Illicit Relationship Chapter 285

279 All Of Them Are Useless

All the members of Blue Ice Lotus gang were dumbfounded. They found it hard to believe what they were hearing.

None of them knew about the founder because she had retired from the gang nine years ago. They only knew that the founder of the gang was a very strong woman because when the founder was the leader of the gang, Blue Ice Lotus gang was the strongest gang in Nanli district.

But since the founder left the gang, Blue Ice Lotus gang slowly became weaker and weaker. Now almost all upper-class families could order them around.

"I built this gang to protect women, not to hurt innocent people!" Shi Fei shouted angrily. "Why did all of you disobey our mottos?"

All the members of Blue Ice Lotus gang knew about the mottos, but since the founder left the gang, the next generation of the gang slowly began to ignore it.

Shi Fei then looked at Chun Hua and said, "What generation of leader are you from?"

"Fourth-generation." Chun Hua answered while shivering. The pressure when she looked at Shi Fei was too overwhelming until it made her afraid to look at Shi Fei in the eyes.

"Why did you ignore the rules that I made?" Shi Fei asked coldly.

"Founder, since you left the gang, our gang become weaker and weaker. Now, almost all upper-class families can order us around." Chun Hua gave Shi Fei an honest answer. "At first, I didn't want to accept their order. However, because the upper-class families who support the gang no longer care about us, we have no choice but to agree to take the order. Otherwise, they will kill us. They came to us with several people, and each of them was equipped with weapons and military costumes. With that, we know that they are from upper-class families because it is impossible for middle-class families to have bodyguards like that."

So, they don't want to get their hands dirty, huh? Shi Fei thought to herself.

At this moment, Shi Fei didn't know should she blame them or not. She knew that they were powerless now, but to hurt innocent people was out of their mottos. "Why did they want to cause trouble for Stars Clothes company?"

"We don't know." Chun Hua shook her head. "When we asked about it, they didn't give us an answer, saying that it was not our business."

"Leader, what should we do now?" Bi Yu, who was standing on Shi Fei's left side, asked.

"Sigh. This is because all our gang members in this generation are useless." Fu Jiyi, who was standing on Shi Fei's right side, said abruptly.

"That's right. All of them are useless! How can they take orders from unknown people?" Bi Yu agreed to Fu Ji's words.

In the past, Blue Ice Lotus gang was the strongest gang. Even several upper-class families had to think twice if they wanted to cause trouble for them. However, now their gang had turned into a useless group with weakling members.

I will try to find out later. Shi Fei thought to herself.

At this moment, Shi Fei was thinking about what kind of punishment she should give to her members' gang. After thinking for a while, she found the right punishment for them. "Tomorrow, I want all of you to meet Xiao Tian and apologize to him. Whatever he wants to do to you all, all of you are not allowed to fight back. Otherwise, I will come again and punish you all myself. Believe me. you don't want it."

When the members of the gang heard what Shi Fei had said, they shivered. From the rumor, when the devil queen tortured people, they would rather die than continue to be tortured by her.

"And from tomorrow onwards, all of you have to follow his every word. If he wants you all to slap your faces, then all of you should slap your faces. Do you all understand?" Shi Fei thought it was the best punishment for them. With this, not only was Xiao Tian able to let out all of his anger, but he would get underlings too. This would greatly help him in the future.

"Yes, founder." all the members of Blue Ice Lotus gang said in unison.

"Oh, right. I'm working under him too, so every time you all see me next to him, you all have to call me by name." Shi Fei then rose from the couch, "Let's go."

When Shi Fei left, one of the gang members said, "Leader, are they from first-generation?"

"Yes. I'm sure about it. Only the first-generation has the strength like them." at this moment, Chun Hua didn't know whether she should happy or not.

Chun Hua was pleased because they could ask their founder for help if they faced something they couldn't handle in the future. But she was sad because, from today onwards, they had to follow every word of Xiao Tian.

"What should we do now?" one of the members asked.

"We will meet Xiao Tian and apologize to him tomorrow. I don't want the founder to torture us." Chun Hua had no idea what would happen to them if Shi Fei really tortured them. But what she believed was that it would be something that they hoped never happen to them in their lives.


In the Hospital Garden.

"Xiao Tian, I've brought ten people with me." Zhao Sheng said while pointing his index finger toward the people behind them. "Each one of them can fight with more than ten people, so this is more than enough to destroy Blue Ice Lotus gang. When will we go?"

At this moment, Lan Ruoxi could only sigh. She knew Xiao Tian wouldn't hear anything, she said. Actually, she believed Shi Fei had solved the problem. But she didn't say anything about it because she knew Shi Fei didn't want Xiao Tian to know Shi Fei's real identity.

How can young master Zhao not know who Shi Fei is? Lan Ruoxi thought to herself.

"Right now." Xiao Tian said.

"All right. Let's move now." Zhao Sheng replied.

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