Illicit Relationship Chapter 254

248 Do You Want To Have A French Kiss With Your Lover?

When Ye Qingyu stepped into the VIP room, a beautiful smile appeared on her face. The floral scents made her feel relaxed, and the yellow light hanging on the wall looked so beautiful in her eyes.

When Xiao Tian saw the expression on her face, he immediately asked, "How is it? Do you like it?"

"Yes." Ye Qingyu nodded her head.

The waitress immediately left after writing down their order. Xiao Tian and Ye Qingyu talked for several minutes before finally, the waitress entered the room and put their order on the table.

Previously, Xiao Tian ordered a chicken salad with lemon tea, while Ye Qingyu requested for salt and pepper seafood with lemon tea.

"I didn't expect that you know a place like this." Ye Qingyu, who was sitting on his right side, said.

"This is the caf that I told before." Xiao Tian gave her an honest answer.

"So, it's this caf, huh?" in the past, Xiao Tian told her that he came to Couple Caf with her big sister. She just didn't expect that he would bring her to the same place. Of course, this made Ye Qingyu happy because, with this, she knew that Xiao Tian tried his best to treat them equally.

"Yes." Xiao Tian nodded his head.

"Wait." Ye Qingyu suddenly remembered about the rules before they could enter the VIP room. "Don't tell me. You kissed big sister passionately before entering the Couple Caf?"

"Yes." because Xiao Tian was with his aunt, he decided to tell her the truth. "At that time, she was so wild, you know. She even kissed me back and forgot that the waitress was right next to her. What a pity that I failed to kiss you passionately earlier?"

"As I thought, you are indeed a beast." Ye Qingyu had guessed that Xiao Tian would say something like that because he also tried to kiss her passionately earlier.

"It's the rule, so it's fine." Xiao Tian tried to defend himself.

Hearing his words, Ye Qingyu pinched his cheeks and said, "It's not the rule. The rule is only kissing normally for a few seconds, not kissing passionately."

"Because we didn't kiss passionately earlier. How about we do it right now?" when Xiao Tian said this, he didn't mean it because he only wanted to tease her.

"I don't want to." after saying that, Ye Qingyu turned her head to the other side and giggled.

But to his surprise, when Xiao Tian made her face him, Ye Qingyu didn't try to remove his hands from her face.

While looking at her beautiful dark grey eyes, Xiao Tian slowly tilted his head to the right and brought his face closer toward hers.

When Ye Qingyu saw his face getting closer toward hers, she slowly opened her little mouth as if she was ready to do a passionate kiss with him.

This made Xiao Tian laugh loudly in his head. However, because he wanted to tease her, when the distance between their faces very closer, he didn't kiss her immediately; instead, he only looked at her eyes.

Because Xiao Tian hasn't kissed her even though she was already waiting for several seconds and opening her mouth, she immediately asked, "Are you going to kiss me or not? If you want to kiss me, hurry up and do it."

"Yes. I want to. but" Xiao Tian threw his head back and rubbed her pretty pink lips. "I only want to kiss you passionately. Are you fine with that?"

Instead of answering him immediately, Ye Qingyu only looked at his face without saying a single word. Because they were alone, she was fine if he wanted to kiss her passionately, but of course, she didn't want to say it.

While still rubbing her lower lips with his right thumb, Xiao Tian inquired, "How is it? Do you want to have a French kiss with your lover?"

From the expression on her face, Xiao Tian knew that she also desired to have a passionate kiss with him, but she decided not to say it. That was why Xiao Tian didn't kiss her and only rubbed her lower lips because he wanted her to tell him what she wanted.

At this moment, Ye Qingyu was wavering whether she should tell him what she wanted or not. Because she was still wavering, Ye Qingyu decided to close her eyes while still opening her mouth, giving him a sign that she wanted a kiss and was ready to do a passionate kiss with him.

And because Xiao Tian still hasn't kissed her even though she had given him a sign that she was ready, she opened her eyes and hit his shoulder, "Bully! Hurry up and kiss me, or else"

"Or?" Xiao Tian could barely contain his laughter when he saw her cute attitude

Because Xiao Tian kept teasing her, Ye Qingyu was unhappy and pushed him down, making him fall to the couch. Without waiting for another second, she laid on top of him and kissed his lips.

Her action greatly surprised Xiao Tian. He knew that she also wanted to have a French kiss with him, but Xiao Tian just didn't expect that his aunt would push him down before kissing him.

Because they were alone in the VIP room, Ye Qingyu became braver and put her soft pink tongue into Xiao Tian's mouth.

Of course, Xiao Tian welcomed it happily. But this time, Xiao Tian let her dominate the kiss and only wrapped his arms around her waist.

They kissed hungrily for several seconds before finally, Ye Qingyu broke the kiss. However, when she tried to sit, Xiao Tian suddenly embraced her tighter, making her unable to move her body, "Do you want us to stay in this position?"

"Let's stay in this position for five minutes." Xiao Tian answered instantly.

"Alright." Ye Qingyu decided to let him do whatever he wanted.

Then they began to talk about many things, and because they were enjoying themselves, they ended up staying in the same position for about fifteen minutes before finally eating the food.

Of course, when they were consuming the food, Xiao Tian also fed her from mouth to mouth, which always ended up with them having a passionate kiss.

After they finished eating the food, they immediately left and continued their date.

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