Illicit Relationship Chapter 232

226 The Truth

Feng Ao, who knew that his plan was going smoothly, immediately traveled to the Lou Hotel. And after he arrived at the hotel, he immediately headed toward her room.

When Feng Ao saw that Lin Xing Xue was sleeping on the bed, he immediately took off her clothes and asked the young man to get naked before pretending to sleep on Lin Xing Xue's side.

When everything was ready, Feng Ao got out of the room and entered again. He pretended to be angry when he saw that Lin Xing Xue was sleeping with another man.

At this moment, Lin Xing Xue tried her best to explain everything, but Feng Ao didn't want to hear it.

And to make Lin Xing Xue look like she was really having an affair with the young man, Feng Ao threw the pictures of Lin Xing Xue and the young man.

Lin Xing Xue was shocked by that and immediately denied it.

Of course, Feng Ao didn't want to listen to her words and accused Lin Xing Xue of having an affair with another man.

Lin Xing Xue wanted the young man to help her explain everything, but the young man immediately left, making her not know what to say to her husband.

With that, Feng Ao said that he wanted to divorce her because he did not want to have a wife who likes having an affair with another man.

After that, they finally divorced. However, because Feng Ao wanted to blame everything on Lin Xing Xue, he told everyone that his ex-wife had an affair with another man.

Soon, business partners and subordinates of Feng Ao found out about it. They then began to call Lin Xing Xue, a slut who only used her pretty face to get whatever she wanted.

And not only that, but many men also started asking Lin Xing Xue what price they had to pay if they wanted to sleep with her.

Because Lin Xing Xue could not take it anymore, she decided to return to her hometown.

However, Feng Ao immediately told everyone in her hometown that Lin Xing Xue was a slut who liked to sleep with a man.

Soon, everyone in her hometown began to call her slut and of course, all the men in her hometown also always asked what price they had to pay if they wanted to sleep with her.

With this, not only did she lose her reputation, but her family's good name was also ruined by the rumors.

Because Lin Xing Xue didn't want everyone to insult her parents, she asked her parents to move to Shanghai.

However, when they were traveling to Shanghai, they suddenly had a car accident. Lin Xing Xue's parents died in a car accident.

Lin Xing Xue was saddened by this and almost became a crazy person. Luckily she still remembered that she has a daughter. And because her daughter was her only family who was still alive in this world, she began to work hard so that she could take her daughter back.

Of course, Liu Ning didn't know about all this and still thought that Feng Ao's wife was a bad woman who liked to cheat on her husband.

Using dirty methods, Feng Ao finally got Liu Ning back as his girlfriend. And because he really loved her, Feng Ao immediately asked her to be his wife.

And because Liu Ning was also in love with him, she accepted it without thinking twice.

*end of the flashback.

Liu Ning was shocked after hearing Da Gui's story. She didn't expect that all this time, her husband was a bad guy. Not only did he kill his best friend, he even destroyed Lin Xing Xue's life.

At this moment, she really wanted to meet Lin Xing Xue so that she could apologize for what had happened to Lin Xing Xue and her family.

"So, all this time" Liu Ning could not finish her words because everything was too sudden for her.

All this time, she always thought that her husband was a good man, but she was wrong. Her husband wasn't a good man but an evil man who would do anything to get whatever he wanted.

"So, what did you do after your big brother died?" Jingjing asked curiously.

"I dropped out of school and began to investigate the cause of my big brother's death. Because my brother still has money in his bank account, I can live without working. So, I spent all day investigating the cause of my big brother's death. However, now all the money is used, and nothing is left in the bank account." then Da Gui looked at Liu Ning. "Do you still think that your husband is a good person, big sister Liu Ning?"

At this time, Liu Ning didn't answer him. Her mind was still in a mess because everything was too suddenly to her.

When Jingjing saw Lin Xing Xue's condition, she told the policewoman to bring Liu Ning back to the hospital.

After the investigation was over, Zhao Sheng, Xiao Tian, Lan Ruoxi and Zhao Chen went to the police station to meet Jingjing.

They immediately headed to the investigation room after they arrived at the police station. Because they knew who Zhao Chen was, none of the police stopped them when they were heading toward the investigation room.

"Yo, Da Gui." Zhao Sheng waved at Da Gui the moment he stepped into the investigation room.

"Young master Zhao." Even though they were at the same age, but because Zhao Sheng was from the famous upper-class family, Da Gui decided to call Zhao Sheng young master.

When Xiao Tian was in front of Da Gui, he immediately smiled and said, "Thank you for helping me."

"It should be my line." Da Gui answered instantly

Zhao Sheng then tapped Da Gui's shoulders and said, "Don't worry, Feng Ao will never be able to get out of prison again."

Even though Da Gui really wanted to kill Feng Ao, but after knowing that Feng Ao would never be able to get out of prison anymore, he was satisfied.

Suddenly tears fell down his cheeks. But those were not tears of sadness but tears of happiness. "Big brother Lei, I can finally avenge your death."

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