Illicit Relationship Chapter 241

235 You Can Also Taste My Saliva From My Other Mouth

"Fei, I've come to see you." when Xiao Tian saw her outfit, he was a little shocked. But of course, he didn't show it on his face.

'What is this? Are you trying to seduce me?'

These were the words that appeared on Xiao Tian's mind when he saw Shi Fei wearing mini pants and a short T-shirt.

Her long and beautiful legs, which could make any man gulp their saliva, were clearly visible in his eyes. And not only that, but she also didn't cover her perfectly flat stomach as if she wanted to show her sexy and perfect body to him

'As expected, her body is so sexy and perfect.'

Seeing her sexy body, Xiao Tian immediately stepped into her apartment. And without waiting for another second, Xiao Tian grabbed her by the waist and pulled her toward him, making their bodies touch each other.

Then Xiao Tian brought his face closer toward her right ear and whispered, "Are you trying to seduce me?"

Even though other people could see what he was doing to her because the door was still open, Shi Fei didn't show the slightest concern about that.

But instead of whispering back in his ears, Shi Fei grabbed his face until it made the distance between their faces very close. "You're right. I'm indeed trying to seduce you."

After saying that, Shi Fei gave a peck on his lips before showing her beautiful smile to him.

Shi Fei's action almost made Xiao Tian go crazy. Her seductive words, coupled with her sexy body, almost made Xiao Tian want to push her down and have his way with her.

Because it had been quite a while since the last time he had sex with her, the fire of lust suddenly appeared within his body. But of course, Xiao Tian was still able to hold back.

Shi Fei, who was seeing his beautiful black eyes, knew that a flame of lust was burning within his body. This made Shi Fei happy and want to add fuel in that flame of lust. With her eyes still locked on his black eyes, Shi Fei put his right index finger into her mouth before she finally started licking and sucking it.

'Damn! She really wants to make me horny. It's dangerous to do this kind of thing on the entrance.'

Even though Xiao Tian thought something like that, he only looked at Shi Fei's face and enjoyed what she was doing.

Ten seconds after licking and sucking Xiao Tian's index finger, Shi Fei pulled it out of her little mouth.

Xiao Tian thought she decided to stop teasing him, but he was wrong because what she did after that was something that he had never expected.

While still looking at Xiao Tian in the eyes, Shi Fei slowly opened her mouth before finally, letting out her soft pink tongue. And as if Xiao Tian's index finger was the most delicious candy in the world, Shi Fei began to lick his distal phalanx before working her way down to proximal phalanx.

[distal phalanx=upper part of the finger, middle phalanx= middle part of the finger and proximal phalanx= lower part of a finger]

As soon as Shi Fei licked his proximal phalanx, she moved her tongue up to his distal phalanx before finally putting his index finger into her little mouth again.

Shi Fei licked his index finger for about five seconds before moving her face forward and backward as if Xiao Tian's index finger was his huge cock.

Her action made the flame of lust within Xiao Tian's body grow bigger and bigger. Because Shi Fei no longer cared whether others would see what they were doing or not, Xiao Tian decided to move his left hand from her waist to her beautiful ass.

Shi Fei didn't stop what she was doing when she felt his left hand on her buttocks; instead, she moved her head faster and faster as if Xiao Tian had reached his limit and was about to let out his delicious white sperm.

Because Shi Fei was wearing thin short pants, Xiao Tian was able to feel the softness of her butts. Due to this, a desire to squeeze her soft bottoms suddenly appeared within him. At first, Xiao Tian squeezed her buttocks gently, but it only lasted for about five seconds before finally, his hands went a little wild.

Shi Fei was thrilled by his action and smiled happily on her mind because she knew that she had succeeded in making the flame of lust burn bigger within his body.

'I will make you unable to forget me or my body. Hehe. Prepare yourself, little brother.'

Once again, Shi Fei pulled his index finger out of her little mouth. She did that because she wanted to lick his index and middle fingers at the same time.

Shi Fei started by licking the middle part of his palm before finally, making her way up to the upper part of the palm. She didn't stop there and began to lick the part between his index and middle fingers.

On the flip side, Xiao Tian ran his left hand under her pants to feel the softness of her bare ass. While still looking at what Shi Fei was doing, Xiao Tian began to play her butts.

Suddenly an exciting idea appeared in his mind. With this idea, Xiao Tian's left hand looked for her cute ass hole, and after finding it, he began to rub it with his middle finger.

Shi Fei, who was feeling his index finger rubbing her ass hole, stopped what she was doing. Then she opened her little mouth, which had just sucked and licked his index finger hungrily and said, "Let's head to the living room and continue what we are doing there."

Because Shi Fei didn't lick his fingers anymore, Xiao Tian put his index finger, which just being licked by Shi Fei, into his mouth. "As I thought, the taste of your saliva is very delicious."

Hearing his words, Shi Fei smiled a little before finally bringing her face closer to his right ear, "If you want, you can also taste my saliva from my other mouth, you know. But, we have to head to the living room first."

"If so, then let's head to the living room right now." Xiao Tian answered instantly.

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