Illicit Relationship Chapter 260

254 What Do You Want In Return?

The following morning, after Xiao Tian had breakfast with his mother and aunt, he went straight to the campus. Today, he planned to work in his company because he only had morning classes.

As soon as Xiao Tian finished his morning classes, he travelled to his company. When he was in front of Shi Fei's office, Xiao Tian heard Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei talking to people.

'Are they the models for the promotion later?'

Xiao Tian stopped his footsteps in front of Shi Fei's office for several seconds before finally, he headed toward his office again.

Because Xiao Tian didn't want to waste time, he began to work after he entered his office. However, after he worked for about twenty minutes, someone suddenly knocked on the door.

"Come in." because Xiao Tian thought the person who knocked on the door was Shi Fei or Lin Xing Xue, he answered while still reading a document.

After Xiao Tian gave permission, Shi Fei, Lin Xing Xue and four other people entered his office.

"Sir, I have found a suitable model for our live promotion later." Shi Fei said when she was in front of Xiao Tian.


Because Xiao Tian was reading the document, he didn't know that Shi Fei and Lin Xing Xue entered his office with the models.

When Xiao Tian saw that there were four people behind Shi Fei and Lin Xing Xue, Xiao Tian praised Shi Fei for her excellent work.

"Welcome to Start Clothes." Xiao Tian rose from his seat and walked toward the couch. "Please have a seat."

'Wow! He looks more handsome and younger than in the magazine.'

Those were the words that appeared in the minds of female models when they saw Xiao Tian.

'He is so young and has become a successful person. I hope I can become a successful person like him in the future.'

The male model was amazed at Xiao Tian because of his success at a young age. And what made them even more astonished was Xiao Tian was younger than them.

"Thank you, Sir." the models answered in unison before they sat on the opposite side of Xiao Tian.

After sitting on the couch, the models began introducing themselves.

"Hello Sir, my name is Ho Ming." a handsome young man around twenty-three years old introduced himself to Xiao Tian.

"Hello Sir, my name is Lu Dong." a good-looking young man around twenty-two years old said.

"Hello Sir, my name is Ming Sha." an attractive young lady around twenty-four years old introduced herself to Xiao Tian.

"Hello Sir, my name is Yao Yi." a gorgeous lady around twenty-one years old said.

After the models introduced themselves, Xiao Tian smiled and said, "Hello, my name is Xiao Tian."

"Sir, lady Yao Yi and Mr Lu Dong are the models we used for TV commercials before." Lin Xing Xue, who was sitting on Xiao Tian's right side, said.

"Lady You Yi and Mr Lu Dong, both of you have done a good job before. The ad is a huge success because you two did a good job." when Xiao Tian read the sales report, he was pleased because after their advertisement appeared on TV, the company managed to sell several hundred clothes every day.

"Thank you, Sir." Yao Yi and Mu Dong answered in unison.

Yao Yi and Mu Dong were pleased when Shi Fei informed them that Xiao Tian's company wanted to use them as a model for promotion again.

Because the models had introduced themselves, Xiao Tian began to explain what they had to do later. "In the live promotion later, all you have to do is just pose while we explain the excess of the clothes you wear. After that, you all change into other clothes and return to the stage so that we can explain the excess of the clothes again. But please remember this, you all must pose based on the theme of the clothes you wear later."

"We will keep that in mind, Sir." the models answered in unison.

"Good!" Xiao Tian nodded his head before looking at Lin Xing Xue, "Lady Lin, have you explained about the clothes we want to promote to them?"

"I have, Sir." earlier Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei explained everything to the models before coming to the Xiao Tian's office because they wanted the models to know about the clothes they were going to wear during the live promotion later.

"Good!" because Lin Xing Xue said that, Xiao Tian didn't need to explain about the clothes anymore.

Then they began to talk about what they would do later. And after talking for about two hours, the models left.

When Shi Fei was about to return to her office, Xiao Tian suddenly said, "Fei, I want to discuss something with you."

Because Xiao Tian only wanted to talk to Shi Fei, Lin Xing Xue immediately headed to her office.

After Shi Fei sat on his right side, she immediately asked, "Do you need anything, little brother?"

Then Xiao Tian took the book from his workbench and sat on the couch again. "Take a look at these clothing designs. Which one do you like the most?"

In the book, there were seven beautiful clothing designs. Six clothing designs for adults and one for children. Until now, those clothing designs were the most beautiful.

Shi Fei then began looking at the clothing designs carefully. Because all the designs were beautiful, it was hard for her to choose the clothing designs she liked the most.

"This one." it took Shi Fei a minute just to pick the clothing design that she liked the most.

"All right. It will be yours later." Xiao Tian answered immediately.

"Eh!" Shi Fei was surprised after hearing his words. "Little brother, don't tell me.."

Even though Shi Fei didn't finish her words, Xiao Tian understood what she wanted to say to him. "Yes. Those are designs for limited clothing. I want you to tell the tailors to only make one outfit for each of the clothing designs."

Shi Fei could not help but smile happily after hearing his words. She didn't expect that Xiao Tian would give her the chance to choose clothes first. With this, Shi Fei was convinced that her position in his heart had vastly improved.

This made Shi Fei's mood brighter. "Thank you, little brother."

"Yes." Xiao Tian smiled as he nodded his head.

"What do you want in return?" Shi Fei inquired.

"I don't need anyth-"Xiao Tian stopped his words when he thought it was a perfect time to tease her. Then he brought his face closer to her ears. "I want to fill all three of your holes with my sperm."

"Good idea. When will you do that?" because Shi Fei loved having sex with Xiao Tian, she immediately agreed.

Even though Xiao Tian had guessed that she would say something like that, he just didn't expect that she would immediately ask when they would have sex.

Xiao Tian suddenly realized that it was hard to tease Shi Fei because she would do whatever he wanted. "I'm just joking, Fei."

"But, I'm not joking, you know. You can fill all three of my holes whenever and wherever you want." Shi Fei answered.

"Let's talk about this next time. Give those clothing designs to the tailor and ask them to finish it as soon as possible." even though Xiao Tian also wanted to lovey-dovey with Shi Fei, but because he has a lot of work, he decided to do it next time.

"All right." Shi Fei kissed his cheeks before walking out of his office.

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