Illicit Relationship Chapter 255

249 Jinlan Lake

After they left, Xiao Tian began to think about what place they should visit next. Because what they did earlier was only flirting, kissing and eating, Xiao Tian thought it wasn't enough to make her fall deeper in love with him.

He should bring her to a romantic place, a place that could bring unforgettable memories for both of them.

After thinking for several seconds, Xiao Tian suddenly found a good place for them to visit. "Qingyu, do you want to visit Jinlan Lake?"

"Jinlan Lake?" Ye Qingyu looked at Xiao Tian for about five seconds before finally, nodding her head. "Alright."

Because Ye Qingyu agreed to his idea, Xiao Tian immediately drove toward Jinlan Lake. After driving for several minutes, they finally arrived at their destination.

Jinlan Lake was an artificial lake which was located between Nanli district and Wanhui district. Even though Jinlan Lake wasn't as famous as Shanghai River or Shanghai Aquarium, but many people also often came to Jinlan Lake, especially with their family because Jinlan Lake was a renowned place for riding a swan boat.

The lake was big and had a fountain in the middle of it. There were also trees around the lake with several wooden benches underneath.

And unlike on Shanghai River, on Jinlan Lake, there were many street vendors, so if visitors were hungry or thirsty, they could just buy food or drinks at the street vendors.

Even though Xiao Tian wanted to ride a swan boat with Ye Qingyu, but he wanted to enjoy the scenery around the lake first. That was why he took Ye Qingyu to the wooden bench and sat on it.

"Oh! Many people are riding the swan boat." Ye Qingyu, who was sitting on Xiao Tian's left side, said.

"Do you want to ride a swan boat?" even though Xiao Tian planned to ride it later, but if Ye Qingyu wanted to immediately ride a swan boat, he would follow her wish.

"Let's do that later." like Xiao Tian; Ye Qingyu also wanted to enjoy the scenery around the lake first before riding a swan boat.

"Alright." Xiao Tian replied.

Because Ye Qingyu believed that no one knew them, she held his left hand and placed her head on his shoulders.

Xiao Tian's face broke into a soft smile. He was pleased by her action and immediately squeezed her hands tighter.

They remained in the same position without saying a single word for about two minutes. This matter made Ye Qingyu surprised and looked at him.

When Xiao Tian noticed that his aunt was staring at him, he asked curiously, "What is it, Qingyu?"

"I'm just surprised that you didn't say a word until now. Usually, you immediately try to seduce me with your sweet words." every time they were together, Xiao Tian always tried to seduce her.

There was not a single day when Xiao Tian didn't try to seduce her or take advantage of her. For this reason, Ye Qingyu felt something was strange when Xiao Tian didn't do what he usually did.

"So, you want me to seduce you, huh?" because his aunt said something like that, Xiao Tian decided to seduce her. "Qingyu, you ar-"

But before Xiao Tian had finished his words, Ye Qingyu covered his mouth and said, "Forget it. I don't want to hear your sweet words right now. Hehe."

After removing her hands from his mouth, Xiao Tian said, "Because you don't want to hear it, how about you try to seduce me?"

"Why should I seduce you? It's your job as a ma-" Ye Qingyu stopped her words and cupped his face. Then she looked at him in the eyes and said in a soft loving voice. "Tian, my love. Even though you are very ugly and also a beast, but I still love you, dearly. I know that having an ugly face is hard for you, but please remember this. Even though you are the ugliest man in the world, but my love for you won't diminish in the slightest."

Although her words were sweet but being called ugly a few times made the corner of Xiao Tian lips twitch and was at a loss for words.

"Pfft! Haha." Ye Qingyu couldn't hold back her laughter when she saw the expression on his face.

At this moment, Xiao Tian still didn't say a single word and only looked at her, who was laughing happily. It was the first time someone called him ugly. In his past life, he was a handsome young man, and he also believed that his predecessor's body was in the category of good-looking person.

Ye Qingyu was pleased when she could make his nephew stunned by her words because it had been a long time since she could make him have such an expression. "Why are you still not saying anything? Ah! I Know. You must be so happy that you can't say a word, right? So, how is it? I, your lover, am also talented in saying sweet words, right?"

Of course, Xiao Tian was not angry because he knew that she was joking around. "Yes. As expected of my lover, she can do anything. But your lover is a fine young man, not an ugly person."

"Oh!" Ye Qingyu pretended to be surprised. "But compared to all the men in the world, you are the ugliest, so how can you say that you are a good-looking young man?"

Actually, this was something that Xiao Tian had also hoped for. In the past, his aunt always teased his predecessor, but since he took over his predecessor's body, she never did it anymore. For this reason, Xiao Tian let her tease him as she pleased.

As if Xiao Tian was a person born with an ugly face, Ye Qingyu kissed his forehead and tried to cheer him up. "Don't make a face like that. You should be happy right now because you have a pretty lady like me as a girlfriend. So, you have to treat me better from now on. Do you understand, my ugly boyfriend?"

"Yes. I got it." Xiao Tian spoke and paused for a second. Then he touched his lips and continued, "But can you kiss your ugly lover on the lips too?"

"I don't want to" after saying that, Ye Qingyu turned her head to the other side. However, the smile was still on her pretty face.

Then Xiao Tian made her face him and brought his face closer toward hers because he wanted to kiss her lips as a punishment for teasing him earlier.

Like what she did at Couple Caf, when Ye Qingyu saw his face getting closer toward hers, she shut her eyes and was ready to welcome the kiss.

In less than two seconds, Xiao Tian's lips met her pretty soft lips. Xiao Tian didn't immediately stop the kiss and started looking at her shutting eyes.

At this moment, Xiao Tian felt lucky to have a family and lover like Ye Qingyu. Not only was she beautiful, but she always cared about him.

Because Xiao Tian was still kissing her, Ye Qingyu slowly opened her eyes. And like what Xiao Tian did, she didn't stop the kiss and looked into his black eyes. But when Xiao Tian suddenly held her hands and squeezed it, Ye Qingyu slowly closed her eyes again.

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