Illicit Relationship Chapter 28

25 Clothing Business

" I've something I want to ask you big sister Yun? " he said abruptly

" what is it?? do you have a problem with the condition? " asked Yun Xin Er

"no, that's not it. I want to do clothing business so I want to ask, how much do I've to pay to make you wear my design clothes in your next live concert? I'll make a dress for you " he said.

Before he was coming to meet her, he had searched everything about her on the internet and found out, she was indeed a famous singer In China.

He thought this was a big chance for him to start his business and became famous in short amount of time so, he won't let this chance slip away.

In his previous life, his previous father's first business was clothing business and his previous father also taught him how to design female or male clothes so not only he can design clothes for male or female, he also had a lot of sketch design clothes from his previous life, all he need was a tailor and he can start his clothing business.

" You want me to wear your design dress in my next live concert? " asked Yun Xin Er

" yes, how much do I have to pay you? " he asked

He knew because he isn't a famous designer so she won't wear his design dress for free that why he wanted to pay her for wearing his design dress later.

" You're smart, earlier you said you didn't know anything about me so I assume you had searched everything about me before you were coming here and after you found out how famous I am. " Yun Xin Er stop talking for a moment and smiled " you want me to wear your designer dress because if I wear it on my live concert, you'll immediately have a lot of order after my concert is over, right? "

" you're right " he said honestly

Yun Xin Er touched her chin and said " hmm.. because you're selling your masterpiece song to me, I won't ask for payment but if you want me to wear your design dress, your design dress must suit my liking and the theme for my live concert because I can't wear any dress at my live concert. "

" don't worry big sister Yun, I won't disappoint you, just tell me your next live concert's theme and I'll make the most beautiful dress that suit your live concert's theme. " he said confidently

"good. Just don't forget to treat me a meal when you get a lot of order later. " said Yun Xin Er as she smiled

" don't worry big sister Yun, not only I'll treat you meal, I'll also give something that you won't forget " he said as he smiled

Hearing that, Yun Xin Er was curious so she asked " oh what is it? "

" secret " he winked

" you're good at making someone curious huh. Alright, give me your contact info so I can tell you later "said Yun Xin Er

He immediately gave her his contact info " here "

Yun Xin Er took his contact info and said " let's go to the company's studio, I want to get all done today so if you don't have a problem, please sign it right now."

Hearing that, he had a black line on his head but because he already read the document carefully and didn't have a problem with what written on it, he immediately signed the document.

After that, Yun Xin Er took her smartphone and immediately there was a notification sound on Xiao Tian's smartphone.

When he read it, it was a notification that Yun Xin Er send him 100.000 RMB to his bank account.

He was shocked when he was reading it

Why did she is the one that gives him money? Is not her company the one who should pay it?

As if Yun Xin Er understand what he think, she immediately said " I already told this to production manager. I already send your piano performance to him too and he likes it so he transferred the company's money to my account bank so after you sign the document I can immediately transfer the money to you"

He saw stunned because Yun Xin Er knew what he thought

Was it written on my face?

" let's go to the company's studio. My production manager already waiting for us there " said Yun Xin Er as she stood up

" mother, do you want to come to with us or want to go home first ? " he asked.

He was sure today he'll be coming home late because Yun Xin Er wanted to get all done today so today is going to be a long day.

" mother will come with you " said Ye Xueyin

" alright " he said as he nodded

Then Xiao Tian and his mother came inside her car and then they went to the company's studio.

After around thirty minutes, they arrived at the company's studio. The company's studio was big, it was around 110x100 meters. There was four-floors, studio's room is on the first floor, the meeting room is on the second floor, the lounge room is on the third floor and the swimming room is on the fourth floor.

When he was inside the company's studio, there were a lot of people and from their appearance he thought they were either singer or actress under this company.

didn't want to waste time, Yun Xin Er, Xiao Tian, and Ye Xueyin went to the studio's room. after around two hours they finished everthing and because there was nothing to do anymore, Xiao Tian and his mother want to immediately leave.

" let me take you to your home. " said Yun Xin Er.

she felt bad because she was the one that drags them after the competition was over and it's already evening so at least she wanted to take them to their house.

" it's alright, big sister Yun. We can take a taxi. " said Xiao Tian as he rejected her offer

" that right miss Yun, you're a busy person so we don't want to burden you " said Ye Xueyin

" no. the reason miss Ye and little brother Xiao late are because of me so I'll feel bad if I let both of you take a taxi to get home " said Yun Xin Er as she insisted

" you really don't need to, big sister. I want to enjoy this beautiful night with my mother " said Xiao Tian, then he looked at his mother " isn't that right mother? "

" that's right. " said Ye Xueyin, she then added " miss Yun don't need to feel bad about this "
for visiting.

" but what if " before Yun Xin Er had finished her words, Xiao Tian said another word " big sister Yun, you still have many things to do right? you don't need to worry about us. Nothing will happen to us "

Yun Xin Er sighed and said " alright "

"ok. I will leave first " he said as he bid goodbye

" we leave first miss Yun. " said Ye Xueyin as she smiled

" ok. Be careful " said Yun Xin Er

then Xiao Tian and his mother left

" mother, how about we enjoy the night first before we go home ? " he asked

" sure " she said as she nodded
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