Illicit Relationship Chapter 230

224 Your Big Brothers Girlfriend Is Stunning

But someday, Da Lei returned home with Liu Ning and Feng Ao. And because Feng Ao brought food for them, they immediately headed to the dining room to eat it.

"Big brother Feng Ao, it has been a while for you to come to my home." Da Gui, who was sitting on the right side of Feng Ao, said.

"Do you miss me? Hehe." Feng Ao rubbed Da Gui's hair and laughed. "I was very busy, so I couldn't come to your home. However, I will often come to your house from tomorrow onward."

Da Gui then stretched out his right arm toward Feng Ao and chirped, "Where is my juice?"

Because Feng Ao often gave him juice every time he visited their home, Da Gui immediately asked for juice when he could not find it on a plastic bag.

"Hahaha." Feng Ao could not help but laugh when Da Gui asked for juice. "Sorry. Earlier, your big brother suddenly told me to come to your home as soon as possible, so I forgot to bring it with me."

A sad expression suddenly appeared on Da Gui's face after hearing Feng Ao's words.

Seeing that, Feng Ao immediately said, "Don't worry. Next time, I will bring a lot of juice for you."

"Really?" Da Gui was pleased by Feng Ao's words. The sad expression on his face immediately turned into a dazzling smile.

"Yes." Feng Ao nodded his head.

Da Lei could only sigh after hearing Da Gui's words. "Sigh. This brother of mine. How could he ask for juice with a straight face like that?"

"It's fine. It's fine." Feng Ao spoked and paused for a second before he continued, "Oh! So this beautiful lady is your girlfriend?"

"Yes. This is my girlfriend." Da Lei then looked at Liu Ning, "Introduce yourself to him."

Without waiting for another second, Liu Ning immediately introduced herself. "Hello. I'm Liu Ning, Da Lei's girlfriend. I've heard about you several times from Lei."

"Oh! Is that so? Haha." Feng Ao then looked at Da Lei. "You didn't tell a bad thing about me, right?"

"Of course not." Da Lei answered instantly. "I only told her that I'm lucky to have you as my best friend."

"Yes. That's right. Lei always said good things about you." Liu Ning added.

"Oh! It seems like I don't choose the wrong person as my best friend." Feng Ao was pleased when he knew that Da Lei always said a good thing about him in front of his pretty girlfriend.

'Damn! His girlfriend is beautiful. How could he get a pretty girl like her as a girlfriend? She is even as beautiful as my wife. Now, I wonder, how does it feel to sleep with her?'

Feng Ao could not help but want to get a taste of Liu Ning's body when he saw her pretty face and sexy body.

Da Lei, who had no idea what was in Feng Ao's mind, laughed happily after hearing Feng Ao's words.

Then they began to eat the food together. But when they were eating the food, Feng Ao always stole glances at Liu Ning.

When Da Gui noticed that, he looked at Feng Ao and asked, "Big brother Feng Ao, why did you always glance at big sister Liu Ning?"

Because Da Gui knew what he was doing, he immediately looked for an excuse, "Your big brother's girlfriend is stunning. I suddenly feel envy of him."

At this time, Da Lei had no bad thoughts towards Feng Ao. "Haha. You think so too? You know, sometimes I even think that all of this is a dream. I just didn't expect that I would have a beautiful and kind girlfriend like her."

Liu Ning smiled happily when Da Lei praised her in front of his best friend and little brother.

Because none of them knew what was on Feng Ao's mind, they thought that Feng Ao was really envy of Da Lei.

After that day, they often met and hung out together. And of course, Feng Ao tried to get along with Liu Ning too.

However, Liu Ning thought that Feng Ao wanted to befriend her because she was his best friend's girlfriend.

Three months had passed since Feng Ao knew Liu Ning, and the more Feng Ao knew about Liu Ning, the more he liked her. But of course, he didn't show it on his face.

For the sake of spending time alone with Liu Ning, Feng Ao always invited her to go somewhere together with the reason to buy something for Da Lei. But Liu Ning always refused him, saying that it was not a good idea to go somewhere together, just the two of them.

Feng Ao was always annoyed by this, but of course, he didn't show it on his face because he wanted to make her think of him as a good man.

However, the more he spent time with Liu Ning, the more he understood that it was impossible to make Liu Ning his woman because he realized that she was really in love with Da Lei.

For this reason, Feng Ao began to think of a way to snatch her from Da Lei.

'What should I do to make her mine? She loves Da Lei so much, and because of that, she always refuses to spend time alone with me. Should I use dirty methods?'

Because Liu Ning didn't want to spend time alone with him, for the first time in his life Feng Ao suddenly wanted to make Da Lei disappear from the world.

I know that my wife is also as beautiful as Liu Ning, but why do I want to make Liu Ning my woman so badly? And that sexy body of hers is really so alluring. Feng Ao thought to himself.

At this time, Feng Ao was wavering whether he should kill Da Lei or not.

However, after remembering Liu Ning's pretty face and sexy body, Feng Ao decided to kill his best friend. For this reason, he immediately called a hitman.

Lei, don't blame me for this. You should blame that girlfriend of yours for not wanting to be my woman. Feng Ao thought to himself.

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