Illicit Relationship Chapter 264

258 You Are Indeed The Best Tian

Because it was already midnight, when Xiao Tian arrived home, he quietly locked the door before finally, heading toward his room because he guessed that his mother and aunt were sleeping.

To his surprise, when Xiao Tian stepped into his room, he saw his mother and aunt sleeping on his bed. Xiao Tian's face broke into a smile when he saw his mother and aunt.

Then Xiao Tian changed his clothes before finally, crawling into bed. And as if his mother and aunt had prepared a place for him to sleep, he saw a space between his mother and aunt. Without waiting for another second, Xiao Tian laid down between his mother and aunt.

When Ye Xueyin felt that someone was lying down next to her, she opened her eyes and said, "Tian, you have returned home?"

"Yes." Xiao Tian didn't expect that his mother suddenly woke up when he laid down on the bed.

And as if Ye Xueyin wanted to feel the warmth of her son's body, she immediately laid on top of his body and closed her eyes again. "Good night, Tian."

Xiao Tian wrapped his arms around his mother's waist and said, "Good night, mother."

To his surprised, his aunt, who was sleeping on his right side, suddenly grabbed his right arm and hugged it tightly, "Good night, Tian."

Her action greatly surprised him. Xiao Tian didn't expect that his aunt woke up too when he laid down on the bed. Then Xiao Tian kissed his aunt's forehead and said, "Good night, aunt."

Then they slept.


The following morning, Xiao Tian went straight to his company after having breakfast with his mother and aunt.

Because there was a lot of work, Xiao Tian immediately worked after he was in his office. Not long after that, Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei entered his office.

They told him that tomorrow was the day of the live promotion. This made Xiao Tian pleased because the faster they promoted their clothing designs, the sooner they would get a lot of profit.

Xiao Tian also planned to open a few more stores after promoting their clothing designs because he thought it would be the right time to do that.

And as usual, when the work time was over, Xiao Tian drove Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei home. But this time, Xiao Tian spent two hours in Shi Fei's apartment before finally, going home.


"Mother, aunt, I'm home." Xiao Tian said when he stepped into the living room.

'Eh! Did they go somewhere again?'

Like yesterday, Xiao Tian didn't see his mother and aunt in the living room. However, he suddenly heard someone laughing in the backyard.

From the voice, Xiao Tian knew that it was his mother's voice. For this reason, Xiao Tian had a quick bath before finally, he rushed toward the backyard, "Ladies, your lover has come."

Ye Xueyin and Ye Qingyu, who was lying down on the mat and staring at the sky, turned their heads toward Xiao Tian.

"Welcome home, Tian." Ye Xueyin and Ye Qingyu said in unison.

Without waiting for another second, Xiao Tian laid down between his mother and aunt. "I thought you two went somewhere."

"No. We just want to see the stars. That's why we are in the backyard right now." Ye Xueyin answered before looking at her little sister, "Isn't that tight, Qingyu?"

"Un. We want to enjoy the beautiful night." Ye Xingyu added as she nodded her head. "How is your work?"

"Busy as usual." Xiao Tian answered instantly. "Tomorrow, I will do a live promotion on TV."

"Live promotion?" Ye Xueyin and Ye Qingyu stared at him with a confused look.

Upon seeing the expression on their faces, Xiao Tian began to explain what he would do in live promotion tomorrow. Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin were amazed by his idea.

They didn't expect that Xiao Tian had a brilliant idea like that. They suddenly felt proud that the genius young man beside them was none other than their lover and family.

"You are indeed the best, Tian." after saying that, Ye Xueyin kissed his cheeks.

"Thank you, mother." Xiao Tian smiled before looking at his aunt.

When Xiao Tian stared at her intently, Ye Qingyu immediately asked, "What is it?"

"Don't you want to praise and kiss me too?" because his mother had kissed and praised him, Xiao Tian suddenly hoped that his aunt would do the same.

"Don't be full of yourself, young man. I know that you did an excellent job of developing your company, but it's still not enough if you want me to stop working. You need to make your company much bigger and have many branches in several cities." Ye Qingyu knew that her nephew was indeed a genius in business, but she didn't want him to be full of himself because it would be bad for him in the future.

"I know." Xiao Tian also thought that his company was still small, and he needed to make it much bigger if he wanted to improve his family status from middle-class family to an upper-class family.

"Good if you realize it." Ye Qingyu was satisfied when her nephew realized that he was still not a great person. She was sure if he continued what he was doing right now, his dream would come true sooner or later.

"Aunt, because you don't want to kiss me, I will kiss you instead." after saying that, Xiao Tian kissed her cheeks. And he didn't stop there, because after kissing her cheeks, Xiao Tian kissed her cherry lips.

Because he had kissed her many times, Ye Qinyu did nothing when Xiao Tian kissed her lips and cheeks.

Ye Xueyin, who saw what her son was doing, looked at him with envious eyes. "Tian, mother wants a kiss on the lips too."

Xiao Tian knew that his mother would say something like that. That was why Xiao Tian immediately kissed her lips.

"Hehe. Mother is happy right now." Ye Xueyin smiled happily after her son kissed her lips.

"I'm also happy." Xiao Tian then looked at his aunt. "Are you happy too, aunt?"

"Un." Ye Qingyu nodded her head.

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