Illicit Relationship Chapter 244

238 You Really Look Beautiful With My Sperm In Your Mouth

Without being told by Xiao Tian, Shi Fei began to unzip his trousers. Actually, Shi Fei wanted to suck his cock since he entered her apartment earlier. That was why Shi Fei smiled happily when she was unzipping his trousers.

When Xiao Tian's huge cock was visible in her eyes, Shi Fei unconsciously opened her mouth. The cock that she loved very much, the cock that could make her mind fly to cloud nine, was standing mighty in front of her face.

Shi Fei smiled with heart-shaped eyes when he saw his cock was moving on its own. She suddenly felt a twitch deep in her pussy as itch began to heat up her body. An itch that she suspected she knows how to satisfy after looking at the sight of his dick. However, Shi Fei knew that she couldn't do that now because she had to satisfy him first.


Shi Fei couldn't help from gulping her saliva when she remembered the huge cock in front of her face would penetrate her pussy later.

When Xiao Tian saw the expression on her face, he couldn't help but smile proudly. "Oh! What are you thinking, lady? You look at my cock as if my cock is the most delicious food in the world. Do you like my cock that much?"

"Yes, doctor. I like it very much." Shi Fei answered instantly. "Your cock is amazing. It makes my pussy wetter just by looking at your huge cock."

Xiao Tian then tapped her cheeks gently and said, "This huge cock will give you pleasure later. A pleasure that you will never forget until you die. Are you happy to hear that?"

After hearing his words, Shi Fei suddenly wanted to put his cock in her vagina immediately. She was already horny since he played with her vagina and breasts earlier. Coupled with the sight of his amazing cock and his words made Shi Fei hornier and hornier.

"Un. I'm happy." Shi Fei nodded her head and smiled happily.

"Good. If you do a good job, I will reward you later." because Xiao Tian wanted Shi Fei to give him a blowjob, he didn't want to waste time. "Now, let's do the final check."

"Alright." after saying that, Shi Fei opened her mouth and stuck out her pink tongue.

With her right hand holding his cock shaft, Shi Fei started by licking the external urethral orifice using the tip of her tongue.

"Not a bad start, lady." Xiao Tian almost groaned when Shi Fei licked the most sensitive part of his cock.

Because Shi Fei wanted to give him more pleasure, she began moving her right hand up and down while sometimes she put his cock glans into her little mouth.

'Damn! She is good at this.'

The feeling of her hands stroking his shaft, and her wet tongue licking his glans was so good.

When Shi Fei saw the expression on his face, she smiled on her head because she knew that she had succeeded in giving him pleasure.

'Good! I just need to give him more pleasure. If he is satisfied later, he will desire to have sex with me every day, and that way, I can spend time with him every day.'

With that on her mind, Shi Fei stopped stroking his shaft and began putting his huge cock deeper into her mouth.

Because his cock was big and long, Shi Fei almost gagged several times, but still, she didn't give up and tried to put his cock as deep as she could. Tears fell down her cheeks after she tried to put his cock deeper into her mouth several times.

Even though Xiao Tian wanted to put his entire cock in her mouth, but when he saw the expression on her face, he decided not to do that.

Xiao Tian wiped the tears off with his thumb and looked at her lovingly, "Fei, if you can't do that, don't force yourself. I don't want to hurt you."

When Shi Fei saw his loving face, she stopped giving him a blowjob and looked at him intently. She really loved it when Xiao Tian showed his caring attitude to her.

Shi Fei pulled his cock out of her little mouth and smiled. "Little brother, your cock is huge and long. That's why I can't put your entire cock in my mouth, but I won't give up. Hehe."

Because Xiao Tian always gave her pleasure, which she couldn't describe into words, she also wanted to provide him with the same pleasure.

For this reason, she secretly bought a porn DVD about how to please a man. And in the lesson, she knew that many men loved deep-throating because it gave them incredible pleasure. She even bought an eggplant as an object for practice.

That was why she tried her best to put his entire cock into her mouth. But what a pity, her mouth was too small for his huge cock.

