Illicit Relationship Chapter 27

24 Oh My Heart Is Bleeding Right Now

" yes mother I want to do business from a long time ago but, now is the perfect time to do it because now I have money from the competition and Yun Xin Er " he said as he lied.
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Actually, he had never thought about doing business but after taking over Xiao Tian's body, he wanted to make the original body owner's dream to come true and that's to become a successful man.

With becoming a successful man, he can provide a better life for his family like making his aunt and mother didn't need to work anymore to make a living.

" Why don't you ask mother then, mother can. " but before she had finished her words she got interrupted by him

" no mother, I want to do business with my money. I don't want to trouble you anymore." He said as he looked at her seriously.

" but " she wanted to say that she would do anything for him, she didn't care about money or something like that, as long as he is happy, she could sacrifice everything.

He held her shoulders and looked at her eyes "mother, you've been raising me by yourself, now it's my turn to make you happy. I will do my best to become a successful man so you don't need to work anymore to make a living for us"

Hearing that, she was really happy, tears began coming out from her eyes " Tian, mother is already happy to have you by her side "

When he saw her tears, he immediately wiped it using his thumb and said " mother from today onward, I will make sure that you will have a happy life "

" Tian " she said as she hugged him

He hugged her back and after they were hugging for a few seconds, he let go of his hug and said " Alright, mother. Let's meet Yun Xin Er so we can have another money "

" You bad boy, you are not calling her big sister again ? " she said " looks like you only call her big sister when she is in front of you? "

" eh, mother realized that? At first, I wanted to call her lady or judge but then I realized that she will happier if I call her big sister. Mother, I want to make use her popularity for my business later so I need to make her happy " he said honestly

"so that it? My son is so evil " she said as she giggled

" what are you talking about, mother? it's all about money, I will do anything for money. " he said, then he continued " let's go to meet my money, ehm.. no I mean Yun Xin Er "

Hearing her son calling famous singer ' money ', she can't help but laugh hard " ahahhaha. Tian I don't know what expression she will have if she knows you call her money "

He touched his chin and said " well maybe she will hit me? "

" then let mother hit you in her place. " she said as she hit him gently

" hehe. Hey stop hitting your lover. What if your lover getting hurt by it ? " he said as he laughed

" I don't care " she hit him as she laughed

He was laughing when his mother hit him, then he said " alright. I give up. if my lover want to hit me, I will sacrifice my body so my lover can hit me until she satisfies "

" what a glib tongue. " she said

" but my lover like it right ? " he asked as he smiled at her

" no " she said as she turned her head but a smile appeared on her face.

" is that so? oh, my heart. My heart is bleeding right now, it's won't stop bleeding until my lover kiss me " he said as he touched his chest.

" stop pretending " she hit him again.

" Alright alright. Let's holding hands as he walks to the restaurant " he said as he reached out his hand

" I don't want to " she said as she smiled

" I won't take no for an answer " he said as he holding her hand

When he hold her hand, she didn't resist and let him holding her hand. After that, they were walking to the restaurant in front of the building to meet Yun Xin Er.

After they were coming inside the restaurant, he was amazed. The restaurant was big and has three-floors, it was a traditional Chinese restaurant. The restaurant building is square and there is a small garden with an artificial waterfall in the middle of the restaurant building.

At this moment there was something that he regrets and it's, he didn't ask Yun Xin Er the specific of place where they will meet so he was walking toward the cashier and asked them where Yun Xin Er was.

It seemed Yun Xin Er already knows something like this will happen so she told the cashier where she was.

Immediately one of the employees brought them to Yun Xin Er's place. After reaching on the third floor, they were walking toward the VIP room.

When he was coming inside the room, he saw Yun Xin Er enjoyed drinking tea as she looked at the artificial waterfall.

The room was around 5x5 square meter, with bamboo plants in each corner. There was a sofa in the middle of the room and a small table in front of the sofa with hanging light on the ceiling.

" oh, I've been waiting for you. Please sit " Yun Xin Er said as she smiled

" thank you " said Ye Xueyin and Xiao Tian at the same time.

Xiao Tian and Ye Xueyin then sat in front of Yun Xin Er

" big sister, this is the lyric of illusion " he said as he gave the lyric to Yun Xin Er

" oh, you went straight to the point, huh ? " said Yun Xin Er

Yun Xin Er took the lyric and began reading it. as Yun Xin Er begin reading the lyric, she could feel the angel's happiness on that lyric like when the angel meets the human, when they were spending time together, when they were laughing together and when they were holding each other hand while facing the cruel world.

But as Yun Xin Er reading further, her eyes stopped at the sad lyric.

" Love has tired, left and ceased to exist.....

Leaving behind a heartbreaking tenderness.....

Other than him, I have nothing anymore...

As the piano played....

The song that fit for such a moment so well....

I just heard it and cried louder...

Dreams were made, awaked and shattered....

Leaving behind a heartbreaking tenderness....



I give you everything.....

I always make sure you're happy....


Why did you do that to me......

I already sacrifice everything for you.....


Please, I want to repeat the time....

And listen to you.......... "

Yun Xin Er can felt the angel's sorrowful feeling, helpless, regret, and depression on that lyric.

This lyric is amazing, I just need to add a piece of music to this and it will be perfect. I am sure I will be in the new high by this song, thought Yun Xin Er to herself.

" how is it big sister ? " asked Xiao Tian

Yun Xin Er put the lyric on the table and said " hm. It's perfect. I could feel the happiness and the sad feeling on this lyric "

" it's good if you don't disappoint on it " he said as he smiled

At this moment, the employee come and give him and his mother the menu on the restaurant

" You can order anything, it's on me " said Yun Xin Er as she smiled

" thank you, big sister, not only beautiful but you are kind too. " he said as he smiled

At this moment, Ye Xueyin looked at her son weirdly.

My son is so evil, he really behaves differently because of money.

" I will have a green tea. " he said, then he looked at his mother " what about you mother? "

" me too " said Ye Xueyin

After the employee wrote down their order, he immediately left.

Yun Xin Er then took out a document and put it on the table, she said " I already prepared the document for the transaction, you read it first and sign it if you don't have a problem with it. after that, the money will be transfer to your bank account "

He took the document and read it carefully because he didn't want to regret it later. In the document, it says he couldn't tell everybody that he was the creator of the song because the company will claim his song later and if he were did it, he has to pay 150.000 RMB.

The corner of his lips twitched when he read that because the penalty was higher than the price he sells his song but he can understand it, it's so the creator couldn't claim it to takes advantage later when the song has become famous.

Usually, the creator can claim the song but not where Yun Xin Er works. She told him in the past there was a creator that did that and end up creating trouble for the company because their company was one of the biggest company so the company adds the new rule when the creator is selling their song to the company.

He read it further and he was fine with then condition on the document.
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