Illicit Relationship Chapter 26

23 Hmff. Bad Boy

After noticing that her mother pussy already wet, Xiao Tian started to smirks and said, "Mother, do you want to go to the interesting place?"

Hearing her son suddenly wanted to invite her to an exciting place, Ye Xueyin was dumbfounded.

"Interesting place? Where is it? Mother wants to go?" Ye Xueyin asked curiously

Seeing her reaction, Xiao Tian knew that his plan was succeeded, so he smiled beautifully and said, "Let's go."

"Un" Ye Xueyin nodded her head.

Once again, Ye Xueyin was dumbfounded when Xiao Tian dragged her to the corner of the building. She asked curiously, "Tian, why are we still in this competition building? Is the interesting place you mean inside this building?"

Xiao Tian turned his head and said, "Un. That's right!"

After walking for a few minutes, they finally arrived in the washroom. Ye Xueyin was stunned and immediately said, "Tian, whyWhy are we in front of the washroom?"

"This is the interesting place I'm talking about," Xiao Tian said

"What?" Ye Xueyin said in surprise

Xiao Tian looked at Ye Xueyin and smiled evilly, "An interesting place... to have sex."

Hearing his words, Ye Xueyin immediately had a worried face and said, "Tian... Mother is afraid to do it here. Let's do it at home."

"Don't worry. It will be fine" Xiao Tian said as he smiled

"But "Ye Xueyin still had a worried face

This will be her first time to have sex in the washroom, and it's a public washroom too, so she was concerned, what if someone coming when they had sex inside the washroom.

"Mother, don't you want to feel the new sensation when having sex with me?" Xiao Tian wanted to ensure that his mother would agree to have sex in the washroom. "Let's go inside."

"Yes. But, mother is also afraid." Ye Xueyin said

"Don't worry." Xiao Tian said

They immediately entered the woman's washroom because it was cleaner than the man's washroom. After that, they entered one of the cubicle toilets.

Xiao Tian immediately sat on the seating toilet and said, "Come here and sit on my lap."

"AlAlright. "Ye Xueyin said

Xiao Tian wrapped his hands around her waist and began to kiss his mother. At first, Ye Xueyin was still shy and had a worried face. However, after a few minutes, she started losing herself in lust and kissed Xiao Tian back.

Ye Xueyin wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him passionately. As they were kissing, Xiao Tian lifted her skirt to her waist.

"Kya!" Ye Xueyin broke the kiss when Xiao Tian her skirt to her waist.

Ye Xueyin looked at Xiao Tian for several seconds before kissing him again. At that moment, she began wringing his hair as they kissed.

Ye Xueyin broke the kiss again and breathing heavily. Looking at his mother like that, Xiao Tian knew that his mother couldn't hold back anymore.

Xiao Tian put his jeans down to his legs and slid Ye Xueyin's red color T-shaped lace panties to the other side.

"Ahhhh.. "Ye Xueyin moaned when she felt Xiao Tian's cock was inside her pussy.

Xiao Tian grabbed her waist and moved his hands up and down.

"AhhhAhhhh.Ahhhh" Ye Xueyin let out multiple moans.

Not long after that, Ye Xueyin began moving her hips following his rhythm. Her body suddenly became hot, and love juice started dripping down on her slender thighs.

At that moment, Xiao Tian felt his mother's pussy was different than usual. Ye Xueyin vagina's muscles squeezed Xiao Tian's cock wildly, and it felt like it won't let go of Xiao Tian's cock anymore.

"TianAh.Tian...AhTian.." Ye Xueyin called his name with a small voice, afraid that someone would hear her voice.

Suddenly the sound of footsteps could be heard in their ears and entered the cubicle toilet next to them.

His mother immediately looked at him and said with a low voice, "Tian, someone is coming. Stop it. Mother is afraid."

Xiao Tian pretended to hear nothing and continued moving his hands and his hips.

When Ye Xueyin knew that Xiao Tian didn't intend to stop, she bit her index finger to make sure she won't let out her moan. However, not long after that, she couldn't hold it anymore when Xiao Tian's cock was hitting her womb.

"Ahhh... "Ye Xueyin moaned

Upon hearing Ye Xueyin's moans, the person who was in the next cubicle toilet immediately said, "Miss, are you alright?"

