Illicit Relationship Chapter 229

223 How About We Cook Dinner Together Later?

Not long after that, a grown man arrived at the police station. With documents in his hands, he entered the police station. The grown man immediately left after giving the documents to Jingjing.

Jingjing, who was reading the documents, was shocked. She didn't expect that Da Gui really had proof of everything he just said.

And what surprised her most was that the grown man who had just sent the documents was none other than Zhao Chen's people, the head family of the famous Zhao Family.

Jingjing thought that only Lan Ruoxi supported Da Gui. She did not expect that he was also supported by the Zhao family.

'I thought that all of this is a scenario. But it seems like Da Lei was indeed killed by Feng Ao.'

With this on her mind, Jingjing asked Da Gui, "Tell me everything you know."

Da Gui looked at Jingjing for about three seconds before finally, he said, "At that time, I was still fifteen years old and."

*Flashback four years ago.

"Gui, where are you? Your big brother has arrived home." with a smile on his face, Da Lei chirped.

Knowing that his big brother has arrived home, Da Gui, who was watching TV, ran toward his big brother, "Big brother, welcome home."

"I'm home. Oh! You are watching TV again, huh? It seems like you can't separate from TV now. Hahaha." Da Lei smiled as he rubbed his younger brother's hair.

"Well, because there is noth-"Da Gui stopped his words when he noticed a beautiful girl in front of him, "Big brother, who is she?"

Realizing that it was time to introduce herself, Liu Ning smiled and said, "Hello Da Gui, I'm Liu Ning."

"And she is your big brother's girlfriend. Your future sister-in-law." Da Gui added happily. From the expression on his face, everyone could tell that he was thrilled and proud at the same time.

Of course, Da Lei was delighted and proud. Who wouldn't happy and proud when they had a girlfriend who was beautiful and kind like Liu Ning.

"Sister-in-law? What is that?" because Da Gui was still innocent, he had no idea what sister-in-law meant.

"It means she will be your big brother's future wife." Da Lei explained what sister-in-law meant to his little brother.

Hearing Da Lei's words, Liu Ning was delighted and couldn't help but smile happily.She really loved Da Lei and wished that they could be together forever. That was why she was pleased when Da Lei said that they would get married in the future.

When Da Gui knew that his big brother would get married to Liu Ning, he grabbed her hands and said, "Big sister Liu Ning, I hope that you can be patient with my big brother's attitude because he is lazy, can't cook, his room always in a mess, he als-"

Hearing that his younger brother mentions all the bad behavior he had at home, Da Lei immediately covered his younger brother's mouth and said, "Gui, you should not destroy your big brother's good reputation."

After removing his big brother's hands from his mouth, Da Gui said honestly, "What good reputation? You don't have a good reputation."

"Hehehe." Liu Ning could help but laugh after hearing Da Gui's words.

"Gui, mark your big brother's words." Da Lei put his right hand on his chest and made a serious face. "From today onward, this big brother of yours will change his attitude."

"Good!" even though Da Gui doubted that his big brother would change his attitude, but he was still pleased. "So, you should help me cook from today onward."

Hearing the word 'cook,' Da Lei almost instantly refused, "N-I mean, alright."

When Da Gui saw the expression on his brother's face, he tapped his big brother's arms and said, "Don't worry. You only need to help me prepare the ingredients. If you help me cook, we will die from food poisoning."

"Hey!" Da Lei didn't expect that his younger brother would say something like that.

"Week." Da Gui stuck his tongue out before running and sitting on the couch again.

"Hehehe." Liu Ning laughed happily, seeing the behavior of Da Gui and Da Lei.

Da Lei immediately looked at Liu Ning and said, "My little brother is lying. Even though I'm not good at cooking, but I can still cook a few dishes."

Of course, Da Lei tried his best to look good in front of his girlfriend.

"Oh, really?" Liu Ning found it funny that Da Lei was trying to make himself look good in front of her. "What dish do you cook well?"

"Well, actually." because he was afraid that Liu Ning would ask him to cook, Da Lei decided to tell the truth, "I can only cook instant noodles and boil water."

"You can only cook instant noodles and boil water?" Liu Ning covered her mouth and giggled, "I think a six years old boy can do that too."

"I can cook eggs, too, you know." Da Lei still tried his best to make himself look good in front of his girlfriend.

"Hehe." Liu Ning smiled happily before finally she walked toward the couch and sat next to Da Gui, "So, you are the one who cooks every day?"

Da Gui didn't expect that Liu Ning would sit with him. Earlier, he decided to watch TV again because he didn't want to disturb them. "Yes. I'm the one who cooks every day."

"Do you want to cook together later?" actually, Liu Ning was surprised when she knew that Da Gui was the one who cooked every day. Liu Ning didn't expect that a fifteen years old child could cook.

"Really?" Da Lei said with starry eyes.

"Yes." Liu Ning nodded her head, "How about we cook dinner together later?"

"Un." Da Gui then looked at his big brother. "Big brother, you don't need to help me today because I want to cook dinner with big sister Liu Ning."

"Hey! I want to help too, you know." because he thought that it would be interesting to cook with his girlfriend and little brother, Da Lei wanted to cook with them too.

"But you will only disturb us later. "Da Gui said what was in his mind without caring about his big brother's feeling.

"Gui, how could you do this to your big brother?" Da Lei pretended to be sad, "At least, I can help prepare the ingredients, you know."

Da Gui looked at his big brother for about five seconds before finally, he said, "Fine."

Da Lei then sat next to his younger brother and said, "My little brother is indeed the best."

"Of course, I am." Da Gui said proudly.

Seeing the expression on his little brother's face, Da Lei smiled and said, "Look at that face of yours! Why are you smiling like that? It seems like I shouldn't praise you from now on."

"But I agree that Da Gui is the best young man because he can cook. Not like" Liu Ning didn't finish her words, but she glanced at Da Lei.

"Hey. You two can't bully me like this, you know." Da Lei made a sad face as if they were bullying him.

Seeing the expression on Da Lei's face, Liu Ning and Da Gui laughed happily.

At this time, a soft smile spread across Da Lei's face. He was delighted to see Da Gui and Liu Ning already getting along with each other.

After that, Liu Ning often came to Da Lei's home, and because of this, their relationship was getting closer than before.

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