Illicit Relationship Chapter 249

243 Good Morning Hubby

After Xiao Tian arrived home, he was a little disappointed when he didn't see his mother and aunt in the living room.

'It's already 11:58 pm, so maybe they are sleeping.'

Because he thought that his mother and aunt were sleeping, Xiao Tian headed to his room. He immediately slept because there was nothing to do anymore.


The following morning, Ye Xueyin, who had just woken up, rushed toward her son's room. She giggled happily when she saw her son sleeping deeply.

Because last night she was unable to spend time with him, Ye Xueyin immediately laid prone on top of his body.

Xiao Tian, who was sleeping, slowly opened his eyes when he felt someone lying on his body. His face blossomed into a smile when he knew his mother was lying on top of his body. "Xueyin, do you want to sleep with me?"

"Yes. Mother wants to sleep with you." Ye Xueyin made a circle on his chest with her left index finger.

"Let's go back to sleep." when Xiao Tian noticed that it was still 05:00 am, he wrapped his arms around her waist and closed his eyes again.

Seconds turned into minutes, and several minutes had passed since his mother slept on top of his body. Xiao Tian reopened his eyes when he felt someone hugging his right arm.

Once again, a soft smile spread across his face when he saw his aunt sleeping on his right side while embracing his right arm.

'Well, maybe it's because they always sleep in my room.'

Xiao Tian was pleasantly surprised when his aunt suddenly slept in his room. But knowing his mother's behavior, it was normal for her to wake up and rush toward his room so that she could sleep with him.

However, Xiao Tian didn't expect his aunt to do the same thing as his mother did. Usually, Ye Qingyu would immediately go toward the kitchen after waking up because she was the one who always cooked breakfast for them.

Of course, Xiao Tian was pleased by this. After looking at his aunt's sleeping face, Xiao Tian kissed her forehead before going back to sleep.

At that moment, they were sleeping deeply as if the burden on their shoulders was lifted. Without realizing it, it was already 05:30 am, and Xiao Tian suddenly woke up.

Xiao Tian was a little surprised when he didn't see his mother on top of his body. However, when he heard someone cooking in the kitchen, he knew that his mother was cooking breakfast.


Xiao Tian found it hard to believe that his aunt was still sleeping on his right side. Usually, she would be the first person to cook breakfast.

Earlier, Xiao Tian thought his aunt also cooked breakfast with his mother, but he was wrong. Not only did she not cook breakfast, but she was still sleeping while hugging his right arm.

With a smile on his face, Xiao Tian looked at his aunt's sleeping face. However, because Xiao Tian kept turning his head toward his aunt, he felt a pain in his neck.

Xiao Tian freed his right arm from his aunt's hug carefully because he wanted to lie on his side so that he could continue looking at his aunt's sleeping face.

But as soon as Xiao Tian freed his arms, Ye Qingyu suddenly woke up. Xiao Tian's face broke into a soft smile and said, "Good morning, love."

"Good morning, hubby." Ye Qingyu replied as she smiled.

Even though Xiao Tian had no idea as to why his aunt suddenly called him hubby, Xiao Tian was delighted.

"Repeat it." because it was the first time his aunt called him hubby, Xiao Tian wanted to hear it again to make sure that he didn't mishear the words she just said.

Upon seeing the expression on her nephew's face, Ye Qingyu giggled before finally, kissing his lips. "Good morning, hubby."

'Damn! She is so cute when behaving like this.'

Those were the words that appeared in his mind when he saw his aunt's behavior.

Then Xiao Tian laid on his side and looked at this aunt with a smile on his face. Earlier, his aunt suddenly slept in his room, and now she also suddenly called him hubby.

Xiao Tian couldn't describe the happiness in his heart into words. He suddenly felt that he could do anything today.

While facing her, Xiao Tian entangled his limbs to hers and said, "I love you, Qingyu."

"Hehe." Ye Qingyu giggled and covered her mouth. "Are you saying that because I called you hubby just now?"

Even though Ye Qingyu's behavior looked as if she was making fun of him, but inside her heart, she was thrilled. It was only four simple words, but those four simple words meant everything to her, especially when she heard it in the morning after waking up.

It was true that the reason Xiao Tian suddenly said that was because she called him hubby. But of course, Xiao Tian would not say that because if he did it, he was afraid she would think that he only loved her when she called him hubby.

"Of course not. It's because you are my life. Without you, I will become a broken perso-"Xiao Tian stopped his words when he saw his aunt giggling.

Ye Qingyu pinched his nose and said, "It's not even 06:00 am yet, and you are already trying to seduce me?"

"Qingyu, you got me wrong." Xiao Tian shook his head. "I'm not trying to seduce you. I only stated the truth."

"Oh! Really?" Ye Qingyu pretended to be surprised by his words.

Xiao Tian suddenly realized that he needed to spend more time with his aunt to show her that his love for her was real. "Can you take a day off today?"

"Why?" Ye Qingyu was curious why her nephew suddenly wanted her to take a day off. But suddenly she realized something. "Hehe. Do you want to spend time with your beautiful aunt?"

Because Ye Qingyu teased him earlier, Xiao Tian wanted to tease her back, and he thought it was a perfect time to do that.

"Yes. You are right. It's because I want to." Xiao Tian spoke and paused for three seconds before finally, he continued, "have sex with you all day."

The smile was frozen on Ye Qingyu's face. She found it hard to believe what she had just heard. She was fine if he wanted to have sex with her at that moment or after work. However, to have sex with him all day was something that she needed to think carefully.

It wasn't because she didn't want to, but she was afraid of what would happen to her if she had sex with her nephew the whole day. What would definitely happen to her was that her vagina would feel sore, and she wouldn't be able to walk as well after sex.

But she didn't want to disappoint her nephew because she knew that as his lover, she had the responsibility to satisfy him in bed too. For this reason, a complicated feeling could be seen on her face.

Xiao Tian couldn't help but laugh when he saw the expression on her face. He didn't expect that his aunt would take his words seriously. "Hahahha. Qingyu, you should look at your face in the mirror? I'm joking, you know. Hahaha."

When Ye Qingyu knew that Xiao Tian was only teasing her, she hit his chest and said, "Bully!"

"Hehehe" Xiao Tian laughed happily.

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