Illicit Relationship Chapter 234

228 Tian My Heart Is Already Yours

They were embracing each other for about forty seconds before finally, Liu Ning halted the hug.

Xiao Tian then kissed Liu Ning's forehead and said, "I will come again tomorrow."

When Xiao Tian was kissing her, Liu Ning did nothing as if it was normal for him to kiss her. "Alright."

After Xiao Tian left the hospital, he didn't immediately go home; instead, he traveled to Liu Xing Xue's home.

As soon as he arrived at her home, Xiao Tian got out of the car and knocked on the door.


"Little Xue, you lover Xiao Tian has come to visit you." Xiao Tian said happily after knocking on the door.

Soon, a beautiful mature lady opened the door, "Xiao Tian, come in."

Xiao Tian's face blossomed into a smile when he saw the beautiful lady in front of him. And because he wanted to lovey-dovey with Lin Xing Xue, Xiao Tian immediately carried her in princes style.

"Kya." his action greatly surprised her. Lin Xing Xue didn't expect that Xiao Tian would suddenly carry her like that. "You almost made me have a heart attack, you know. You are really a bad boy."

"Bad boy, huh? Because my lover said that I'm a bad boy, I will behave like a bad boy." after closing the door, Xiao Tian marched toward the living room. And because Xiao Tian wanted to lovey-dovey with Lin Xing Xue, he put her on his lap after he sat on the couch.

Lin Xing Xue pinched his nose and smiled, "So, you want to lovey-dovey with me, huh?"

"Of course." Xiao Tian gave her an honest answer. "You are my lover, so of course I want to lovey-dovey with you."

"Why do you suddenly want lovey-dovey with me?" because Lin Xing Xue was used to sitting on his lap, she didn't try to leave from his lap; instead, she placed her head on his shoulders.

"Because I want to. Hehe." Xiao Tian laughed happily after giving her an answer.

"Xiao Tian, thank you." Lin Xing Xue said. From her voice, everyone could tell that the words were coming from the bottom of her heart.

Xiao Tian had no idea why Lin Xing Xue suddenly said something like that. "Why are you suddenly saying that?"

Lin Xing Xue didn't immediately answer him and made a circle on his chest. But after about five seconds, she finally replied, "I know that you are the cause of what happened to Feng Ao."

Earlier, when Lin Xing Xue knew that someone was slandering Feng Ao's company, she didn't know that Xiao Tian was the mastermind behind it.

However, when she remembered the expression on Xiao Tian's face when Feng Ao was humiliating her, she had no idea why she suddenly thought that Xiao Tian was the mastermind of everything that happened to Feng Ao and his company.

When she remembered what Feng Ao had done to her in the past, Lin Xing Xue was happy for what had happened to Feng Ao.

Since they divorced, Lin Xing Xue wanted to destroy Feng Ao's life like how he had ruined her life. However, Lin Xing Xue was from a lower-class family, and she was also a woman, so she knew that she would never be able to get revenge on Feng Ao.

She just didn't expect that the young man, who always wanted her to be his girlfriend, took her revenge on Feng Ao. She was utterly happy by the fact that Feng Ao's life had been destroyed.

And what made her happier was that she would be able to get her daughter back. Because with Feng Ao being in prison, no one would stop her from taking her daughter back.

Xiao Tian finally understood why she suddenly thank him. He just didn't expect Lin Xing Xue knew that he was the cause of everything that had happened to Feng Ao. "How about you reward me for my hard work?"

"What do you want?" because Xiao Tian had done something big for her, Lin Xing Xue decided to give him whatever he wanted.

Hearing her words, Xiao Tian started to smirk, "How about we have sex right now?"

"Alright." after saying that, Lin Xing Xue wanted to take off her clothes.

"No, no, no, no, no. I'm joking." Xiao Tian didn't expect that Lin Xing Xue would take his words seriously. Earlier because he wanted to tease her, Xiao Tian decided to say that.

Xiao Tian didn't want her to think that he only wanted her body, not her heart. That was why he immediately stopped her when she tried to take off her clothes.

"Oh!" because Xiao Tian said that he was joking around, Lin Xing Xue stopped what she was doing. "So, what do you want?"

"Your heart." Xiao Tian answered instantly.

Lin Xing Xue then sat facing Xiao Tian and said, "Tian, my heart is already yours, so you don't need to ask for that anymore."

"Little Xue, if I say that I have anoth-"when Xiao Tian wanted to say that he has another woman, he suddenly felt the words stuck in his throat.

Xiao Tian was afraid that if he said that he had three other girlfriends, Lin Xing Xue would leave him and didn't want to meet him anymore. For this reason, Xiao Tian was unable to finish his words.

"What is it?" because Xiao Tian didn't finish his words, Lin Xing Xue didn't know what he wanted.

"Hmm. It's nothing." Xiao Tian was too afraid to tell her the truth.

Lin Xing Xue then cupped his face before kissing his forehead. "Just for information, I love you, dearly, and I want us to be together forever until death do us part."

Her words made Xiao Tian even more unable to tell her the truth. He really loved her and didn't want to lose her.

And even though he knew that someday his actions could backfire on him, Xiao Tian still didn't tell her the truth.

'I'm such a loser.'

Because in his past life he only played with women and never loved them, Xiao Tian had no idea what he should do at this situation.

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