Illicit Relationship Chapter 240

234 Little Brother I Have Been Waiting For You

Xiao Tian and Shi Fei remained in the same position for about ten minutes before finally, Shi Fei returned to her office to work.

Because it was still 09:20 am, Xiao Tian decided to work. Xiao Tian worked for about two hours before finally he stopped and sat on the couch.

'Perfect! Everything went according to what I planned. With this, I can open another shop again. After that, I can buy a building for the main office and buy a house too.'

Xiao Tian couldn't help but smile when he remembered that everything went according to what he had planned.

'With this, I'm getting closer to my predecessor's dream. Xiao Tian, your dream has almost come true so I hope you are happy right now. Sometimes, I wish to know what kind of person you are.'

When Xiao Tian was thinking about his predecessor, he suddenly remembered his promise to Liu Ning.

Because he didn't want to be labeled as a liar, Xiao Tian rose from the couch and headed to the parking lot. And like what he did when he visited Liu Ning last time, Xiao Tian bought a fruit basket before going to the hospital.

Xiao Tian immediately headed to her room after he parked his car. And like what she did last time, Liu Ning was looking at the sky through the window.

"Lady Liu, I came to visit you." Xiao Tian put the fruit basket on the table before finally sitting on the chair.

Liu Ning turned her head toward Xiao Tian and said, "Xiao Tian, you have come?"

"Yes." Xiao Tian nodded his head. "How are you feeling today?"

"I'm fine." Liu Ning said as she smiled.

"I'm glad to hear that." even though Xiao Tian knew that it was a fake smile, he didn't say it. "When will you be discharged from the hospital?"

Actually, Liu Ning was allowed to go home, but because her mind was still in a mess, she decided to stay in the hospital. Coupled with her remembering what Feng Ao had done to her at home, made Liu Ning more unwilling to go home.

When Xiao Tian noticed that Liu Ning didn't answer him, he could only sigh, "Lady Liu, I know this is hard for you, but you can't be like this forever. You're still young, and there are many things that you can do."

Liu Ning looked at Xiao Tian for about six seconds before finally she opened her mouth and said, "Xiao Tian, can you do something for me?"

"What is it?" Xiao Tian inquired

"The person who caused all this is Da Gui." Liu Ning spoke and paused for a second before finally, she continued, "But he is a good young man. He did all of this because he wanted to avenge his brother's death. I'm sure he is in prison right now. Can you help me release him from prison?"

Liu Ning's words greatly surprised Xiao Tian. He didn't expect that she wanted him to free Da Gui, the person who she thought was the cause of everything that happened in her family.

Usually, other people wanted the person who destroyed their family to die in prison or get killed immediately, but Liu Ning didn't have such thoughts. She even wanted Da Gui to be freed from jail.

At this moment, Xiao Tian realized that Liu Ning was indeed a kind lady. She really has a pure heart. Coupled with her beautiful appearance, she was like an angel without wings.

Xiao Tian then looked at her in the eyes and said softly, "Don't worry. I will release him from prison today."

Of course, Xiao Tian dared to say that because Da Gui was already released from prison. Otherwise, Xiao Tian wouldn't dare to say something like that because even though he was famous, Xiao Tian still didn't have power in government.

"Thank you." for the first time since she had been in the hospital, Liu Ning smiled from the bottom of her heart.

Upon seeing that, Xiao Tian's face broke into a smile. Then he cupped her face and said, "But as a reward, I want you to be as cheerful as before because I don't want to see you like this anymore. Can you do that for me?"

"Un." Liu Ning nodded her head.

After that, they talked for about ten minutes. This time, Xiao Tian could tell that Liu Ning began to return to her previous cheerful attitude. She started to talk a lot, and sometimes she even smiled. This was tremendous progress, and Xiao Tian was pleased by this.

Because Xiao Tian had been in her room for about fifteen minutes, he had no choice but to leave, "Lady Liu, I have to leave now."

"Alright. Be careful." even though Liu Ning still wanted to spend time with Xiao Tian, but she knew that visiting hours were over.

Then Xiao Tian went to the campus. But because the class still hasn't started yet, Xiao Tian decided to go to University Garden. And as he usually did, Xiao Tian immediately laid down on the wooden bench.

Xiao Tian stayed in the University Garden for a few minutes before he finally headed to the class. After Xiao Tian finished all his classes, he went straight to Shi Fei's apartment because he promised her that he would spend time with her.

Because it was already 06:00 pm, Xiao Tian was sure that Shi Fei had returned home. That was why Xiao Tian traveled to her apartment.

After Xiao Tian parked his car, he immediately headed to her room.


Xiao Tian knocked on the door.

Shi Fei, who was watching TV, immediately rose from the couch and dashed toward the door. She knew that the person who knocked on the door was none other than Xiao Tian. When Shi Fei remembered that Xiao Tian kept his promise, a dazzling smile appeared on her face.

"Little brother, I've been waiting for you." because she knew that it was Xiao Tian, Shi Fei immediately said that after opening the door. Luckily what she had guessed was correct; otherwise, she was sure that she would be embarrassed.

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