Illicit Relationship Chapter 231

225 A Plan To Kill Da Lei

However, before Feng Ao called a hitman, he suddenly wavered again. For this reason, he spent all day thinking about what he had to do to make Liu Ning his woman without killing Da Lei.

Finally, Feng Ao chose to use dirty methods again. But like before, everything was in vain. He had tried many dirty methods, but still, the results were different from what he wanted, as if the goddess of luck was always by Liu Ning's side.

This made Feng Ao annoyed and furious, making him reach the limit of his patience. Couple with Liu Ning and Da Lei always lovey-dovey every time they spend time together, made Feng Ao finally think that he had to get rid of Da Lei.

As soon as he arrived home, Feng Ao immediately called a hitman. The hitman agreed and said that he would kill Da Lei as quickly as possible.

And because Feng Ao didn't want everyone to think that Da Lei was killed by him, he asked a hitman to make it look like Da Lei died in a car accident.

With that, he was sure that Liu Ning would be saddened by the death of her lover. And when she was in a condition of breaking down, Feng Ao would take advantages of the situation.

Not only was he able to get closer to Liu Ning, but his good reputation would not be ruined either. This was a perfect plan to make Liu Ning his woman.

The assassin immediately carried out his mission, and with years of experience killing people, he managed to make Da Lei die as if he died in a car accident.

And like what Feng Ao had guessed, Liu Ning was saddened by the death of her lover. Without wasting time, Feng Ao took advantage of the situation by pretending to cheer her up.

Feng Ao met her every day on the grounds that he was worried about her condition. Due to this, their relationship had gotten closer than before.

But still, Liu Ning had no feelings for Feng Ao and regarded him only as a friend. This made Feng Ao furious.

So, Feng Ao finally decided to use thugs to help him make Liu Ning his woman. However, he didn't choose to become a white knight in shining armor; instead, he let himself get beaten by the thugs when he was helping Liu Ning.

Because with that, Liu Ning would be grateful to him and take care of his wound. And his plan was a huge success because after he helped Liu Ning from thugs, Feng Ao could feel that she was treating him differently than before.

This made Feng Ao thrilled and laughed happily in his head. But of course, he didn't show it on his face because he was afraid that if he did that, Liu Ning would know that he was the cause of everything.

Days changed into weeks and weeks turned into months, but Liu Ning still loved Da Lei. However, her love was not as big as before because she knew that she had to move on.

And because Feng Ao always by her side when she was feeling down, the seed of love began to appear within her heart. But of course, she tried her best to hide it because Feng Ao was Da Lei's best friend.

She was afraid that if they became lovers, Da Gui would hate her or other people would have bad thoughts about her. However, the more she suppressed her feelings, the more those feelings blossomed in her heart.

At this moment, Liu Ning still didn't know that Feng Ao already had a wife and daughter because Feng Ao never told her and he also asked Da Lei to never tell Liu Ning about it. Because they often spent time together, Liu Ning began to show her feeling for Feng Ao.

Not long after that, they became lovers. However, a week after they became lovers, Liu Ning found out that Feng Ao already had wife and daughter.

For this reason, Liu Ning began to ignore Feng Ao and told him to never meet her again because she didn't want to become a mistress or destroy the feelings of another woman.

Because Feng Ao really loved Liu Ning and could not separate from her, he refused to break up with her and told her that his wife was having an affair with another man.

Of course, it was a lie, but he had to do that because with that, not only was he able to divorce his wife and keep his good image, but he could get Liu Ning back.

At first, Liu Ning didn't believe it and thought that Feng Ao was talking nonsense to get her attention or want to be her boyfriend again.

Due to this, Feng Ao immediately carried out his mission. Feng Ao sent a young man to take Lin Xing Xue to go shopping as an apology because he rarely spent time with her in the past few months.

Lin Xing Xue, who did not have bad thoughts towards her husband, agreed to go shopping with the young man. They went shopping several times, and even though Feng Ao rarely spent time together with her, Lin Xing Xue was pleased because she thought that Feng Ao still loved her.

However, what Lin Xing Xue didn't know was that someone took a picture of her and the young man when they were away shopping together.

And because Feng Ao could not wait any longer, he invited Lin Xing Xue dinner at Luo hotel so that he could carry out his main plan.

After receiving a call from Feng Ao, Lin Xing Xue went to the Luo hotel. However, when she arrived at Luo hotel, Feng Ao suddenly called her and asked her to wait there because he suddenly had important work.

And like before, Lin Xing Xue had no bad thoughts toward her husband and immediately agreed to wait for him in the hotel.

However, because Feng Ao still hadn't come to Lou hotel even though it was already 09:00 pm, Lin Xing Xue decided to have a light meal.

With this intention, Lin Xing Xue headed to the first floor. And when she was eating the food, she suddenly met the young man who always accompanied her to go shopping.

At first, Lin Xing Xue wanted to ask him to leave her alone, but because she didn't want to be rude to her husband's subordinates, she let him sit with her.

Then they began to talk about many things. And because the young man wanted to put sleeping pills on her drink, he was always looking for opportunities to do that, but couldn't find the right time to do it.

Because he didn't want to wait for another second, he asked his friend to help him. After that, the waiter came towards them and told Lin Xing Xue that someone was looking for her.

Hearing the waiter's words, Lin Xing Xue immediately rose from her seat and met that person.

Without waiting for another second, the young man immediately put sleeping pills on Lin Xing Xue's drink.

Not long after that, Lin Xing Xue returned to her seat and continued consuming the food. Lin Xing Xue immediately felt sleepy after drinking red wine.

Seeing the opportunities had arisen, the young man brought Lin Xing Xue to her room. And after he put Lin Xing Xue on the bed, he immediately called Feng Ao.

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