Illicit Relationship Chapter 286

280 Who Are They?

"Oh, right! Here, take this. This wooden sword is special. It's made from a special tree, so it's hard to break this wooden sword. Have you learned sword martial art before?" Zhao Sheng gave the wooden sword to Xiao Tian.

Before Zhao Sheng returned home to bring his people, Xiao Tian asked him to bring a wooden sword. At first, he was surprised, but he suddenly thought that Xiao Tian had learned sword martial art.

Xiao Tian took the wooden sword and swung it several times. The weight, length, and size were perfect for him. Xiao Tian was satisfied with the wooden sword, "Yes. Let's go now."

"All right." Zhao Sheng replied with a smile on his face. Actually, he was eager to fight Blue Ice Lotus gang because he wanted to know how strong the gang was.

When Xiao Tian was walking, he suddenly stopped his footsteps and turned around. "Lady Lan, you don't need to follow us. You can go home now."

"What is this? Are you worried about me? Just for information, I'm an expert in martial arts, you know." Then Lan Ruoxi looked at Zhao Sheng. "Isn't that right, young master Zhao?"

The corner of Zhao Sheng's lips twitched upon hearing her words. Zhao Sheng knew why Lan Ruoxi looked at him while saying that. That was because she beat him in the past. However, Zhao Sheng was sure if they fought again, he would win fight against her.

"That's not it. I don't want you to get involved in this problem." earlier, Xiao Tian forgot that Lan Ruoxi was master in martial arts. That was why he told her to return home.

"Well, I'm curious about Blue Ice Lotus gang. So, I will go with you." of course, Lan Ruoxi was lying to Xiao Tian because she knew all about Blue Ice Lotus gang.

It was because she wanted to know what Xiao Tian would do after they arrived at Blue Ice Lotus gang headquarters. Lan Ruoxi believed that they didn't need to fight them because she guessed Shi Fei had dealt with them now.

"All right." because Lan Ruoxi is a master of martial arts, Xiao Tian let her do whatever she wanted.

Then they went to the headquarters of Blue Ice Lotus gang. However, when they stepped into the building, what Lan Ruoxi had guessed was right because all of the members of Blue Ice Lotus gang had been injured.

This dumbfounded Xiao Tian. Earlier, he had prepared to fight them. He just didn't expect that all the members of the gang had been injured.

"Mr. Xiao Tian. We are sorry for what we had done to your company and employees. We are forced to do that." Chun Hua said while bowing toward Xiao Tian.

At this moment, all of the members of the gang sank to their knees. They didn't expect Xiao Tian would come to their headquarters immediately.

With an angry face, Xiao Tian grabbed Chun Hua by the neck and looked at her. "Do you think the words of apology are enough?"

"We...we are forcedto do that..if we didn't dothat.. they willkillus. As a signof apologize for.. what we.....have donewe...will...followyour every word from.today onwards." because Xiao Tian was grabbing her neck, Hun Chua had difficulty finishing her words.

Upon hearing her words, Xiao Tian wavered whether he should destroy their gang or not. Even though they had injured his employees and caused trouble in his company, but to have them as his underling was not a bad idea.

Xiao Tian had no underling, so her words instantly made him think twice about destroying the gang.

Xiao Tian was thinking about the best choices between destroying them or having them as his underling. "Why do you all suddenly want to be my underling? And what happened to your gang? Who beat up your gang?"

Xiao Tian understood that someone had beaten them up before he arrived. However, he had no idea who did that to them.

"We also...don't knowthey..were wearing masks. They told us.to be your underling.or else.they would.....come and....beat us again." because Shi Fei told them not to reveal her identity to Xiao Tian, Chun Hua had no choice but to lie to Xiao Tian.

'Who are they?'

Xiao Tian didn't remember that he had someone who would help him besides Zhao Sheng and Lan Ruoxi. So, he was curious who had helped him.

Zhao Sheng then walked closer toward Xiao Tian and said, "What are you going to do to them?"

"I will think about it later." Xiao Tian was thinking about what he should do to them. That was why he still hasn't decided whether he would destroy Blue Ice Lotus gang or not.

"I think making them your underling is better than destroying them." even though Blue Ice Lotus gang had caused trouble at Xiao Tian's company, Zhao Sheng thought it would better to make them Xiao as Tian's underling because it would be more beneficial for Xiao Tian in the future.

"That's right, young master Xiao. I agree with young master Zhao's idea." Lan Ruoxi added.

Xiao Tian then returned his attention to Chun Hua and asked, "Who asked you to cause trouble at my company?"

"We don'tknow. They werewearing masks.when they.came to us." at this moment, Chun Hua's face had turned blue because Xiao Tian was still grabbing her neck.

Xiao Tian then threw Chun Hua to the floor. "Useless!"

Xiao Tian was annoyed because the mastermind behind everything that had happened to his company was still a mystery.

Suddenly Lan Ruoxi's smartphone rang, indicating an incoming call. She immediately picked up the phone and said, "What's wrong?"

"My lady, we have found Feng Ao's whereabouts." a female's voice rang out through Lan Ruoxi's smartphone.

"Send the location to me now." after her subordinate sent the location of Feng Ao's whereabouts, Lan Ruoxi walked toward Xiao Tian. "Young master Xiao, my people have found Feng Ao's whereabouts."

"Good!" Xiao Tian was pleased after hearing her words. "Let's go now."

"What about them?" Zhao Sheng inquired.

Xiao Tian looked at the members of Blue Ice lotus and said, "Come to my company tomorrow morning."

After that, they left.

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