Illicit Relationship Chapter 23

20 Illusion

Xiao Tian was sitting on the chair in the competition room. This time, the competition's room was big. In front of the stage, there were four chairs with four judges sitting on it and behind the four judges, a lot of audiences were sitting quietly, waiting to see the contestant performance.

Three judges were the same judges on the first day but today, there was a young beautiful woman around twenty-three years old sitting on the judge chair.

The young woman was wearing a slim white dress, making anyone can see her perfect figure. Her black hair descending onto her waist and her skin are glistening like beautiful jade. She has a fine raised nose, pointed chin and a slender jade-like neck, added with her big breast, making people feel inferior to her.

At that time, when Xiao Tian looked at her, and coincidently she also looked at him.

What a beautiful woman.

She is as beautiful as my aunt, thought Xiao Tian to himself.

When the young woman saw Xiao Tian, she mused " isn't that a young man on that coffee shop that time? He is one of the top ten? "

The young woman was curious and looked at him for a while.

Suddenly a young man around twenty-five years old walking toward the stage. He then said " Alright everyone, welcome to the piano competition. My name is Bai Du and I'm the host for this final piano competition "

Suddenly some of the audiences laughed when Bai Du introduced himself, even the judges were holding themselves not to laugh at Bai Du.

Finally, one of the audiences said " Bai Du, is your brother google and yahoo here with you? "

Bai Du was used to this kind of thing and treated it as a joke so he smiled and said " no, my brothers are not here, they are sleeping at home right now "

One of the audiences said again " what a pity. I thought today I can meet google and yahoo. Sigh "

[note: Baidu is a search engine ]

"alright, alright stop joking. I know everyone can't wait to see our contestant right? so let's stop talking and begin the competition. Participants, please take the number inside this blue box to decide who will do the first performance and so on. " said the Bai Du

When the contestants picked a number to decide who will perform first, Xiao Tian got number 10 so it's mean he was the last.

From the first contestant until the ninth contestant, they played the piano very well, they did their best so they can become the champion.

after waiting for about two hours, Xiao Tian turn had finally come.

He walked to the stage and stopped in front of the judges and audiences.

" Hello judges, hello audiences, I'm Xiao Tian, number 666. I'll play my song this time, I named this song ' illusion ' " said Xiao Tian.

Once again after he introduced himself, his words dropped the entire area into dead silence and he knew the reason. It's because there was a ' Xiao ' surname before his birth name

He immediately said " don't misunderstand, I'm not from that big Xiao family, if I were from that big Xiao family I won't be here. I just happen have this name "

" ah that right, if he were from Xiao family, he won't be here "

" ahh you are right, I was shocked when I heard his name earlier "

" me too "

" me too. I was shocked too and almost couldn't believe what I heard "

" I almost thought Xiao family want to mess around in this competition "

" Are you stupid? Xiao family won't even put this kind of competition in their eyes "

" that's right. this kind of competition is not worth their attention "
for visiting.

" you're right "

" and I've never seen him in Xiao family too "

" if he were from Xiao family, he must have been famous in China "

" That right, when all young masters of Xiao family on TV I didn't see him so he just happens to have named ' Xiao ' as a surname "

" I never thought anyone would dare to use Xiao as their family name "

" me too "

" He is lucky Xiao family never harm him and his family until now"

" ah that's right "

At this time there was a beautiful mature woman that had a sad face, tears fell on her cheek after she heard what Xiao Tian and audiences say. She immediately wiped her tears off with her sleeve and continued watching from the audiences chair as she mused " I'm sorry Tian "

After finished introducing himself, Xiao Tian sat in front of the piano and gently lifted the lid. His face suddenly became serious and he began placing his finger in the black and white keyboard.

As his finger touching the black and white keyboard, a joyful and happy melody was coming out and entered the judges and audience ears.

When they heard the joyful sound, they started losing all his five sense as if they were living in someone else's life.

Xiao Tian is playing ' illusion '

Illusion was a song about an angel that falling in love with a human. She always looking at that human from heaven every day.

She saw him as a kind, strong, loving, tolerance, and honest human. She was really happy when she watched him every day until one day she couldn't hold it anymore and wanted to meet him.

She then met GOD to ask permission to meet that human. GOD immediately gave her a warning that human was dangerous being because they had emotion, unlike an angel.

But because she was madly falling in love with that human, she ignored GOD warning.

Seeing at how she really wants to meet that human, GOD finally gave her permission but with one condition.

She has to become human too and after she became human, she can't become an angel again.

Without thinking, she immediately agreed to GOD's condition. She immediately descends from heaven to meet him and after a few days, they finally met.

Not long after they meet, they were falling in love with each other and decided to become a lover. She was really happy or that what she thought.

The judges and audiences felt like they were that angel herself, they knew how she feels at that time, how happy she was but suddenly the sound changed and turned sorrowful as she was betrayed by that human.

The human was agreed to date her because she has an item that could make him get anything he wants and after he gets that item, he threw her, abandoned her in the middle of heavy rain.

The judges and audiences can felt that angel's regret, anger, sadness, depression, helplessness, and frustration. She wanted to repeat time and listen to GOD but it was too late because GOD said she can't become an angel again and had to live as a human being.

Finally, she lived with regret and dies with regret.

After that, the sound of the piano ended, everybody immediately came to their sense. There were even tears in some of the audience's face.

The entire area dropped into silence for a few seconds before all the judges and audiences were standing at the same time.

Ye Xueyin who wanted to surprise her son with secretly coming to the competition had a complex face, she didn't know her son was so talented, she even feels like she was that angel herself. She suddenly felt proud of her son, she nodded her head and mused " as expected of my son "





And the entire room was full of the clap sound

" Alright, everyone, I know. But let me said something first " said blue clothes middle-aged man, he then continued. " how long are you playing the piano, young man? "

" about one year. " said Xiao Tian

Black clothes middle aged man said in surprise " what? one year? " he didn't want to believe it, in just one year that young man can play that well and that even with the original song.

The audiences were shocked too after they knew that he only learns piano a years ago and already play that well.

When did playing piano become this easy? they thought in their head.

Suddenly the beautiful young woman judge said " little brother, what inspired you when you created this beautiful song? "

" at that time, it was rain and I suddenly wanted to create a song about an angel and human. after that this song was created " Xiao Tian answered honestly

" did you have the lyric for this melody? " asked the young woman again

" yes I have " Xiao Tian said as he nodded

" what is it miss Yun? Do you want to buy his song ? " said middle-aged man judge

" yes " said the young woman honestly

the entire area dropped into silence, they didn't expect that the young woman judge wanted to buy Xiao Tian's song

" little brother, I'm Yun Xin Er, you already know me right. I want to buy your song, will you sell it? " said Yun Xin Er

" Sorry but I don't know anything about you. " Xiao Tian said honestly
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