Illicit Relationship Chapter 287

281 I Will Torture Him From Inside

Somewhere inside the house.

A middle-aged man was sitting on the couch in the living room. In the living room, there was only a sofa with a table in front of it.

However, there was a picture of Xiao Tian and Da Gui hanging on the wall with a small knife in the middle of it.

From the expression when he saw the pictures, anyone could tell that he hated the person on the photos to the bone as if killing them was the only reason that makes him stay alive. That middle-aged man was none other than Feng Ao.

Feng Ao took beer in front of him and drank it. "Xiao Tian, do you like my gift? Haha. Soon, I will send you to Yama king, and after that, it will be Da Gui's turn."

At this moment, Xiao Tian and the others were not far from the house.

When two of Lan Ruoxi's people saw them, they immediately walked toward them. One of them immediately said, "My lady. The target is inside this house."

"Good!" Lan Ruoxi answered instantly.

Because Zhao Sheng didn't want Feng Ao to escape, he looked at his people and said, "Block all escape routes."

"Understood, young master." Zhao Sheng's people immediately went to close all escape routes, leaving only one person behind Zhao Sheng. "Mo Lian, open the door."

Without waiting for another second, Mo Lian took something from her pocket to unlock the door. Mo Lian nodded her head when he managed to open the door.

They immediately entered the house and began to look for Feng Ao. When they heard Feng Ao's laughter in the living room, all of them nodded their heads.

"Yo, Feng Ao. We meet again." Xiao Tian walked towards Feng Ao and stopped in front of him. "Why are you hiding in a small place like this?"

At this moment, Feng Ao was pleased because Xiao Tian was standing in front of him alone. "I didn't expect you can find this place. However, you made a mistake of coming here alone."

"Yo, Feng Ao, I also came." Zhao Sheng suddenly stepped into the living room with a smile on his face.

When Feng Ao saw Zhao Sheng, the expression of deep shock appeared on his face. He didn't expect Xiao Tian would come with Zhao Sheng.

'Why did the Zhao family's young master come with him? Do they know each other?'

Feng Ao was curious why Zhao Sheng appeared in front of him.

'Wait! Don't tell me. They are friends?!'

Feng Ao wanted to believe that Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng were friends. However, Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng were from different class families, so Feng Ao found it hard to believe that they were friends because usually, upper-class family members only befriend with family members who were equals to them.

'No. Maybe they are not friends. Maybe Xiao Tian asked Zhao Sheng for help. But why does Zhao Sheng help him?'

At this moment, Feng Ao still didn't want to admit that Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng were friends. However, he didn't know why Zhao Sheng decided to help Xiao Tian.

'Shit! With Zhao Sheng here, the green-haired man will not help me because his master's family is not an opponent of the Zhao family, so I'm sure he will remain hidden. Fuck!'

Feng Ao cursed venomously in his heart.

"I didn't expect a young master from the famous family will help someone from middle-class family?" Feng Ao said as he looked at Zhao Sheng.

"Mr. Feng, there is still me here." at this moment, it was Lan Ruoxi's turn to enter the living room.

This greatly surprised Feng Ao. He didn't expect Xiao Tian had two prominent supporters. This was different from what he had planned.

After remembering what had happened to him since he left Red Flower Bar, Feng Ao understood something. He then laughed loudly and said, "Haha. Now I understand everything. From the beginning, all of you work together to destroy my family, right?"

"Oh! Look like you are smarter than I thought." Xiao Tian didn't try to deny it because there was no point to do so.

"No wonder. It's no wonder you can destroy my family in a single day. It seems like I'm still one step behind you. I didn't expect you have two powerful supporters." at this moment, Feng Ao knew that he was doomed. He believed the people of Lan Ruoxi and Zhao Sheng had sealed all escape routes.

"You are related to what had happened to my company, right?" Xiao Tian suspected that Feng Ao was related to what had happened to his company and employees. That was why Xiao Tian said that to Feng Ao.

"I don't know what you mean by that, but die." even though Feng Ao knew that he was doomed today, but he didn't want to give up without trying anything. That was why he decided to attack Xiao Tian.

Before Feng Ao could land his fist on Xiao Tian's body, Xiao Tian thrust the wooden sword in his hands towards Feng Ao's neck.


Feng Ao fell to the floor. He was coughing nonstop while holding his neck. His eyes turned white, and saliva dripped down from the corner of his mouth.

Xiao Tian looked at Feng Ao and said, "Stupid!"

'From the information, young master Xiao has never learned martial arts before, but his movement earlier was. Wait! Is the information wrong?'

Lan Ruoxi was surprised when she saw Xiao Tian's movement earlier. His move was like the movement of someone who had learned martial art for many years. However, her people said that Xiao Tian had never learned martial arts before.

"Whoa! Nice move, Xiao Tian!" Zhao Sheng said while patting Xiao Tian's shoulders. "So, what are you going to do to him now?"

Xiao Tian thought for several seconds before finally, he started to smirk. "I will torture him from inside."

"What do you mean by that, young master Xiao?" Lan Ruoxi asked curiously. She had no idea the meaning of Xiao Tian's words. That was why she asked him, hoping that Xiao Tian would tell her about it.

"Hahaha." Zhao Sheng laughed after hearing Xiao Tian's words. As a playboy, Zhao Sheng understood what Xiao Tian meant by torturing Feng Ao from inside. "That's a brilliant idea."

Because Zhao Sheng understood Xiao Tian's words, she immediately asked, "Young master Zhao, can you tell me about it? I don't understand about it at all."

Zhao Sheng looked at Lan Ruoxi and said, "Big sister Lan, believe me. You won't want to know what Xiao Tian will do to Feng Ao."

Lan Ruoxi became even more curious after hearing Zhao Sheng's words. "Tell me! I want to know too."

However, Zhao Sheng said nothing and only looked at her. Zhao Sheng then looked at Xiao Tian and asked, "When will you do that?"

"After we leave this place!" Xiao Tian answered instantly.

"I will send one of my people to take you to my hotel. You can do it at my hotel. Haha. "actually, Zhao Sheng wanted to know Feng Ao's expression later. However, because he knew what Xiao Tian would do, he decided not to follow Xiao Tian.

"Good!" Xiao Tian then hit the backside of Feng Ao's neck, causing Feng Ao to faint instantly.

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