Illicit Relationship Chapter 272

266 Why Are You Pouting Your Lips Like That?

When Yun Xin Er remained in the same position, Xiao Tian immediately asked, "Do you want me to carry you to your car?"

"Un. I'm too exhausted to walk by myself." because Yun Xin Er knew that Xiao Tian cared so much about her, she was sure that Xiao Tian would grant her wish.

That was why she wanted him to carry her, because, with this, not only did she not have to walk to her car, but she could still embrace him.

Actually, Yun Xin Er wanted to walk by herself, but when she felt the warmth and fragrance of Xiao Tian's body, she suddenly changed her mind. Even though Yun Xin Er was still very tired, but when she was embracing him, she felt as if the fatigue in her body slowly disappeared.

After placing his hands on her buttocks, Xiao Tian stood up before walking toward her car. This time, Xiao Tian didn't tease her when he felt the softness of her ass. He even didn't say a single word when he was heading toward her car.

Not long after that, they reached her car. And when Xiao Tian put her in the driver's seat, he suddenly thought that she shouldn't drive the car when he saw the tiredness on her face. "Big sister Yun, how about you leave your car here and ask your manager to pick it up later. It would be dangerous if you drive the car because you are not in good condition to drive."

"All right." Yun Xin Er agreed to Xiao Tian's idea. Earlier, she also drove slowly when she traveled to Rainbow Garden. Luckily nothing happened to her earlier.

When Xiao Tian noticed that Yun Xin Er remained in the driver's seat, he knew that she wanted to be carried to his car. Xiao Tian could only smile at her actions, but he said nothing because he understood her condition.

After opening the car door, Xiao Tian carried Yun Xin Er and put her in the passenger seat. Xiao Tian didn't get in his car immediately; instead, he closed the door of Yun Xin Er's car.

When Xiao Tian was sure that her car doors were locked, he got into his car and returned the car remote keys to her.

Because Xiao Tian thought that Yun Xin Er would fall asleep on the way to her house, he asked where she lived so that he didn't need to ask again later.

After Yun Xin Er told him where she lived, she called her manager and asked her to pick up her car at Rainbow Garden.

When Xiao Tian noticed that Yun Xin Er was still not wearing a seatbelt, Xiao Tian moved closer toward her.

At this moment, Yun Xin Er thought that Xiao Tian wanted to kiss her. For this reason, she closed her eyes and pouted her pink lips.

When Xiao Tian noticed what she was doing, he almost laughed. He didn't know how she could think that he wanted to kiss her.

"Done!" Xiao Tian then sat in the driver's seat again. "What are you doing? Why are you pouting your lips like that?"

Yun Xin Er immediately opened her eyes and looked at him. Although she only guessed that he wanted to kiss her, Yun Xin Er was a little unhappy when he did nothing.

Yun Xin Er found it hard to believe that Xiao Tian didn't kiss her even though she had given him a sign that she was ready to accept the kiss. She was sure that if she did the same thing to another man, they would kiss her immediately.

Not only did he not kiss her, but he even chuckled. But because she didn't want to lose face, Yun Xin Er gave him an excuse. "I am doing lip exercises so that my lips are not stiff when I sing on the stage tomorrow."

Xiao Tian could not help but smile after hearing her words. He just didn't expect that Yun Xin Er would find an interesting excuse.

Because Yun Xin Er didn't want to give Xiao Tian a chance to tease her, she decided to change the topic. "Little brother, let's go."

"All right." Xiao Tian said.

Then Xiao Tian drove toward her house. Along the way, what Xiao Tian had guessed finally happened.

When Xiao Tian noticed that Yun Xin Er was sleeping, he rubbed her hair gently and smiled softly before he finally focused on driving again. After driving for several minutes, they finally arrived at Yun Xin Er's house.

But when Xiao Tian's car was about to enter the front yard, two female security guards stopped the vehicle. Xiao Tian had guessed that something like this would happen when he wanted to enter Yun Yin Er's front yard because he knew that she was a rich person.

In his past life, in order to protect them when they were at home, his father also did the same thing. Even all the security guards were ex-military personnel. Of course, his past life father paid them handsomely. That was why his father could hire former military personnel as security guards and bodyguards.

Because Xiao Tian didn't do anything wrong, he pulled down the car window without thinking twice. "Hello, I'm Xiao Tian. I came here because I want to send big sister Yun home."

'Isn't he a young man who is famous recently?'

Those were the words that appeared on the mind of the security guards when he saw Xiao Tian.

When one of the security guards saw Yun Xin Er sleeping on the passenger seat, she immediately said, "Sir, let m-"

However, before she had finished her words, Yun Xin Er suddenly woke up. "Little brother, we have arrived?"

"Good afternoon, lady." the security guards said in unison.

Yun Xin Er then understood what had happened. But because the security guards were doing their job, Yun Xin Er didn't blame them. "Remember his face. If in the future he wants to visit me, let him in immediately."

"Understood, lady." the security guards said in unison.

After that, Xiao Tian's car entered the front yard of Yun Xin Er's house.

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