Illicit Relationship Chapter 245

239 I Want To Remember The Shape Of Your Cock In My Pussy Now

When Xiao Tian was thrusting his cock into her vagina, he felt as if her pussy was rejecting his cock. "So tight."

Because her pussy was already wet, Xiao Tian thought that it would be easy to thrust his cock into her pussy, but he was wrong. He was utterly wrong because even though her pussy was already wet, the tightness of her pussy didn't decrease one bit.

Maybe because it had been quite a while since the last time he had sex with her, or perhaps because he had too many girlfriends which made him forget the tightness of their vagina.

"Ahh.." Shi Fei suddenly felt as if electricity was flowing into every cell in her body when Xiao Tian's cock hit her womb.

The tightness of her pussy made Xiao Tian want to move his waist immediately. For this reason, Xiao Tian placed his hands on her hips and was ready to move his waist.

Shi Fei immediately understood that Xiao Tian was about to move his waist. But because she still wanted to feel his cock in her pussy, Shi Fei looked at him and said, "Wait, little brother. Don't move yet. It has been quite a while since I feel your cock in my vagina again, so let me feel it first. I want to remember the shape of your cock in my pussy now."

Even though Xiao Tian wanted to move his waist, but because Shi Fei wanted to feel his cock in her pussy, Xiao Tian decided to do what she wanted.

Because Shi Fei told him not to move his hips, Xiao Tian decided to play with her breasts. But Xiao Tian was unable to do that because Shi Fei's breasts were pressing against the table. "Fei, raise your body. I want to play with your breasts."

As soon as Shi Fei did what she was told, a soft moan escaped from her little mouth. The pleasure, which she felt when his hands were squeezing her breasts, and his cock was touching her womb, was too much for her body to bear. Shi Fei's legs and hands instantly turned shaky, and she had a small orgasm.

Xiao Tian, who knew about it, smiled and said, "Hehe. What is this, Fei? You had a small orgasm before I moved my waist?!"

"Little brother, it's because my pussy really misses your huge cock. And not only that, even your cock is hitting my womb right now. Coupled with you playing with my nipples, of course, I will have an orgasm immediately." Shi Fei gave him an honest answer. "This means my pussy loves your cock very much. That's why you have to have sex with me more often so that my vagina won't be lonely anymore."

Her vulgar words made Xiao Tian hornier and almost moved his waist. What made Xiao Tian love spending time with Shi Fei was that she was always true to herself.

And Xiao Tian really loved her vulgar words when they were having sex. Her sexy naked body, which could make any man horny, coupled with her dirty words, could always make Xiao Tian want to have sex with her.

Xiao Tian was sure if he only had a little experience sleeping with women, he would have become like a wild animal after hearing her words.

While still squeezing her breasts, Xiao Tian kissed her back gently. "Fei, can I move now?"

"Wait. My pussy is still trying to remember the shape of your cock right now." Shi Fei tightened her pussy even more so that her vagina could remember the exact shape of his huge cock.

'Damn! She is teasing me. How can her pussy so tight today? It feels as if she wants to crush my cock with her pussy now.'

Those were the words that appeared on his mind when Shi Fei suddenly tightened her pussy.

"You can move now, little brother." because Shi Fei had already remembered the shape of his cock, she told him that it was fine to move.

Xiao Tian then stopped playing with her breasts and placed his hands on her hips. Xiao Tian started by moving his waist slowly because her pussy was still too tight.

"Ahah." Shi Fei began to let out seductive moan when Xiao Tian moved his hips. Even though Xiao Tian was thrusting his cock slowly, but the pleasure when his huge cock was penetrating her pussy wall and made it into the shape of his cock, was something that she couldn't describe in words.

Xiao Tian, on the flip side, kept thrusting his cock into her pussy. Even though Shi Fei's vagina was still tight, but with the help of her love juices, Xiao Tian could move his cock much easier.

Xiao Tian had no idea as to why her pussy was so tight today, but of course, he loved it because when he thrust his cock deeper into her pussy, he felt as if Shi Fei's vagina muscles had turned into several hands and squeezed his cock wildly.

The sound of Xiao Tian's hips hitting her ass and the sound of his cock penetrating her pussy echoed in the living room. The sound of them having sex made Xiao Tian and Shi Fei even hornier.

"AhAhAh.Ah." every time Xiao Tian's huge cock hit her womb, a seductive moan came out of her little mouth. "Little brother...AhAh.your cock is amazing.AhAh.I love your cock very muchAh"

"I already know about it." even though he believed that he could satisfy any woman in bed, but hearing it from their mouth made Xiao Tian happier.

"Hii... Aaaaahhhh." Shi Fei gritted her teeth and tilted her head back when the tip of his cock entered her womb. Tears fell down her cheeks and pleasure and pain spread throughout her body whenever Xiao Tian cook entered her womb. "AhAh little brotheryou are amazingAhmark my womb with your cock and let out your white sperm in there too.. Make your mistress' slut pussy as your personal cumdump... Make me your personal slut...Ah"

"I will turn you into my personal slut, Fei. A slut who want my cock in your three holes every single day." after saying that Xiao Tian moved his waist faster and faster.

'Damn! It has been a long time since I talk with my partner like this during sex. This suddenly makes me more aroused.'

Because Ye Xueyin, Ye Qingyu, and Lin Xing Xue never spoke like that during sex, Xiao Tian suddenly felt the beast inside him began taking over his body after hearing her words.

Xiao Tian moved his waist faster and thrust his cock into her pussy deeper. He no longer held her hands and placed his hands on her hips because it could help him move his waist faster.

"AhAhAhAhAh" Shi Fei's head was on the table, and her little mouth opened slightly.

Her saliva began dripping down from the corner of her mouth, but she didn't show the slightest care about that. At that moment, all she did was only moan and moan.

Because her mind was already on the cloud nine, Shi Fei didn't care whether her neighbors heard her moans or not. "Little brother...AhAhAh I'm cumming. I'm cumming."

Xiao Tian stopped moving his waist when Shi Fei was having an orgasm.

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