Illicit Relationship Chapter 265

259 I Can Do I

Xiao Tian, his mother, and aunt spent time in the backyard until 11:00 pm before finally they entered the house and slept in Xiao Tian's room.


The following day, Xiao Tian went straight to his company after having breakfast with his mother and aunt because it was a big day for him.

'I can do it.'

Xiao Tian, who was sitting on the chair in his office, clenched his fists.

Not long after that, Lin Xing Xue knocked on the door.

"Come in." Xiao Tian said.

After Xiao Tian gave permission, Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei entered his office.

"Little brother, let's go." Shi Fei said.

Xiao Tian rose from the chair and nodded his head, "All right."

Because Shi Fei and Lin Xing Xue didn't have a car, they traveled to the TV station with Xiao Tian. And after several minutes of driving, they finally arrived at their destination.

Without waiting for another second, they entered the studio. And after they were in the studio, Xiao Tian saw the models talking to each other.

When the models noticed Xiao Tian, Lin Xing Xue, and Shi Fei, they rose from the couch and approached them.

"Good morning, Sir, lady Lin, and Lady Shi." the models spoke in unison.

"Are you all ready?" Xiao Tian inquired.

"We are ready, Sir." once again, the models said in unison.

Xiao Tian was pleased when he saw the expressions on their faces because, from their expressions, he knew that they would do their best in the live promotion later. "Good! If this live promotion is a big success, we will eat at Bamboo Restaurant later."

"Thank you, Sir." even though Xiao Tian only invited them to eat at Bamboo Restaurant, the models were happy. Not only did Xiao Tian's company pay them quite high, but Xiao Tian also never behaved arrogantly and always treated them nicely as if they were his friends.

Suddenly a gorgeous lady around twenty-three years old marched toward them. And when she was in front of them, she smiled and introduced herself. "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Rui Qing. I'm the host for the broadcast later."

The models were startled when Rui Qing suddenly introduced herself. Earlier, when they arrived at the studio, Rui Qing didn't greet them, but when Xiao Tian, Lin Xing Xue, and Shi Fei arrived at the studio, she immediately introduced herself.

'This is really unfair.'

The models could not help but feel envy when Rui Qing treated them differently, but they could do nothing about it.

"Good morning, lady Rui. My name is Lin Xing Xue." because Rui Qing suddenly introduced herself, it would be rude if she didn't do the same.

After Lin Xing Xue finished introducing herself, Shi Fei did the same. "Good morning, lady Rui. My name is Shi Fei."

Of course, Xiao Tian also introduced himself because she was the host for the broadcast later; otherwise, he would prefer to prepare everything.

"Good morning, lady Rui. I'm Xiao Tian." as usual, after introducing himself, Xiao Tian smiled charmingly.

'Wow! He is more attractive than on TV and magazine. What a fine young man. Not only is he still young, but he is a successful person too. It will be exciting if I can have a relationship with him later.'

Rui Qing could not help but praise Xiao Tian in her head when she saw him, especially after seeing his dazzling smile.

"Mr. Xiao, you are more handsome than in the magazine or TV. I feel lucky to be able to meet a good-looking and successful young man like you." even though there were several people around her, Rui Qing said that with a seductive smile on her face as if she wanted to steal Xiao Tian's heart with her smile.

'As I thought, the reason why she introduces herself is because of Mr. Xiao.'

Those were the words that emerged on the mind of the models. The models had guessed that the reason Rui Qing approached them was that Xiao Tian was with them.

Ho! So, you want to seduce little brother too, huh? Shi Fei thought to herself.

While Lin Xing Xue, on the other side, only stared at Rui Qing. Even though Rui Qing only said ordinary words, Lin Xing Xue had no idea as to why she suddenly felt uneasy when she saw the smile on Rui Qing's face.


Even though Xiao Tian had tried his best to change his attitude, but when he saw an alluring smile on Rui Qing's face, his wild side from his past life suddenly tried to take over his body again.

In his past life, he often had a one-night stand with famous models, actresses, or other women in various professions. He also had several women, but none of them could make him fall in love with them, except for one lady, and that lady was none other than Mei Xing, the famous cold beauty.

'Ah! What a pity that I can't meet Mei Xing again in this life.'

Xiao Tian, or more precisely, Huang Chen, could not help but remember Mei Xing when his wild side from his past life tried to take over his body.

"Thank you, lady Rui. It really makes me very happy hearing attractive women like you praise me. I suddenly feel that today will be my lucky day after meeting you." like before, Xiao Tian smiled beautifully after he finished his words.

Even though he noticed a seductive smile on her face, Xiao Tian pretended as if he saw nothing. It was not because he didn't want to seduce her too, but because he tried his best to change his attitude.

As expected, he has a glib tongue too. Rui Qing thought to herself.

At this moment, Xiao Tian didn't realize that Lin Xing Xue was staring at him after he finished his words. She gazed at him for several seconds before finally, staring at Rui Qing again.

"Mr. Xiao, I saw all the clothes in your online shop. All of them are beautiful. I even bought a few clothes from your online shop." after Xiao Tian appeared in the magazine, Rui Qing was curious about Xiao Tian's company.

When she found out that Xiao Tian was selling various types of clothing, she immediately checked his online shop. And when she saw all the clothing designs in his online shop, Rui Qing finally knew why Xiao Tian's company was snowballing in such a short time.

'Of course, because my lover is a genius young man. Not only is he attractive, but he is clever too. If you know how skilled he is in bed and how big his cock is, you will not be able to forget him, and I'm sure you will get addicted to his cock too.'

Shi Fei suddenly felt proud when Rui Qing praised Xiao Tian.

"Thank you for buying clothes in my company." Xiao Tian was often praised by many people, so when Rui Qingyu praised him, Xiao Tian felt nothing. However, because he didn't want to be rude, Xiao Tian smiled and pretended to be happy.

'Why do I feel that lady Rui is trying to get close to Tian?'

Lin Xing Xue had no idea as to why her women's instincts informed her that Rui Qing was trying to get close to Xiao Tian.

She knew that Xiao Tian was a good-looking and successful person, but how could a gorgeous lady like Rui Qing wanted to get close to him when they had just met.

Lin Xing Xue found it hard to believe because even though Xiao Tian was a successful person, but he was still in the category of a middle-class family. With how beautiful Rui Qing was, Lin Xing Xue believed that Rui Qing could get a boyfriend from upper-class families.


Lin Xing Xue glanced at Xiao Tian again. At this moment, Lin Xing Xue suddenly realized that Xiao Tian's charm was so big. Xiao Tian could even make any woman be attracted to him instantly.

Shi Fei, who was on Lin Xing Xue's right side, knew that Lin Xing Xue was thinking about something, but she remained silent because she wanted to know what Lin Xing Xue would do when Lin Xing Xue knew that a pretty lady was trying to get close to Xiao Tian.

'Xue, you already know that little brother is popular, but you still underestimate his charm.'

Those were the words that emerged on her mind when Shi Fei noticed the expression on Lin Xing Xue's face.

Suddenly one of the staff marched towards them and said, "We will start broadcasting in five minutes. Please be ready."

"All right." Xiao Tian answered before looking at Rui Qing. "Lady Rui, we want to prepare ourselves first."

"All Right." Rui Qing answered before giving them some privacy.

In the studio.

After everything was ready, Rui Qing did an opening scene. "Good morning, everyone. I'm Rui Qing. Today, our guess is Mr. Xiao Tian, a young man who is famous recently. Let us welcome Mr. Xiao Tian."

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