Illicit Relationship Chapter 278

272 What The Fuck Are You Doing?

Xiao Tian immediately rose from the chair and dashed toward his car, "Where are you right now?"

"I'm at home." Liu Ning answered instantly. "Please come here quickly."

"Don't be afraid. I will be there soon." from her voice, Xiao Tian knew that Liu Ning was very scared.

Actually, Xiao Tian didn't care about her, but because he still needed to pretend to be a good friend, Xiao Tian had to help her.

"Liu Ning, open the door! Your husband wants to meet you. Why did you lock the door?" from Xiao Tian's smartphone, Feng Ao's voice could be heard.

'How did he get out of prison? Who helped him?'

Earlier, Xiao Tian was shocked when Liu Ning said that Feng Ao wanted to hurt her. He thought that Feng Ao would never get out of prison. With this, Xiao Tian intended to ask Zhao Sheng later.


Feng Ao's home.

"Liu Ning, open the door!" Feng Ao shouted as he kept hitting the door. He was annoyed that Liu Ning suddenly locked herself in their bedroom when he wanted to talk to her. "Open now, or I will break the door!"

"Xiao Tian, hurry up. He wants to break the door." Liu Ning was very scared when Feng Ao said that he would break the door. Liu Ning knew that if she opened the door, Feng Ao would do something to her.

"Don't open the door, whatever happens!" Xiao Tian knew that he had to reach her house as soon as possible. For this reason, Xiao Tian drove the car faster.


Feng Ao, who was furious because Liu Ning didn't listen to his words, kicked the door very hard, causing the door to open.

Because all the maids had left after Feng Ao's family fell apart, Liu Ning was alone at home, so at that time, no one could help her. That was why she hoped Xiao Tian would come soon.

"Don't come closer!" when she saw Feng Ao walking closer toward her, a feeling of fear could be seen on Liu Ning's face.

Liu Ning immediately looked for something that could be used as a weapon, but she found nothing. This made Liu Ning more scared.

"My beautiful wife, your husband, has come to meet you, so why are you behaving like this? Don't you love me anymore?" actually, after Feng Ao was released from prison, he wanted to get revenge on Da Gui and Xiao Tian immediately. But he changed his mind when he remembered that Liu Ning had an affair with Xiao Tian.

Feng Ao was still jealous that his beautiful wife had slept with another man when he had given her a luxury life every day.

No one was allowed to touch her body because she belonged to him alone. As someone who belonged to him, Liu Ning had to follow his every word, and of course, she also had to satisfy him whenever he wanted to have sex with her.

When Feng Ao saw her pretty face and perfect body, the flame of lust within him began to blaze. His eyes were burning with lust, and the expression on his face was like a pervert who had never seen a woman before.

"My wife, I was lonely in prison. Why have you never visited me in prison? But because I, your husband, am a kind man, I will forgive you, but" Feng Ao observed Liu Ning's body from head to toe. "You have to satisfy me first. It's been a long time since we last had sex, right?"

When Liu Ning noticed the hairdryer, she immediately grabbed it and tried to hit Feng Ao's head with it, "Go to hell, Feng Ao!"

However, Feng Ao was able to catch it. Without waiting for another second, Feng Ao slapped her in the face, "Slut! How dare you try to hit me with a hairdryer? You are still my wife, so if I want to sleep with you, you have to agree with that!"

Because Feng Ao slapped her very hard, Liu Ning fell to the floor. Liu Ning knew that she would never win against him. For this reason, she tried to run away from him.

However, Feng Ao immediately grabbed her hands and pushed her to the bed, "My beautiful wife, where did you want to go? You have to satisfy me first."


Liu Ning spit on Feng Ao's face. "I will never satisfy your lust anymore!"

Feng Ao wiped off the spit on his face with his right hand before finally licking it. "Tasty! Now let me get a taste of your body too. Hehe."

Without waiting for another second, Feng Ao tore Liu Ning's T-shirt. When he saw her beautiful breasts, he stuck out his tongue and looked at her breasts with lustful eyes.

However, before Feng Ao could do anything to her breasts, Liu Ning hit his nose very hard, causing blood to come out of his nose.

Feng Ao was annoyed by her action and slapped her in the face very hard again. "Slut! What the fuck are you doing? How dare you hit your husband when he wants to have sex with you!"

Liu Ning felt so much pain in her face after being slapped by Feng Ao. Tears fell down her soft cheeks, and the slap marks could be clearly seen on her cheeks.

Because Liu Ning felt so much pain in her face, she lost all her strength. At this time, she could only hope Xiao Tian would immediately help her from Feng Ao.

When Feng Ao noticed Liu Ning didn't resist anymore, he patted her right cheek and said happily, "Good, Good! Every man loves an obedient wife. If you didn't resist from the start, something like this would not happen to you. Now let's enjoy ourselves."

At this moment, Feng Ao didn't care about Liu Ning's feelings. All he wanted to do was sleep with her before getting revenge on Xiao Tian and Da Gui.

Both of them had destroyed his wonderful life. Not only that, but Xiao Tian even slept with his beautiful wife. Remembering this made Feng Ao angrier. Feng Ao swore that he would teach them a lesson, a lesson that they would never forget until they died.

'Xiao Tian, help me.'

At this moment, she hoped that Xiao Tian wasn't too late to save her.

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