From the sound, Xiao Tian and Ye Xueyin knew that the person who was in the next cubicle was a woman.

The woman who was in the next cubicle was surprised after hearing Ye Xueyin's moans. She thought Ye Xueyin was in hurt.

Ye Xueyin was shocked after hearing the woman's words.

Because Ye Xueying didn't want to make the woman who was in the cubicle toilet feel suspicious of what she was doing in the cubicle toilet, Ye Xueyin tried to answer as natural as possible. "Yes..hm. It's justMm...My stomachIs hurt...Ah."

Ye Xueyin immediately looked at Xiao Tian, giving him a sign to stop moving his hips until the woman left. However, Xiao Tian didn't stop moving his waist and only smiled.

Upon knowing Xiao Tian didn't stop moving his waist, Ye Xueyin could only try her best not to let out a moan.

However, she failed after Xiao Tian's cock hitting her womb repeatedly.

"Ahhhh... "Ye Xueyin moaned louder than before.

"Miss, are you really alright? Do you need any help?" the woman who was in the next cubicle toilet said.

"No I'm fine. Hmm... Thank Hmm....You" Ye Xueyin said as she moaned.

"Alright" the woman who was in the next cubicle toilet said

At this moment, Ye Xueyin felt that she was about to cum. Ye Xueyin immediately had a worried face and began prying in her head.

'Please the woman who was in the next cubicle toilet. Please leave as soon as possible, or you will know that I'm having sex with my son here. Please.'

She was getting closer to have an orgasm, and it's made her more worried.

I couldn't hold it anymore. I couldn't hold it anymore. I'm about to cum. Someone I don't know will know that I'm having sex with my son in the public washroom. Ye Xueyin thought herself

Luckily, the woman who was in the next cubicle toilet finished using the toilet and was about to wash her hands.

After washing her hands, the woman said, "Miss, I think you should go to the hospital to check your condition. You seem really in hurt right now."

Ye Xueyin was at her limits so that she couldn't answer that woman.


The sound of the door closed could be heard

"Ahhhh.. I'm cumming... Ahhh "Ye Xueyin had a huge orgasm because she held her orgasm for too long.

Ye Xueyin was relieved because she could hold it until the woman left, if she couldn't hold it until the woman left, that woman would know what she was doing.

"Tian You're a bad son. What if she knows earlier" Ye Xueyin said angrily

"But isn't it exciting?" Xiao Tian broke into a smile and pinched Ye Xueyin's cheeks "The way you tried your best not to cum or not to let out your moan was the cutest thing I have ever seen. As expected of my lover."

"Hmmph! Bad boy," grimaced Ye Xueyin. "How could you do that to your mother?"

Suddenly Ye Xueyin felt his cock inside her pussy started to move again. She knew that something like this would happen so she could only accept her fate.

After a few minutes, Xiao Tian finally felt like he was about to cum

"Mother... I'm cumming," Xiao Tian said as he had an orgasm.

After that, Ye Xueyin stood up and cleaned Xiao Tian's cock using her mouth.

After seeing his cock was already clean, Xiao Tian pinched her nose. "My mother is good. You understand me very well."

"Alright, let get out from here," Ye Xueyin said as she rubbed her nose

Ye Xueyin came out first because she wanted to make sure there was no one outside. After that, she returned and took Xiao Tian out of the woman's washroom.

Upon coming out of the woman's washroom, Xiao Tian suddenly remembered his promise with Yun Xin Er. He immediately went out to the stationery store. After buying a book and a pen, Xiao Tian wrote down the lyrics.

"Tian, when did you create this song?" Ye Xueyin asked curiously.

Xiao Tian had created the song a long time ago, but he couldn't say it, so he decided to lie to his mother.

"One year ago." Xiao Tian suddenly felt terrible for lying to his mother

"Oh! And who taught you to play the piano?" Ye Xueyin asked.

"I learned it by myself, mother" Xiao Tian said while continue lying to his mother

"Really?" She said in surprise for visiting.

"Yes" he nodded

"My son is a genius! Should we buy a piano so you could play it at home?" Ye Xueyin asked as she smiled

"Mother, I want to open a business with money from the competition and money from Yun Xin Er later," he said honestly

"What?" she was surprised again
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