotel and immediately entered the room. Shi Fei was shocked when she saw Feng Ao tied in a chair in an unconscious state.

'Feng Ao? How can he be in this state? Why is he tied to a chair? Isn't he supposed to be in prison?'

Countless thoughts flashed across Shi Fei's mind.

Because she couldn't hold back the curiosity she had, Shi Fei walked towards Xiao Tian and asked, "Little brother, what is this? Who is this man? And why did you tie him to the chair?"

Even though Shi Fei knew who Feng Ao was, she pretended as if she didn't know anything about him because she didn't want Xiao Tian to be suspicious of her.

Because Xiao Tian thought Shi Fei knew nothing about Feng Ao, he explained everything to her. Xiao Tian also explained his relationship with Liu Ning without hiding anything.

"I see." Shi Fei felt sorry for Liu Ning after hearing his words. She didn't expect that Xiao Tian would do something like that to Liu Ning. "So, what do you want to do to him?"

"I want to have sex with Liu Ning in front of him." Xiao Tian gave her an honest answer.

"Do you think she will agree with your idea?" Shi Fei inquired

"You don't need to worry about it. I'm sure she will agree." Xiao Tian answered instantly. "She hates him to the bone right now because he has hurt her."

"But I will be here too, so I doubt she will agree with your idea." even though Liu Ning really hated Feng Ao, but to have sex with Xiao Tian in front of them would be a little too much for Liu Ning.

Maybe Liu Ning would agree to have sex with Xiao Tian if they were alone. However, she would be in the same room as them later so, Shi Fei thought Liu Ning would not agree with Xiao Tian's idea.

"I will take care of it." Xiao Tian was sure that he could make Liu Ning agree to have sex with him later. "You don't mind seeing me having sex with another woman, right?"

Shi Fei then embraced Xiao Tian and looked at him. "What about me? Will I only see you having sex with Liu Ning? What if I feel aroused when I see you having sex with Liu Ning?"

"Don't worry. We can have sex after we torture Feng Ao." Xiao Tian then cupped her face and looked at her in the eyes. "You will help me, right?"

"Good! I will help you." because she knew that she could have sex with Xiao Tian later, Shi Fei immediately agreed.

Not long after that, Liu Ning entered the room. Like Shi Fei, she was shocked when she saw Feng Ao tied to the chair in an unconscious state.

Suddenly memories of what Feng Ao had done to her appeared on her mind. For this reason, Liu Ning raised her right arm to slap Feng Ao in the face.


The loud sound of slapping echoed in the room. As if slapping Feng Ao's face once was not enough, Liu Ning hit Feng Ao's face very hard again.

Due to this, Feng Ao finally regained consciousness. But what welcomed him was another slap from Liu Ning.

"How dare you slap your husband!" Feng Ao was very angry when he found out that Liu Ning was the one who slapped his face very hard. He could even feel pain in his face.

At this moment, Shi Fei immediately stood behind Feng Ao to ensure that he would not be able to do anything to Liu Ning.

Because Xiao Tian thought it was time to play the game, he immediately grabbed Liu Ning by the waist and looked at her. "Ning'er, you should not slap him like that. Look at his face! There is already a red slap mark on his face."

Liu Ning was shocked when Xiao Tian suddenly embraced her. Not only that, he even called her Ning'er. Liu Ning began to think about what happened to Xiao Tian. Why did he suddenly behave like that?

After thinking for several seconds, Liu Ning understood why Xiao Tian suddenly behaved like that. She also thought his idea was good, no, very brilliant.

Liu Ning then wrapped her long slender arms around Xiao Tian's neck and said, "Tian'er, sorry. I suddenly feel disgusted after seeing his face. You will forgive me, right?"

Xiao Tian didn't expect Liu Ning would immediately understand what he wanted to do. "It's all right. Anything for my love."

"Thank you, Tian'er." after saying that, Liu Ning kissed Xiao Tian's cheeks.

Their actions made Feng Ao's face turn red. He was furious when he saw his beautiful wife behaving like that with another man in front of him." Hmmm."

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