Illicit Relationship Chapter 263

257 Tian Lets Have A French Kiss

After Lin Xing Xue gave him a blowjob for several minutes, Xiao Tian finally reached his limit. "I'm cummming.."

Lin Xing Xue pulled Xiao Tian's cock out of her mouth when she felt that he had let out all of his sperm in her mouth.

As if Lin Xing Xue wanted to make the flame of lust within Xiao Tian's body grow bigger, she looked into his black eyes before finally drinking his sperm.


Instead of going soft, Xiao Tians' cock was getting harder after seeing her expression when she was drinking his sperm.

Lin Xing Xue, who noticed Xiao Tian's cock throbbing hard, looked at him again. Even though she had guessed that making him cum once was not enough, Lin Xing Xue just didn't expect that his cock to be harder than before.

For this reason, she had no choice but to satisfy his needs again. But this time, instead of giving him a blowjob, Lin Xing Xue gave him a Titjob. And even though she was not very good at doing a Titjob, she could make Xiao Tian had another orgasm within minutes.

This time, when Lin Xing Xue wanted to give him a blowjob again, Xiao Tian told her to stop. For this reason, Lin Xing Xue put his cock back in his trousers.

After that, Lin Xing Xue placed her head on his lap and looked at Xiao Tian. "Tian, are you satisfied now?"

"No." Xiao Tian gave her an honest answer. "What about you, little Xue? Are you aroused?"

Of course, Xiao Tian was not satisfied because he only got a Titjob and blowjob from her. Coupled with him seeing her lustful expression when she was giving him a blowjob or Titjob, made Xiao Tian desire to have sex with her even more.

However, Xiao Tian knew that he couldn't do that, so he tried his best to hold back. If he still felt aroused, Xiao Tian would have sex with his mother or aunt at home later.

At this time, Lin Xing Xue didn't answer him. It was true that she felt aroused, especially when she was giving him a blowjob and Titjob.

Even now, Lin Xing Xue could feel that her pussy was still wet. Actually, she also wanted to have sex with Xiao Tian, but the feeling of fear of waking up her daughter was too big, so that made Lin Xing Xue decide to hold back.

Ever since Lin Xing Xue had sex with Xiao Tian, she often wanted to do it again because the feeling of pleasure that she felt when having sex with him was too great that made her couldn't describe it in words. That was why she gave him a blowjob earlier because she wanted to taste his cock again.

Even though Xiao Tian knew that she was aroused, but because he wanted to tease her, Xiao Tian asked the same question, "Are you feeling aroused right now?"

And like before, Lin Xing Xue didn't answer him. She only looked at him for about six seconds before finally, she wrapped her long slender arms around his waist and placed her head on his stomach to hide her shyness.

Xiao Tian couldn't help but laugh when he saw her cute behavior. Actually, Xiao Tian had guessed that she would do something like that because she was a shy person, even though sometimes she was also a wild lady.

Then Xiao Tian stroked her hair gently and said, "Why are you ignoring my question, little Xue? Don't tell me you are still feeling aroused?"

"Bully!" Lin Xing Xue hit his chest with her right hand before looking at him again. "Tian, stop bullying your lover."

"But my girlfriend is so cute when she was being bullied by me, so how could I not bully her?" Xiao Tian really loved it when he saw her cute behavior.

At a time like this, Lin Xing Xue really had the same behavior as his aunt. Both of them were always shy to tell the truth, especially when it was a topic related to sex, even though they never refused when Xiao Tian wanted to lovey-dovey or have sex with them.

While Shi Fei and his mother had a lot in common when it was a topic related to sex, both of them always said what they wanted without the slightest shame.

Lin Xing Xue pinched his waist and said, "If you don't stop teasing me, I will kiss you passionately now."

"Please, don't do that." Xiao Tian had cummed in her mouth more than once, so he believed that her mouth tasted like his cum right now.

Kissing passionately with her would mean the same as tasting his own sperm. That was why Xiao Tian told her not to kiss him.

"Hehe." Lin Xing Xue giggled happily when he saw the expression on his face. "Tian, let's have a French kiss. I suddenly want to kiss you passionately."

So, because you know that I will not kiss you passionately, you want to tease me, huh? Xiao Tian thought to himself.

"Fine." Xiao Tian spoke and paused for a second before he continued, "But you have to brush your teeth and use mouthwash first. After that, we can have a French kiss as much as you want."

"I don't want to. I want it now." of course, Lin Xing Xue didn't want to do that because if she did what she was told, the taste of his sperm in her little mouth would disappear, and it would make her unable to tease him anymore.

"If so, then the answer is a big no." Xiao Tian said as he made X hands sign.

Because Lin Xing Xue still wanted to tease him, she immediately said, "Tian, your lover wants to have a passionate kiss with you. Why did you refuse her wish? Do you not love her anymore?"

Xiao Tian didn't expect that Lin Xing Xue still wanted to tease her. Then suddenly an exciting idea appeared on his mind. "Fine, you can kiss me passionately, but after that, I want to have sex with you here. And I won't stop until I satisfied. How is it? Do you still want to have a French kiss with me?"

"Forget it." because Xiao Tian wanted her to have sex with him in return, Lin Xing Xue decided to stop teasing him because she knew if they had sex, she would not be able to hold back her moans.

Lin Xing Xue didn't want to wake her daughter with her moans, especially the moans that came out of her mouth when she was having sex with him. Lin Xing Xue was sure that her daughter would dislike him even more if her daughter knew that she had sex with Xiao Tian because her daughter still hasn't accepted her relationship with Xiao Tian.

Not only did Feng Yu dislike Xiao Tian more, but Feng Yu would be angry with her too. For this reason, Lin Xing Xue stopped teasing Xiao Tian.

When Xiao Tian knew that Lin Xing Xue refused his idea, he started to smirk. "Eh! Why? Didn't you say that you want to have a French kiss with me?"

"Not anymore." Lin Xing Xue answered before hiding her face in his stomach again.

"Hehe." Xiao Tian laughed happily.

After that, they talked for several minutes before finally, Xiao Tian returned home.

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