Illicit Relationship Chapter 279

273 That Is Me Xiao Tian

After Xiao Tian arrived at Liu Ning's house, he immediately dashed into her home without closing the car door because he knew that every second was important.

When he saw Feng Ao trying to rape Liu Ning, he immediately kicked Feng Ao's waist very hard, causing Feng Ao to fall to the floor.

"Fuck! Who dare to kick me?" Feng Ao shouted angrily.

"That is me, Xiao Tian." Xiao Tian then looked at Liu Ning's condition. When he saw red slap marks on her face and her torn T-shirt, his eyes were filled with a flame of fury as he stared at Feng Ao.

"Xiao Tian." Liu Ning was pleased when Xiao Tian arrived before something happened to her.

"Don't be afraid because I'm here. Nothing will happen to you now." Xiao Tian's expression turned soft when he talked to Liu Ning.

"Un." Liu Ning had no idea why she suddenly felt secure when Xiao Tian was by her side. She felt that everything would be fine as long as Xiao Tian was beside her.

"Good! You have come, Xiao Tian. I don't need to look for you anymore now." Feng Ao rose to his feet and looked at Xiao Tian with killing intent in his eyes. "Previously, I want to look for you after satisfying myself first. I didn't expect that you would appear in front of me right now. Because you have an affair with my wife, I will teach you a lesson now."

Without waiting for another second, Feng Ao raised his right hand and threw his fist toward Xiao Tian's head.

"Xiao Tian, be careful." Liu Ning shouted when she saw what Feng Ao was doing.

'You want to teach me a lesson? Let's see who will laugh at the end.'

When Xiao Tian saw Feng Ao throwing his fist toward him, Xiao Tian remained in the same place.

At this moment, Feng Ao smiled evilly because he thought Xiao Tian was unable to dodge his fist. With so much strength that he put in his fist, Feng Ao was sure that Xiao Tian would be seriously injured if his fist hit Xiao Tian's head.

Like what the actors in the martial arts movies did, when Feng Ao fist almost reached his face, Xiao Tian dodged it by tilting his head to the left.

The smile was frozen on Feng Ao's face. He could not believe that Xiao Tian was able to dodge his fist. Not only that, but Xiao Tian did it with a calm face as if all Xiao Tian did in his whole life was fighting and fighting.

Liu Ning was shocked when she saw Xiao Tian dodging Feng Ao's fist easily. Earlier, she thought Xiao Tian would get hit by Feng Ao, but she was wrong. She was utterly wrong.

Not only had he not been hit by Feng Ao's punch, but Xiao Tian also had a calm expression on his face as if Xiao Tian could guess the direction of his punch.

Xiao Tian didn't just avoid Feng Ao's fist, but he also did a counter-attack at the same time. His attack was so powerful and landed right at the weak point of the human body.

Because Feng Ao thought that Xiao Tian would get hit by him, Feng Ao didn't have time to dodge when Xiao Tian landed his fist on his mid torso.As a result, Feng Ao coughed up blood before falling to his knees.

Xiao Tian's eyes gleamed with terrifying sharpness as he stared at Feng Ao. "This is still not enough to repay what you have done to Liu Ning."

Without waiting for another second, Xiao Tian kicked the right side of Feng Ao's head.

Feng Ao immediately placed both of his hands on the right side of his head to black Xiao Tian's kick. But because Xiao Tian's kick was very powerful, Feng Ao was still thrown to the dressing table. When Feng Ao noticed make-up tools, he grabbed it and threw it toward Xiao Tian.

Some of the make-up tools hit Xiao Tian's body, but because it was only make-up tools, he had no injuries.

Xiao Tian was annoyed by this and was about to hit Feng Ao again. However, this time, Feng Ao was faster than him. And as a result, Feng Ao successfully landed a punch on his chin and cheeks.

"Xiao Tian." Liu Ning shouted when she saw blood on Xiao Tian's mouth.

"Good! Good! It's been a long time since someone could injure me in a fight." Xiao Tian's expression changed to become very frightening as if he were no longer human, but a devil.

Xiao Tian's blood boiled within his body, and suddenly a smile that could frighten anyone appeared on his face.

In his past life, Xiao Tian had fought with his father and his martial art teachers more than six hundred times. Even though he rarely won the fights, but he never lost when he fought with others.

His martial art masters even said that he was a genius in martial art. He could learn everything instantly as if he could copy anything with his eyes.

For this reason, his past life father brought him when he wanted to destroy his company rival. His previous life father turned into a dangerous man after his past life mother passed away.

Even though his past life father often smiled and liked playing with women, but under his previous life father's brilliant smile, there was an evil side of him that was hidden.

One of the reasons, his past life father could become the wealthiest person in Beijing was that his previous life father always destroyed anyone who dared to block his way.

By the age of eighteen, his past life father took him to kill someone, and by the age of nineteen, he killed people for the first time in his life.

His past life father always told him to get rid of anyone who was potentially a threat to him and never gave them a chance to fight back because that could have fatal consequences for him in the future.

Because his past life father kept saying the same thing every single day, the words became one with his blood. This was also the reason why Xiao Tian wanted to kill Liu Ning in the past.

"Interesting, interesting." Xiao Tian wiped the blood with his right thumb.

When Liu Ning saw the expression on Xiao Tian's face, she suddenly felt afraid of him. Not only that, but she also felt that she didn't know Xiao Tian anymore because he looked like a completely different person.

Liu Ning had no idea what had happened to Xiao Tian. Earlier, he was like his usual self, but when blood came out of his mouth, he suddenly changed into a different person.

Liu Ning disliked Xiao Tian's current expression very much because she felt that Xiao Tian didn't know her anymore. Liu Ning wanted to stop him and bring back his usual self, but when she saw the expression on his face, her instinct told her not to do anything.

Liu Ning wasn't the only one who was surprised, but Feng Ao too. When he saw the smile on Xiao Tian's face, he felt as if a demon had appeared in front of him.

"Let's continue our fight." Xiao Tian said evilly.

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