Xiao Tian kissed her forehead and touched her lips. "Fei, it's fine if you can't put my whole cock in this mouth of yours because you still have another mouth that can take my entire cock."

When Shi Fei noticed a pre-cum on the tip of his cock, she could not help but smile. With her eyes focused on his black eyes, Shi Fei stuck out her pink tongue and licked the pre-cum. "Hehe. Do you want to use my other mouth now?"

"Not so fast, lady." even though he couldn't deep-throating her, Xiao Tian still wanted to enjoy the blowjob, and of course, he wanted to let out all his sperm in her little mouth later. "You have to make me cum first. After that, I will put my cock in your wet pussy."

Knowing that he would immediately fuck her after she made him cum, Shi Fei didn't waste time and began to give him fellatio again.

Because Xiao Tian told her not to try deep-throating again, she gave him normal oral sex. But this time, her hands were playing with his testicles to make him cum faster.

Still, it took her several minutes before finally, his cock was hardening as a sign that he had reached his limit, and soon he would let out his white sperm. Shi Fei was pleased by this and immediately moved her head faster and faster.

"Fei, I'm cumminggg.." Xiao Tian grabbed her head and closed his eyes when he let out all of his sperm into Shi Fei's mouth.

When Shi Fei thought that he had released all the sperm into her mouth, she pulled his cock out of her little mouth and opened it.

"Good. You really look beautiful with my sperm in your mouth." Xiao Tian smiled in satisfaction when he saw his sperm in her little mouth. Suddenly an exciting idea appeared on Xiao Tian's mind. "Fei, wait. Don't drink my sperm."

Shi Fei had no idea why he suddenly told her not to drink his sperm immediately. But when he saw Xiao Tian holding his smartphone again, she knew that he wanted to take a picture of her with his sperm on her mouth. Of course, Shi Fei didn't mind it because she would let him do whatever he wanted.

"Fei, look at the camera and make a V hands sign." Xiao Tian said

Shi Fei did what she was told without feeling shy. Earlier, he took a picture of her pussy, so taking a picture of her with his sperm on her mouth was a small thing for her.

After Xiao Tian took a photo of her, he immediately said, "You can drink it now."

Without waiting for another second, Shi Fei drank his sperm. And as if his sperm was the most delicious food in the world, Shi Fei smiled happily after drinking it. "Little brother, your sperm is tasty."

"Of course. Because I'm a healthy young man, you know." Xiao Tian nodded his head in satisfaction when he was looking at the photo of Shi Fei with his sperm on her mouth.

Seeing the expression on his face, Shi Fei giggled and said, "Little brother, am I sexy in the photo?"

"Sexy. You are so hot, Fei." Xiao Tian answered instantly. Shi Fei did look very sexy in the picture. He was sure if any man saw the picture, they would feel horny immediately.

"Why did you always take pictures today?" Shi Fei asked curiously. "Are you going to take a picture of me again later."

"I just want to. Of course, I will take a picture again later." Xiao Tian then brought his face closer toward her right ear and whispered, "A picture of you with my sperm in your pussy."

"I love that idea." Shi Fei suddenly felt hornier after hearing his words. The idea of taking a picture of her with his sperm on her pussy made Shi Fei wants to have sex with him immediately.

"Good." because Shi Fei had made him orgasm, Xiao Tian had to keep his promise. Then he took off his trousers. "Now, stick out your ass because I want to put my cock in your wet pussy."

Shi Fei was trilled after hearing his words because what she had hoped since earlier finally happened. Shi Fei immediately turned around and placed her upper body on the table.

And because she wanted to make Xiao Tian hornier, she spread her pink pussy with her hands. "Little brother, my pussy is ready to take your amazing cock inside it."

This woman really knows how to spice things up, huh? Xiao Tian thought to himself.

Without waiting for another second, Xiao Tian rose from the couch and placed his cock in her vagina entrance.

"Ahhhhh." Shi Fei cried out seductively when she felt his cock slowly entering her vagina.

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