Illicit Relationship Chapter 280

274 Xiao Tian Dont Leave Me Alone.

Even though Xiao Tian didn't practice martial arts, which he mastered in his previous life every day, but he always trained whenever he had free time, especially in the last three weeks.

Xiao Tian realized that he had to make his new body stronger because it could benefit him a lot in the future. Not only was it useful for self-defense, but it would also help him when having sex with his women.

There was even a time where he practiced martial art in the backyard the whole day until it much surprised Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin.

Although his current body wasn't as strong as his previous body, Xiao Tian was satisfied with the progress of his training.

Because it was very easy to train his new body, Xiao Tian even thought that his predecessor had learned martial arts before. But it was only his guess because Xiao Tian had no idea what his predecessor did in his whole life.

Until now, Xiao Tian didn't know why he couldn't see all the memories of his predecessor, especially the memories of his predecessor when he was a child.

In his past life, Xiao Tian or Huang Chen had learned several martial arts, but in his current life, he only practiced two of them; Moon Sword martial arts and Dragon Hands martial arts.

Those two martial arts were the strongest among all of the martial arts, which he mastered in his previous life. What made them special was that those martial arts had a secret move, which could be fatal to opponents if they were hit by those secret moves.

"Do you want me to make the first move?" Xiao Tian asked evilly.

Even though his mind kept telling him to run away, but Feng Ao still wanted to fight Xiao Tian. When he was still a college student, Feng Ao had learned martial art for three years, so he would lose face if he decided to run from the fight.

This made Feng Ao more unwilling to run because he was sure that he could beat Xiao Tian. Feng Ao kept telling himself that he was reckless earlier. Like before, Feng Ao threw his fist toward Xiao Tian's nose again.

Before Feng Ao's fist could reach his nose, Xiao Tian deflected it to the left side with his right hand. At the same, Xiao Tian spun and threw an elbow towards Feng Ao's head.

After being hit by Xiao Tian's attack, Feng Ao felt a little dizzy, but he could still stand up. Feng Ao was annoyed by this and raised his left leg to kick Xiao Tian.

However, Xiao Tian didn't give Feng Ao a chance to counter-attack. Xiao Tian immediately threw his right knee into Feng Ao's mid-torso. When Feng Ao took two steps back after being hit by Xiao Tian, Xiao Tian jumped and attacked Feng Ao's head with his right elbow.


Feng Ao Fell to his knees. At this moment, blood was dripping down from his mouth and head. Feng Ao didn't expect that he was unable to land a hit on Xiao Tian.

As if Xiao Tian wanted to finish Feng Ao quickly, he threw his kick to the right side of Feng Ao's head.


Feng Ao fell to the floor.

Then Xiao Tian stepped on Feng Ao's face and said coldly, "Is this all you can do? I thought you are stronger than this. Boring!"

"Xi...Xiao Tian." because Xiao Tian still had a scary expression on his face, Liu Ning was afraid to approach him.

"Lady Liu, it's over now." when Xiao Tian looked at Liu Ning, the scary expression on his face disappeared without a trace.

This dumbfounded Liu Ning. Earlier, Xiao Tian was like a demon who wanted to devour everything, but now, his expression was gentle as if he was the kindest person in the world.

Not only that, the bright smile on his face, which appeared out of nowhere, seemed like a smile belonging to a man who had never done bad things in his life.

If Liu Ning hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she would never have believed that Xiao Tian had a scary side hidden within him. Liu Ning could hardly believe that Xiao Tian's expression could change from terrifying to gentle in a second.

Xiao Tian walked toward Liu Ning, and when he was in front of her, he said in a soft voice, "You should change your clothes first. Don't worry about him because everything is fine now."

Liu Ning suddenly realized that all this time, her breasts were visible. She immediately covered it with her hands and nodded her head. "All right."

"Now it's time to mak-"Xiao Tian stopped his words when he noticed that Feng Ao was no longer in Liu Ning's room.

'Fuck! I should have broken his legs before.'

Xiao Tian cursed venomously in his heart when he knew that Feng Ao had escaped.

'How could I not know that he ran away? Is my instinct weakening because I don't practice martial arts every day?'

Xiao Tian was annoyed by this because he knew that Feng Ao would be a threat in the future.

"He managed to escape! I need to find him." Xiao Tian thought that Feng Ao was still near them, so he wanted to find Feng Ao and finish him.

"Xiao Tian, don't leave me alone." Liu Ning was afraid that Feng Ao would come back when she was alone. That was why she immediately stopped Xiao Tian when she knew that Xiao Tian wanted to find Feng Ao.

At this moment, Xiao Tian was wavering whether he should chase Feng Ao or not.

'What should I do? I'm afraid that Feng Ao will hurt people who are important to me if I don't finish him now. However, I can't leave Liu Ning alone with a condition like that.'

When he saw the expression on Liu Ning's face, Xiao Tian decided not to chase Feng Ao because he knew that Liu Ning was afraid of being alone.

"All right." when Xiao Tian noticed Liu Ning was still sitting on the bed, he sighed. "What's wrong? Didn't you say that you would change your clothes?"

"That is." because Xiao Tian was still in front of her, Liu Ning was too shy to change her clothes. "Can you wait outside?"

'Ah! I see.'

Xiao Tian just realized that Liu Ning would not change her clothes if he remained in her room.

"All Right." because Xiao Tian didn't want anything to happen to her again, he stood in front of her room.

Not long after that, Liu Ning came out of her room. She then walked toward Xiao Tian and said, "Xiao Tian, thank you."

"Un." because Xiao Tian thought that her house was no longer a safe place for her, he decided to take her to a safe place. After thinking for several seconds, he finally found the right place for her. "This place is no longer safe. Let's find a place for you to live temporarily."

"Where is it?" Liu Ning also thought that she should leave her home because she was afraid that Feng Ao would come and try to hurt her again.

"I have a place in mind. Let's go." Xiao Tian grabbed her hands and walked towards his car.

"Un." even though Liu Ning had no idea where he would bring her, she didn't say a single word and just followed him.

After several minutes of driving, they finally arrived at their destination.

"Red Flower Bar?" Liu Ning was shocked when Xiao Tian brought her to Red Flower Bar. Earlier, she thought Xiao Tian would bring her to a hotel or something like that, but she was wrong. Liu Ning didn't expect that Xiao Tian would take her to the famous bar in Shanghai.

Xiao Tian knew that Liu Ning was curious why he brought her to Red Flower Bar, so he began to explain it. "I know the owner of Red Flower Bar. You will be safe in Red Flower Bar because there are many bodyguards here."

After they entered the bar and asked Guang Song, where Lan Ruoxi was, Guang Song guided them to her room.


After knocking the door, Guang Song said, "Big sister Ruoxi, young master Xiao is looking for you."

Not long after that, the door was opened by someone. Soon, a beautiful mature lady with a smile on her face could be seen. "Young master Xiao, come in."

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