Illicit Relationship Chapter 283

277 Beat Them To Death

Not long after that, several ambulance cars arrived at Xiao Tian's company. However, it wasn't only an ambulance car that came to his company, but four police cars also came.

Jing Jing, along with several other police, got out of the car and walked toward Xiao Tian and the others. "Good afternoon, Sir. We've received information that several people have caused problems at your company and also injure your employees. We came here to collect information about it. Please cooperate with us so that we can help you resolve the problem."

When Xiao Tian saw several cops in his company, he was unhappy because, with this, the problem would become bigger, and media would know what was happening at his company.

Even though it was a good thing because the police would help him with the problem, it could have a harmful impact on his company, especially for the people who have ordered clothing design at his company. However, Xiao Tian was unable to do anything about it and could only cooperate with them.

With the help of Lin Xing Xue and his employees, Xiao Tian was able to answer all the questions from the police. After the police conducted an investigation, Xiao Tian and the others went to the hospital.

When Zhao Sheng heard the news about Xiao Tian's company, he immediately traveled to the hospital. Actually, Zhao Sheng wanted to inform Xiao Tian that someone had released Feng Ao from prison. He just didn't expect that someone had caused trouble at Xiao Tian's company.

When Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng wanted to go to Blue Ice Lotus gang headquarters, suddenly Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin arrived at the hospital.

Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin were shocked after hearing several people were making trouble at Xiao Tian's company and injuring his employees.

They thought Xiao Tian was also injured. For this reason, they went straight to the hospital after hearing the news.

Xiao Tian was unhappy when his mother and aunt come to the hospital because, with that, he was unable to go to Blue Ice Lotus gang headquarters.

However, Xiao Tian could do nothing because the one who informed his mother and aunt was none other than Lin Xing Xue.

Lin Xing Xue knew that if his mother and aunt came to the hospital, Xiao Tian would not go to Blue Ice Lotus gang headquarters.

That was why when they were on the way to the hospital, Lin Xing Xue secretly informed his mother and aunt because she was afraid that something would happen to Xiao Tian if he went to Blue Ice Lotus gang headquarters.

"Where is Shi Fei?" Xiao Tian inquired.

"She went somewhere because she still has something to do." Lin Xing Xue answered instantly.

"I see." even though Xiao Tian had no idea why Shi Fei suddenly went somewhere, he didn't ask anymore because there was something more important to do.


Somewhere in the apartment.

There was a sexy mature lady with katana in her right hand. However, katana in the right hand of the sexy lady had something different on it.

There was a small black iron chain that tied the sheath with the handle part of katana as if the wielder was not allowed to unsheathed that katana.

The expression on her face was so frightening that it could frighten many people when they saw it. The sexy mature lady was wearing black jacket and trousers. That lady was none other than Shi Fei.

"How dare they do that to the company where I work for." Shi Fei took her smartphone and called someone. "Bring twenty people to my apartment right now."

"Understood, leader." a female voice rang out through Shi Fei's smartphone.

Somewhere at the coffee shop.

'A message?'

After the woman read the message, she immediately rose from her seat and left.

Somewhere at the restaurant

The woman who was consuming the food immediately rose from her seat and left the restaurant.

Somewhere at the zoo

'A message?'

After the woman read the message, she immediately left the zoo.

Somewhere at beach

The woman, who was enjoying the beautiful sea, immediately rose to her feet and left.

Somewhere at Rainbow Garden

There were a young man and woman. The young woman had an adorable face while the young man had quite a handsome face.

"Bi Yu, I have loved you since we met two years ago, but I didn't dare to say it. Now I can't hold back my feeling anymore, so I have to say it now. Bu Yu, I love you. Will you be my lover?" the young man looked at Bi Yu while hoping she would accept his love.

'A message?'

Bi Yu immediately rose from her seat after reading the message. Without saying a single word, she left.

'I gotrejected?'

The young man had a sad expression on his face when Bi Yu suddenly left him alone.


After several minutes, five cars arrived at Shi Fei apartment.

Without waiting for another second, Shi Fei got into one of the cars and said, "Let's go to Blue Ice Lotus gang."

"Alright." the woman, who was sitting in the driver's seat, nodded her head.

Not long after that, they reached their destination.

Blue Ice Lotus Headquarters was located in the southeastern part of the Nanli District. Even though it was a gang, but the headquarters was like a house of rich people.

There was a two-meter high iron fence with a wall that surrounded the building. Not only that, but the building also had a large front yard.


Shi Fei kicked the iron fence until it opened.

As soon as Shi Fei and others stepped into the front yard, twenty members of Blue Ice Lotus gang, who were guarding the building, stood in front of them.

"Who are you?" one of the Blue Ice Lotus members gang said.

"You don't deserve to know who I am." Shi Fei said coldly.

The members of Blue Ice Lotus gang were annoyed by Shi Fei's words. Without waiting for another second, one of the members said, "Beat them to death!"

"Teach them a lesson!" Shi Fei walked forward without caring about anything as if she was walking in the front yard alone.

After Shi Fei said that, seven of her underlings began to attack the members of Blue Ice Lotus gang. However, a blue-haired woman suddenly tried to attack Shi Fei.

Instead of blocking or avoiding the attack, Shi Fei kept walking forward without caring about it at all. Before a blue-haired woman could land a hit on Shi Fei's body, one of Shi Fei's underlings blocked it and immediately did counter-attack.

After hitting the blue-haired woman, Shi Fei's underling immediately walked on her right side again. Blue haired woman fell to the ground after being hit by Shi Fei's underling.

"How dare ant like you try to attack our leader!" one of Shi Fei's other underlings looked at blue-haired woman coldly before finally, she kicked the head of a blue-haired woman.


The blue-haired woman immediately fainted.

When Shi Fei and thirteen of her underlings were in front of the door, she immediately kicked the door.


Shi Fei's kick made the door open

"Who dares to make trouble in Blue Ice Lotus gang?" one of the members shouted loudly.

"That's me." Shi Fei said coldly.

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