Illicit Relationship Chapter 24

21 The Results

Suddenly the entire room was filled with laughter after they heard Xiao Tian's words. Yun Xin Er was a very famous singer in China, so they think it's weird if someone didn't know anything about her.

At that time, they thought Xiao Tian lived under a stone for not knowing anything about Yun Xin Er and one by one they began pitying him for not knowing her angelic voice or her beautiful appearance from the beginning of her debut.

But at this time Yun Xin Er had a different thought, she wasn't pitying him for not knowing anything about her rather she was embarrassed at how confident she was.

At that time, Yun Xin Er wanted to dig a hole and hid in there forever. she thought there weren't people that didn't know her in whole China because of how her song was always on the top chart or because of her beautiful appearance and her angelic voice.

Xiao Tian who saw the audiences laughing at him had a calm face like it had nothing to do with him. He didn't like watching TV or reading newspaper so it's only natural if he didn't know anything about her and he was only in this world for a few days too.

In his previous life because of how rich his father was, he always spent his time studying and playing with girls.

He never cared about news or something like that because whatever happen he won't become poor people and will always have a good life because his father owned a lot of companies.

Well, it can be said all his behavior was from his previous life father. After his previous life mother passed away, his previous life father changed so much, from good and a loyal person to become an asshole person.

whenever his previous life father wanted to go to the pub or discotheques, his previous life father always dragged him with his father.

Even when his previous life father brought a woman, his father also brings a woman to him. at that time he was even still in middle school.

Long story short, the reason Xiao Tian's playboy character was because of his previous life father too. You can say, the fruit will not fall far from the tree or you could say his previous father was successful in educating his child.

acting like she didn't feel embarrassing, Yun Xin Er gave a cough and said " how about it little brother ? will you sell it or not? "

She was sure if she sings this song, she will be in the new height so she will do anything to get this song from him.

At first, she didn't want to come to this competition and became a judge in this piano competition because she didn't understand much about piano but because her company's director told her to just come, sit and praise the contestant, she had no choice but to came in the end.

She didn't think that she will hit the jackpot. From what she felt when he was playing the piano until the reaction of judges and audiences, she knew that this song was a masterpiece.

" well if you want to buy it, of course, I'll sell it but.if you state the right price. " said Xiao Tian.

Even though he said the right price, he actually didn't know how much was the right price because he never sells a song before.

Hearing Xiao Tian was willing to sell his song, Yun Xin Er was happy and immediately said " how much do you think this right price is? "

When Xiao Tian heard this, he was cursing in his heart, he wanted her to state her price first because he didn't know how much the right price for his song was

" how much do you want to buy my song, big sister? " Xiao Tian asked.

He wanted to know her price first then he'll give a higher price.

" How about 50.000 RMB " Yun Xin Er said.

Of course, she gave him a low price at first because that was the rule of business.

When the audiences heard that, they were shocked because it was the same prize for the 3rd place while the judges twitched their lips when they heard she was giving a masterpiece song only 50.000 RMB but they decided not involving in this conversation.

Xiao Tian kept silence, he was thinking, was 50.000 RMB the right price or not.

Looking at Xiao Tian that keeps silence, she thought that he won't sell his song for that low price so she added again " 70.000 RMB "

suddenly there was a black line in Xiao Tian face when Yun Xin Er raised the price.

As I thought so she prices my song at a low price. He thought to himself.

At that time, Xiao Tian keep silence, he wanted to know will she raise the price again or not. If she raised her price again it means, her price was still low and if not if mean that her price was already high.

Looking at Xiao Tian who keeps silence, Yun Xin Er gritted her teeth and said " 100.000 RMB "

The audiences felt their blood freeze when they heard she was willing to pay his song for 100.000 RMB. It was the same at the second prize so, whatever Xiao Tian win this come petition or not, he already hit the jackpot by participation in this competition.

At this time Ye Xueyin was shocked because the famous singer wanted to buy her son's song at a high price. She didn't know her son was multi-talented. He was good at playing piano and even creating the song too.

Looking at Xiao Tian that still silences Yun Xin Er said again " take it or leave it? " her price was already high, it was the same price as when she bought the song from a famous composer.

Hearing what Yun Xin Er say, Xiao Tian knew that it was the highest price for his song so he immediately said " sure. "

Yun Xin Er immediately smiled and said " so when will you give me the lyric? "

" after this audition over I'll give you the lyric " Xiao Tian said as he smiled

" good " said Yun Xin Er.

She actually curious about the lyric and wanted to see it immediately but it's not the right time for it.

" Alright, because miss Yun already get what she wants, let's give him a pointer at his performance. " said the host

" I have no comment for that " said one of the judges

" me too "

" me too "

" me too "

" haha. Young man, look like you have played it well until making them couldn't give you a comment " said black middle-aged man judge

" thank you. " said Xiao Tian. he then left the stage.

" already everyone, the judges will give us the result in thirty minutes so you can take a break right now. " said the host

After that, the judges went to the small room to discuss who will be the winner.

Thirty minutes later they were coming out from that room and standing on the stage while carrying the sign of the winner for top three.

" Alright everyone let's not talking bulshit anymore and just announce the top three. " said the host, he then continued " judges please tell us the result "

At this time the audiences were holding their breath. They were curious who will be the top three because they thought all of them were playing the piano very well.

" alright. The 3rd place is Cho Han " said black clothes middle-aged man judge


The mature young man suddenly stood up and walking toward the stage to get his prize. He did handshake with judges before one of the judges give him the trophy for the third place

" alright the 2nd place is Hu Ling " said blue clothes middles aged man judge


The beautiful young woman stood up and walking to the stage to get her prize. She did handshake with judges before one of the judges give her the trophy for the second place

" and for the champion in this competition is Xiao Tian " said Yun Xin Er
for visiting.

Xiao Tian stood up and walking to the stage to get his prize. He did handshake with judges before Yun Xin Er give him the trophy for the first place.

At that time, Yun Xin Er saw he only smile and not surprised when she announces he was the champion, he treated it like it was an ordinary thing.

At this time Ye Xueyin was happy, she didn't expect her son will be the champion because she never knew her son can playing piano but now she knew that her son was good at playing the piano.

And with that, the competition was over.
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