Illicit Relationship Chapter 233

227 You Can Cry If You Want To

Because Zhao Chen still had important things to do, he looked at Jingjing and went to the point, "I will take him out now."

Jingjing knew that they would take Da Gui out of the police station, but she just didn't expect that Zhao Chen himself would come to free Da Gui. "Alright."

Then they immediately left the police station and went to the Bamboo Restaurant. However, because Zhao Chen had promised with someone, he parted with them at the police station.

After they arrived at the Bamboo Restaurant, they immediately headed to the VIP area. At this moment, Zhao Sheng sat on the right side of Xiao Tian while Lan Ruoxi and Da Gui sat on the opposite side of them.

"Brother Da Gui. This is a token of thanks from me." Xiao Tian gave Da Gui an envelope. "Inside this envelope, there is a credit card under your name. The PIN number is your birthday."

Because Xiao Tian knew that Da Gui had no more money for daily needs, Xiao Tian decided to give Da Gui money for helping him.

At this time, Da Gui was wavering whether he should accept it or not. Sure, he really needed money because he had spent all of his late brother's money, but because they helped him get revenge, Da Gui felt that he shouldn't accept it.

Upon seeing the expression on his face, Xiao Tian knew that Da Gui was wavering. That was why he put the envelope on Da Gui's hands and smiled, "Just take it."

"Thank you brother Xiao Tian." because Xiao Tian wanted him to accept it, Da Gui thought that it would be rude if he refused.

"So, what will you do from now on?" because the reason he stayed alive was to get revenge on Feng Ao, Zhao Shen was curious about what Da Gui would do after he avenged the death of his brother. "You won't attempt suicide again, right?"

"No" Da Gui shook his head. "I'm sure my late brother wouldn't want to see me attempt suicide again. I will find a job and live normally like before."

"Yes. You're right." Xiao Tian said as he nodded his head.

After that, they talked for about an hour before finally, they went home.

However, when Xiao Tian was traveling toward his home, he suddenly thought that he should visit Liu Ning.

And because Xiao Tian didn't want to come with empty hands, he bought fruit basket before going to the hospital. And after asking the staff where Liu Ning was being treated, he immediately headed toward her room.

Xiao Tian couldn't help but sigh when he saw the expression on her face. "Lady Liu, I came to visit you."

Liu Ning, who was seeing the sky through the window, turned her head toward Xiao Tian.

Xiao Tian then put the fruit basket on the table and sat on the chair.

When Liu Ning saw Xiao Tian, she opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something to him but decided against it.

"How are you feeling?" because Xiao Tian wanted to show her that he was worried about her condition, he made a concerned expression.

"I'm fine." Liu Ning gave him a short answer.

Xiao Tian didn't mind it because he knew that she was not in good condition. Then Xiao Tian touched her hands and said, "Lady Liu, if you need anything, you can tell me about it. I will do my best to help you."

"Thank you." once again, Liu Ning gave him a short answer as if she was in no mood to talk to anyone.

Even though Liu Ning always gave him a short answer, Xiao Tian still tried to cheer her up. Seconds turned into minutes and without realizing it, fifteen minutes had passed.

Because Xiao Tian had been in her room for fifteen minutes, he thought that it was time to leave. "Lady Liu, I have to leave now. I will visit you again tomorrow."

However, when Xiao Tian was about to walk out of the room, Liu Ning suddenly pulled his T-shirt. "Xiao Tian"

Xiao Tian turned around and asked, "What is it, lady Liu? Do you need anything?"

Liu Ning didn't answer him and only looked at him. Even though she was in no the mood to talk to anyone, but she was pleased when she knew that Xiao Tian was visiting her.

Even though Liu Ning didn't finish her words, Xiao Tian understood that she wanted him to stay with her longer.

Upon seeing the expression on her face, Xiao Tian embraced her and said, "I know this is hard for you, but I'm sure you can get through it."

Liu Ning hugged Xiao Tian tighter, and suddenly tears fell down her cheeks. "Xiao Tian."

From her voice, Xiao Tian knew that Liu Ning was crying. That was why he tapped her back and said, "You can cry if you want to."

But instead of crying, Liu Ning stopped the hug and looked at him. Her beautiful eyes were covered with tears which could fall to her soft cheeks at any time.

"It's fine, lady Liu. It's fine. I know you can get through all of this because you are a strong lady." Xiao Tian wiped the tears off with his thumb. "Please remember this, lady Liu. You are not alone because I will always be there for you, so if you need anything, you can immediately tell me about it."

"Un." Liu Ning nodded her head.

I'm sure if Zhao Sheng and Lan Rouxi heard what I had just said, they would laugh loudly. Xiao Tian thought to himself.

"I have to leave now because visiting hours are over." the reason Xiao Tian wanted to immediately leave was that he didn't want to see the sadness on her face anymore.

The longer he saw her condition, the more he felt guilty for everything he had done to her. That was why Xiao Tian said that visiting hours were over.

To his surprise, Liu Ning suddenly embraced him again. However, because he wanted to cheer her up, Xiao Tian let her do whatever she wanted.

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