Illicit Relationship Chapter 284

278 I Will Let You Handle This

Shi Fei and her underlings entered the building. The room was huge, with many red sofas arranged facing to each other. However, there was one sofa that has a different color.

That sofa had a blue color and was located at the middle-end of the room. On the blue couch, a woman was sitting on it with a woman standing on both of her sides.

In the building, there were about thirty members of Blue Ice Lotus gang. However, all of them wore normal clothes as if they were not members of the gang.

Shi Fei looked at the lady who was sitting on the blue couch and said coldly, "What generation of leader are you from?"

"Oh! Are you interested in me? Sorry, but I like men." the woman who was sitting on the blue sofa said as she smiled.

Shi Fei was annoyed by that and said coldly, "Beat all of them!"

Without waiting for another second, Shi Fei's underlings began to attack Blue Ice Lotus members.

As Shi Fei's underlings were fighting against the members of Blue Ice Lotus gang, Shi Fei and the gang leader did nothing and only looked into each other's eyes.

"Kneel before me, and apologize! If you do that, I will only break one of your hands." Shi Fei looked at the leader of the gang with a flame of fury in her eyes.

"Oh! What if I don't do that?" like before, the leader of the gang said as she smiled.

Shi Fei walked towards the leader with an evil smile on her face, "You will regret it! Hehe"

When Shi Fei was four meters away from the leader of the gang, two people standing beside the leader attacked Shi Fei.

"How dare ants like you two try to attack me!" before they could attack Shi Fei, she swung her katana.

Shi Fei's attack landed on their neck and mid-torso. If Shi Fei unsheathed her katana, those two people would already be dead.

When those two women fell on their knees, Shi Fei swung the katana over their heads, causing them to faint immediately with blood running down their heads.

The smile disappeared from the face of the gang leader. Two women who just attacked Shi Fei were the best women after her. She didn't expect that Shi Fei could defeat them in a very short time.

This made the leader of the gang very angry. "Bitch! How dare you! I, Chun Hua, will break your arms and legs."

"Tch! Another ant who doesn't know her place." Shi Fei said when Chun Hua wanted to attack her too. "Let's finish this quickly because I don't want to waste my time with a weakling like you."

Chun Hua's face darkened. She was furious being called ant by Shi Fei. She was the leader of the famous gang, and she was a strong fighter too. This was the first time someone dared calling her ant.

"Die!" Chun Hua raised her right leg high and aimed it toward Shi Fei's head.

Shi Fei took one long step backward to avoided it. Shi Fei not only avoided the attack, but she also counter-attacked.

"Uakk!" Chun Hua felt pain running through within her body when Shi Fei's katana landed in her mid-torso.

In order to avoid being hit by Shi Fei again, Chun Hua took one step backward before preparing to attack Shi Fei again.

However, she was much slower than Shi Fei. As a result, Shi Fei was already in front of her and attacked her head. Luckily she was able to block the attack with her hands.

"Is this all you can do?" Shi Fei thought Chun Hua was much stronger than this. She just didn't expect that Chun Hua was very weak. "Now I know why Blue Ice Lotus isn't the strongest gang anymore. It's because the leader of the gang is so weak!"

Chun Hua gritted her teeth after hearing Shi Fei's words. She was furious that Shi Fei kept calling her weak or ant. For this reason, she began to attack Shi Fei again.

However, the result was still the same. Shi Fei could avoid or block all her attacks easily. But what made her angrier was that she was unable to land a hit on Shi Fei's body since they began to fight.

Chun Hua finally realized that she was very weak because if Shi Fei unsheathed her sword, she would have died right now. Chun Hua fell to her knees.

Shi Fei then stood in front of Chun Hua and looked at her. "Kneel before me and apologize for what you have done!"

"What do you mean by that?" Chun Hua didn't understand the meaning of Shi Fei's words.

"Why did you attack Stars Clothes company and injure many people too?" Shi Fei said coldly. "Who paid you for that?"

"Stars Clothes company?" Chun Hua finally understood why Shi Fei and her underlings suddenly attacked Blue Ice Lotus gang. "Haha. So, you are the person sent by Stars Clothes company?"

Shi Fei was annoyed by Chun Hua's behavior, so she kicked Chun Hua's mid-torso. "Answer me now!"

At this time, Shi Fei's underlings had beaten all the members of Blue Ice Lotus gang. They all stood behind Shi Fei and only looked at Chun Hua.

"Leader, can you let me handle this?" Bi Yu said abruptly.

Upon hearing Bi Yu's words, Shi Fei turned her head and said, "I will let you handle this."

"Thank you, leader." Bi Yu then walked closer toward Chun Hua. Bi Yu's adorable face turned into frightening. "Yo, whatever your name is. Tell me why did you cause trouble at Stars Clothes company? Who asked you to do that? Tell me now or else Hehe."

Chun Hua didn't say a single word and only looked at Bi Yu.

Bi Yu was delighted when Chun Hua didn't say a single word because, with that, she could torture Chun Hua as she pleased.

Bi Yu then took a knife and grabbed Hun Hua's hair, "Wow! You have a pretty face. I wonder if this is because of makeup or your real face?"

When Bi Yu was saying that, her knife was already on Chun Hua's cheeks.


Instead of feeling afraid, Chun Hua spit on Bi Yu's adorable face.

"Wow! She dared to spit on Bi Yu's face."

"She will regret it now."

"I give you thumb up for daring to spit on Bi Yu's face."

"She didn't know what she had done."

"I want to know how long she will last."

"Maybe, two minutes."

"One minute."

Shi Fei's underlings began talking and betting when they knew what Chun Hua had done to Bi Yu.

"Oh! Did you just spit on my face? It seems like I need to guide you to the right path." after saying that, Bi Yu pressed the knife which was on Chun Hua's right cheek, causing the blood to appear and dripping down her cheeks.

"Ahhhh" Chun Hua didn't expect that Bi Yu would do something like that. Even though she was a leader of the gang, but she was still a woman. And what was important to women was their faces, so when Bi Yu injured her face, she shouted loudly.

"Shut up!" Bi Yu hit Chun Hua's face. "If you don't tell me immediately, I will also slice your other cheek. Oh! Maybe your lips too. Hehe."

Upon hearing Bi Yu's words, Chun Hua shivered. Because Bi Yu dared to injure her right cheek, she believed if she didn't say a single word again, Bi Yu would do what she had just said. "We don't know because they were wearing masks when they came to meet us."

"Useless!" Bi Yu raised her knife and was about to thrust it on Chun Hua's right hand, but Shi Fei suddenly stopped her.

"Stop!" Shi Fei shouted.

"Tch! You are lucky this time." after saying that, Bi Yu hit Chun Hua's head, causing her to fall to the ground.

"Bring all the members of Blue Ice Lotus gang here." Shi Fei spoke and paused for a second before she continued, "For the members who fainted, wake them up."

"Understood, leader." Shi Fei's underlings said in unison before they left and brought all the members of Blue Ice Lotus gang in front of Shi Fei.

When all the members of Blue Ice Lotus gang were in front of her, Shi Fei shouted, "Do you know who I am?"

All the members of Blue Ice Lotus gang didn't say a single word and only looked at each other because none of them knew who Shi Fei was.

Because they said nothing, Shi Fei shouted again." Answer me!"

Because the members of Blue Ice Lotus gang were afraid that they would get beaten again if none of them said nothing, one of them said, "We don't know."

Shi Fei had expected that none of them knew her because it had been very long since she retired from the gang. "Remember this! I AM SHI FEI, THE FOUNDER OF THIS GANG!"

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